Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gregory Johnson, Jr. Died In A White Fraternity Like SAE

This is how a public university defends its values? By effectively evicting and contemplating expulsion for those who express hate for others based on their race? Is sending the white students packing even responsible? Is it educational?  Whatever happened to the adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?  And what about the principle of passionately rebutting outbursts of racism with speech of one’s own, while loving the racists? It’s that value to which Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. subscribed.
Michael Meyers of the NY Daily News bemoaned the University of Oklahoma's decision to hold it's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter accountable for their Racist conduct. If Darren Wilson isn't punished for killing a black teen, who could justify or stomach White juveniles being reprimanded for singing about lynching a nigger?

Astonishingly, Meyers' plea for tolerance and mercy for the Sooner transgressors is not widespread. All members of the Oklahoma SAE chapter were suspended by their national organization, the chapter is banned from campus, the White students ordered to vacate their frat house, and two members (Levi Pettit, Parker Rice) have been expelled.

My counter-racist code demands that I not help Whites/Racists to the best of my ability. But the rampant, shameless White hypocrisy this incident has unleashed requires me to briefly channel Annalise Keating/Aibileen Clark and help the pounced upon SAE brotherhood.

Ann Telnaes, the president of the Univ. of Oklahoma David Boren and a host of others grabbed their rocks and commenced to throwing as if their house wasn't glass. As if they weren't members of the same White brotherhood/sisterhood that birthed, nourished, groomed, protected and instructed SAE. As if they weren't Racist.

As if SAE's Racist spectacle is an oddity, a deviation from the global White Supremacy norm.
A party at Clemson University has some of the student body upset. The party, held on Martin Luther King Junior day, poked fun at racial stereotypes with partygoers dressed in blackface and other offensive gear. Pictures from the event show one man who'd painted himself black, and other students gripping bottles of malt liquor with their hands duct-taped to the bottles. The theme of the party was 'Living the Dream.' Jan. 2007
Some Arizona State University fraternity students posted horrendously offensive photos of themselves dressed in basketball jerseys, bandanas, drinking out of watermelons and throwing gang signs in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., Day. Jan. 2014
An incident involving Wheaton College football players who dressed up in Ku Klux Klan robes as part of a parody of the Will Smith film "Bad Boys II" has rocked the college's campus, which already has been reeling from two other recent high-profile incidents. March 2015
A white student walking down the hall of her dormitory at Wheaton College found a noose hanging near the door of a black dormmate three weeks ago. It was the sixth apparently racist incident to occur at the college in the last two years. Nov. 1983
Two student associations at Lund University in southern Sweden have been reported for hate speech after a party featuring the sale of "slaves" complete with blackened faces and ropes around their necks. April 2011
It's a grotesque lie to trivialize the SAE footagee as youthful tomfoolery, a tragic mixture of booze and naivete, or a lone blemish to otherwise burgeoning race relations. White elders brazenly, perpetually carry out identical Racist rituals. Andrea Shea King announced to a live radio audience that Congressional Black Caucus members should be lynched in front of the US Capitol Building for opposing Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to congress. Kelly Tilghman told a live television audience that uppity Tiger Woods should be hung from a tree. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department (Ohio) investigated five deputies (two were fired) for sending racist text messages for years. Those texts included - but were not limited to: “I hate Niggers. That is all.”  “What do apples and black people have in common? They both hang from trees." And according to the Department of Justice investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, Darren Wilson's former colleagues have a lot in common with the boys of SAE.

This video is just the latest illustration of White Culture. The most recent reminder of what it means to be White. Hopefully, the straw that permanently cracks the spine of the cock-and-bull notion that young Whites are rehabilitated, not Racist.

One of the few things worse than the faux White outrage directed at Oklahoma is the repulsive, bogus spectacle of Senators Jeff Sessions, Rob Portman, former president George "doesn't-care-about-black-people" Bush and the White occupation of Selma. Whites invest enormous sums of time and energy creating photo ops that suggest a sizable portion of Whites are not racist and value black lives. Whites allocated more resources to parade across a bridge named after a KKK member, than to earnestly examine and report the death of Gregory Johnson, Jr.

Mr. Johnson was a 20-year-old student at San Jose State University in 2008. He made the unfortunate decision to reside in the all White Sigma Chi Fraternity House; he was the sole black resident. He was found dead in the Sigma Chi basement on November 22, 2008. Much like LaVena Johnson, Kendrea Johnson, Khalid Flimban and Lennon Lacy... Mr. Johnson's death was deemed a suicide. To quote Quentin Tarantino, "No one who'll be missed."

The Johnson family was justifiably unsatisfied with the suspicious death of Gregory. They've resiliently pursued the truth, and their examination lead them to query the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI officials reportedly denied them further information on the death of Gregory Johnson, Jr. on the grounds that it was "a matter of national security." Consequently, the Johnsons filed a $520 million federal lawsuit against SJSU, the University police and Sigma Chi Fraternity. SJSU is also facing a $5 million suit from Donald Williams. In 2013 Williams was an 18-year-old black freshman subjected to ongoing and unpunished White Terrorism from his roommates; they violently assaulted him and called him "3/5" and fraction.

The election of President Obama preceded both occurrences; neither incident provoked the tsunami of finger-wagging and White hand-wringing elicited by SAE's tacky ditty. Gregory Johnson, Jr.'s family could have benefited from the national wrath and expedience demonstrated in Norman, Oklahoma. If #BlackLivesMatter, Denise Johnson might have a more accurate understanding of why her child is dead. In fact, she'd still have her son.
Founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, SAE has its roots in the antebellum South. When the Civil War began, almost all its members fought for the Confederacy.
Tuscaloosa is approximately 76 miles from Selma. It seems reasonable that some of the White brutes who murdered Jimmie Lee Jackson and sadistically mauled Congressman John Lewis and dozens more might be descendants of SAE architects.

Norman is 122 miles from Tulsa. It seems equally possible that some of the SAE members or general students compromising a University of Oklahoma enrollment topping 30,000 carry the genetic memory of White ancestors who slaughtered and plundered citizens of Black Wall Street.

The irredeemable Whites who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of White lives in defense of enslaving black people are the irredeemable White Terrorists documented in the 2015 report on the "egregiously underreported" lynchings of black people. This is the stock, the lineage, the foundation of the 21st century, global White collective. To restrict this pathology to SAE offers a disingenuous, inaccurate presentation of Whitefolks, Racism.

The White parents of the expelled kids insist their boys are good, got black friends, and are most certainly not Racist.

Apples and Racists don't fall far from the tree.