Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paris Jackson: Smooth Racist?

Guest post from a Victim of Racism

Was Paris Jackson acting like a bratty teenager, is she displaying the actions of a person who is still in mourning over the loss of Michael Jackson, victim of Racism/ White Supremacy, or have her eyes been opened to the fact that she is white, and what it means to be white in a world dominated by the system of Racism/ White Supremacy? Regardless of the fact that she grew up in the home of a black male, and has spent her life around people classified as black, Paris Jackson, is classified and accepted as a White Female.

When MJ passed, Paris was 11. In 2012, at the age of 14, Paris had several episodes where she publicly, via twitter, accused Katherine Jackson’s very adult children of kidnapping Mrs. Jackson. Children who have been Katherine’s long before Paris was born were now being accused of endangering her life by a 14 year old white female threatening to make them pay if they did not “return”. The media and Michael’s fans, of course, sided with this white, female child. Mrs. Jackson was at a resort with her eldest daughter, Reebie. During this period, Paris and Janet Jackson had an infamous public incident. Janet was trying to stop Paris from constantly tweeting about the family’s business to the world. Paris gave mounds of push back. HLN’s Jane-Valez Mitchell, in my opinion, when showing video of the incident, seemed to be putting Janet and her family on notice of Paris’ power.

In 2012, it was reported that Paris was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. It was reported that Jackson family members forbid her from attending a Marilyn Manson concert. Jermaine Jackson told website, TMZ, that Paris needs to be disciplined.

For centuries around the globe, tons of White children were raised and suckled by their victims, black females. Regardless of this forced maternal act, white people didn’t miss a beat in practicing racism/ white supremacy against them, black males, and black children. It didn’t cause white people or their white children to see their black victims as human beings, or to have any empathy towards them. Practicing Racism/White Supremacy against everyone whom white people classify as NOT WHITE and maintaining it is second nature to white people. Everything they do is dedicated to maintain Racism/White Supremacy, white dominance forever.

Birds chirp, dogs bark, and white people practice Racism/ White Supremacy overtly, aggressively, covertly, refined and all ways in between. They dominate and control all nine areas of people activity-Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Through their various mediums in their system of Racism/White Supremacy, white people control how their NOT WHITE victims view themselves, and how they view white people.

White children learn directly, indirectly, symbolically, and subliminally that people whom white people classify as NOT WHITE are to be subject to white people regardless of white people’s economic status. Poor whites used to have a saying, “ I might be poor, but I’m white.” President Obama could certainly have a saying, “ So what I carry the title of President of the most powerful country on the planet. I am mistreated more than any other President in the nation’s history because I am classified as NOT WHITE.” The NOT WHITE victims of Racism/White Supremacy who are classified as black are to be treated the worst of all of the NOT WHITE victims of Racism/White Supremacy worldwide. For those classified as white people, subjugating, dominating, marginalizing, and abusing their NOT WHITE victims of Racism/White Supremacy is normal , good, correct, peace, just, FAIR, and in order.

The group, second to the White Female, being advertised to non whites as harmless, not racist, ambiguous about racism, innocent, powerless, color blind, pure, the heart of the Almighty is white children. Even more so than the white female, white children are promoted by white people as not having any knowledge of the practice, maintenance, or benefits of their global system of Racism/White Supremacy. They are advertised to their victims of Racism/White Supremacy as having no knowledge of the power they have as a white person. It is all the white man. Most NOT WHITE victims often say, the white man this and the white man that. It is evident in so many ways that the advertising of the white child and the white female as innocent and harmless has been successful.

It is false advertisement that the white female and white children are harmless, insignificant bystanders in the WHITE MAN’S world wide racist regime. Racist man, racist woman, and racist child, The White Family, are all stake holders in their system. Confusing their victims of this fact is one of the many tools they use to help maintain their system. Causing their victims through mounds of propaganda in to thinking that there is no DELIBERATE, WILLFUL, PURPOSEFUL, CONSCIOUS, DEDICATION TO THE PRACTICE of Racism/White Supremacy, and that white people just happen to dominate all of the nine areas of people activity because of their cerebral superiority is another tool in their war chest they use to maintain their system.

In order for this system of Racism/White Supremacy to have been maintained for so long, each new white child had/has to be taught consciously, unconsciously, explicitly, and implicitly the global, white family religion/business-Racism/White Supremacy. Likewise, each new NOT WHITE child has to be taught the same.

White people maintain their system of R/WS because they are dedicated to practicing R/WS overtly, covertly, refined, and by any means necessary. White people maintain global domination by teaching their children, their posterity, generation after generation the family business, the family religion, Racism/White Supremacy. One of the ways this teaching is conveyed is through children’s literature.

In her book, White Supremacy in Children’s Literature, Donnarae MacCann writes, “The kind of “impurities” Cowley refers to are compounded in children’s literature because cross-generational activities tend to be purposeful-purposeful in directions beyond an interest in artistic form. A move into youth culture on the part of creative artists is, among other things a move in the direction of cultural maintenance or cultural change. This point is but a logical extension of the findings of such sociologists as Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann, especially their analysis of the formation and durability of social institutions. In describing the emergence of stable social structures in The Social Construction of Reality Burger and Luckman note the way individual actions becomes shared, and routinized, and then passed down to the next generation. To deny the passing down process that occurs in children’s books is practically to deny the process by which societies are developed and maintained.

White people have a saying, “Reading is fundamental.” It is another one of the many fundamental tools they use to pass down to their white children the tenants of practicing, and maintaining R/WS. White people are constantly refining the ways in which they practice R/WS. Just like white people are constantly refining their technology, they refine the ways to better practice R/WS.

In one of white people’s all time must reads, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a 13 year old white child has more power than a significantly older black male, victim of R/WS. He is referred to as Nigger Jim by the 13 year old, in charge, white child. Of course, white people like to spin this story as the white child is savior, and not enslaver. See, white people get to tell their victims who white people should be in their eyes. White people need to have their victims see them as good. This way, white people don’t have to work too hard in maintaining their system of R/WS.

This racist literature, when originally written, had the word nigger in it over 200 times. In recent years, white people have edited it to mask their true feelings towards their victims. As white people revert back to their overt racist ways, they’ll probably do away with the edited version.

White children understand they are white/racist at an early age, and they understand what that means in the world wide system of R/WS where people who are classified as white dominate those they classify as NOT WHITE in all nine areas of people activity.

For centuries, those who classify themselves as white have taught their children, and their victims of R/WS that white is good, just, fair, and the most beautiful.

In contrast, they’ve taught their children, and their victims of RWS that black is evil, unjust, unfair, ugly, dirty, and in opposition to God-White people. White people love to pretend they are shocked when their racist child, and their victims of R/WS hate those classified as black people. White people produce tons of dissertations, studies, books, forums, journals, articles, research papers etc. etc pretending to be looking for the cause and cure R/WS. One of the “cures” they’ve come up with is to absolve white people of being Racist/White Supremacists. Now, they blame their victims, and refer to them as the racists for correctly calling white people out on their practices of R/WS. This is what their hard work and research to stamp out the cause of R/WS. They don’t stop practicing R/Ws. They just say, “Hey, everyone is a racist.” Nowadays, white people say they are victims of R/WS. Yet, they have not lost one ounce of power. They still rule in all nine areas of people activity. See, they even control who gets to be called racist /white supremacist and the victim of R/WS.

White people are the only ones who can say they are VICTIMS of their victims and still rule in all nine areas of people activity- Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Their victims, however, get the title of Supremacists, and have no power to go with it. This is more proof that white people are in charge of how their victims view white people, words, definitions, and themselves.

White people will spend billions of dollars and billions of hours pretending to be working against R/WS while spending not one penny or hour deconstructing their global system of R/WS. Pretending to be their victim’s friend is another tool in the system of R/WS. White cause the famine, drought, global warming, war, atomic bomb, anti blackness, self-hate amongst their victims, sickness & disease, artificial foods and their adverse reactions, drug epidemic, genocide, etc. etc. then come in as savior, protector, with the cure, with the answer, with the water, with the food so that their victims will not see them as harmful, deadly, dangerous, and enemy, but as helpful, loving, rescuer, mother, father, and the group that all want to be a part of.

Pretending to be anti racist is very lucrative for white people. Just ask, admitted racist, Tim Wise, for example. They make millions worldwide in book sales, speaking fees, TV specials, documentaries, seminars, “diversity” training at corporations, salary as some sort of minister of anti racism in Europe, talks at colleges, and grant money from the gov’t to do their studies.

White people have a study that comes out every week that basically says black people are the worst and most diseased people on the planet. Yet, they pretend to be shocked at their wittle darlings being racist. They even do their little experiments, and also pretend to be shocked that black females, black males, and black children hate black people as well. They’ll say, “Even black people were frightened when they saw the black male’s face” in their multiple “race experiments.” This is to justify them being racist. They never say, “Look at how our racist/white supremacy practices have caused black people and other NOT WHITE people to hate black people.” Even while enslaving black people, white people were saying they had to do it because black people were savages. Nothing has changed. They are still blaming their victims. Any psychologist 101 student can tell you that if you constantly bombard an abused victims with negative words, it takes a toll on how they view themselves and some will begin to act out what those in authority have called them. Of course, white people know this. Every time one of their white children get in trouble, a psychologist is called in to explain why little Timmy or little Sally did what they did. However, none of this is done for their NOT WHITE victims.

In the video below, this white child is about three years old, and she believes being black is a bad thing. It’s very easy to oppose something/someone when you feel it is bad. She isn’t crying about not wanting to be black because she loves being white. She is crying about not being black because she believes being black is bad. Her father assures her she won’t be black- black, but brown. White people even have black people referring to themselves as brown or tan nowadays.

White people will say it’s because black people just want to be white. They never say, “look at what being under our anti black, terroristic system of R/WS for centuries has done to NOT WHITE people who are classified as black.” Racism white supremacy is not biased, prejudiced, discriminatory, or white privileged as white people so cleverly like to say. It is a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and who are DEDICATED to dominating, subjugating, marginalizing, and abusing everyone on the planet in all nine areas of people activity whom they classify as NOT white. Unfortunately, victims of R/WS think, if only white people would be taught and talked to about R/WS, they would change. Victims have been saying this and trying this for centuries. If there is anyone who does not understand R/WS, what it is, why white people invented it, why white people practice it and maintain it, it is the victims of it-the NOT WHITE people. The perpetual, generation-after-generation, for centuries victims have not a clue that white people are not in the least ignorant about their system.

Another tool in their war chest is to fain ignorance of their practices and maintenance of R/WS. Another tool is to select a particular group of white people like the KKK and skin heads as the racists. A little friendly fire from the covert racists/white supremacy practitioners. More confusion for the victims. Remember, members of the KKK came from all spectrums of the white community, and it still does. But, white people have made the image of the KKK to be stupid, uneducated,”IGNORANT” , and HARMLESS white people. If there is anyone who knows, it is black people that the KKK have never been harmless. It is not JUST the KKK, it is all people who are classified as white who practice and maintain the global system of R/WS especially the ones who claim to be helping, and who sexually sewer their victims.

In 2009, Newsweek magazine published an article called, “See Baby Discriminate.” The accurate title would be, “See Baby Practice Racism/White Supremacy Passed Down by Racist man and Racist woman.” Writers Pro Bronson and Ashley Merryman feature Bridgette Vittrup’s 2007 dissertation, “Exploring the Influences of Educational Television,and Parent-Child Discussions on Improving Children’s Racial Attitudes.” In an excerpt from Vittrup’s dissertation, Bronson and Merryman write, “It was no surprise that in a Liberal city like Austin, every parent was a welcoming multiculturalist, embracing diversity. But, according to Vittrup’s entry surveys, hardly any of these white parents had every talked to their children directly about race. They might have asserted vague principles –like “Everybody’s equal” or “God made all of us” or “Under the skin, we’re all the same” – but they’d almost never called attention to racial differences. They wanted their children to grow up colorblind. But Vittrup’s first test of the kids revealed they weren’t color blind at all. Asked how many white people are mean, these children commonly answered, “Almost none.” Asked how many blacks are mean, many answered, “Some” or “A lot.” Even kids who attended diverse schools answered the questions this way.”

From the perspective of less confused victims of R/WS, this little racist doesn’t have to befriend, live around, sleep with, or even speak to NOT white people-victims of RWS. The evidence shows that coming in contact with white people has been detrimental to NOT white people. Her victims would just like to not be mistreated. However, “befriending”, living around them by invading and colonizing their homes for centuries, and having sex with them are integral acts that a portion of the global white family must do in order maintain, and benefit from their global system of RWS.

White people do not need to explicitly brief their children about practicing, and maintaining the system of RWS. It is conveyed, and spelled out to them via a whole host of ways including their literature, cartoons, racist jokes, sports, music, movies, TV, symbols, language, video games, and how their non white victims acquiesce to them. White people are hyper sensitive about racism. It’s ubiquitous.

In 2009, Science Daily published an article titled, “Awareness of Racism affects how Children Do Socially and Academically.” It states, “Between ages 5 and 11, the researchers found, children become aware that many people believe stereotypes, including stereotypes about academic ability (for example, how intelligent certain racial and ethnic groups are). When children become aware of these types of bias about their own racial or ethnic group, it can affect how they respond to everyday situations, ranging from interacting with others to taking tests.”

Again, Racism/White Supremacy is a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and who are dedicated to dominating, subjugating, marginalizing, and abusing everyone in all nine areas of people activity, War, Religion, Sex, Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Entertainment, and Politics, whom they classify as NOT white. It is not a coincidence that white people have been dominating in these areas for centuries. It not by osmosis. It is because white people are dedicated to the practice of RWS. They don’t rule the world out of thin air. They have designed this system of RWS, and they have maintained dominance for centuries because they practice R/WS. White people love to talk about white privilege as if it comes out of thin air. The benefits of R/WS exists because there is a practice o R/WS, and plans to maintain it forever by ANY MEANS necessary.

White people decide who is white, and who is NOT WHITE. That’s what it means to dominate and to be in-charge. You are the decider. Centuries ago, white people told the NOT WHITE group whom white people call black that one drop of black blood makes you black. Now, whether that is true or not true is not the point. White people don’t care about truth. The point is that edict worked best to maintain the system of R/WS. If it is still in practice, it is because it still is a best practice to maintain the system of R/WS.

Being in charge, they can easily say, “if you have a white parent, you are classified as white regardless of the pigment.” They don’t because it doesn’t, right now, because it would not be a best practice for the maintenance of R/WS. The only permanent in the system of RWS is to maintain it. This decade they steer their victims to be sexually sewered by white people, and to enter into tragic arrangements (so called marriage) because white people need their victims to create more offspring since white people’s numbers have always been lowest because they are the true minority on the planet.

A few decades ago, they outlawed white people sexually sewering their victims. Why? It wasn’t good for the business of maintaining R/WS. In their system, there are no permanent No, and there are no permanent Yes. The only permanent is maintaining the global system of R/WS. They are in charge of who is classified as white, and who is classified as NOT WHITE. Hence, they determine who is subjugated, dominated, marginalized, and abused by them. Here is another example of how white people change their minds in order to maintain the system. Check what one of the founding fathers, Ben Franklin, had to say about those groups who are now classified as white, but were not in his day.

White people have to continue to classify people as white whom they once did not in order to maintain dominance over those they classify as NOT WHITE. They have to have offspring with their NOT WHITE victims, as well, to keep the system of R/WS going. Ole Benjamin had to reluctantly outsource some formerly NOT WHITE people and reclassify them white in order to maintain the system of R/WS. Everything for the system.

Franklin says, “Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the   English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as   to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our   Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion.  Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely   white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is   black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new   Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians,   French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call   a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only   excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People   on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while   we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing   America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a   brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should   we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of   Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an   Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely   White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for   such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.”

There was no need for melanin people, the norm, the vast majority of people who populate the planet to come up with a system based on color. The majority of the planet has always, and is today populated with people who have naturally visible melanin. Melanin has always been the norm. It is the group who is melanin deficient, and who came up with the name white to describe, and classify themselves are the ones who felt the need to invent a system that is the antithesis to melanin-R/WS. It is the group with melanin deficiency, white people, who felt in order to survive on a planet of melanin people, they had to concoct a system based on a concept they came up with, race. They are in a race to survive on a planet filled with melanin people. The NOT WHITE group, also a term people who classify themselves as white created to describe those they must subjugate in order to survive. Of the NOT WHITE group who has the greatest melanin capacity, and the ability to add melanin to the melanin deficient group, suffers the most in white people’s global system of R/WS. But make no mistake about it, all people that white people classify as NOT WHITE are subject to white people.

Because white people are the true minority-abnormality in terms of melanin, pigmentation they, sometimes, will classify some who have hue as white in order to build their numbers. As with Ben Franklin, it’s a reluctance, but it’s a necessity to keep the system of R/WS maintained. This is also why sex to produce offspring with their NOT WHITE victims is also necessary to maintain the system.. Not too much, but enough to maintain the system of RWS. This is something else that a lot of NOT WHITE victims of R/WS don’t understand. Many feel being sexually sewered by white people is white people NOT practicing R/WS. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! It is them practicing R/WS at one of the highest degrees. Since there is no such thing, really, as a white person, white people can classify whomever they want to as white. Remember, there is no permanent Yes, and there is no permanent No. The only permanent in the minds of white people is the maintenance of R/WS-white people dominating everyone they classify as NOT WHITE. So, where they said at one point, you, you, you, and you are NOT WHITE, now you are white. Again, it’s all about maintaining their system. Where they said no sleeping with the most melanin people, people they classify as black, now they are encouraging it.

Victims think it’s because white people are no longer racist. The system calls for offspring between victim of RWS, and practitioner of the system of R/WS. It causes confusion and chaos among their victims, and it adds numbers to the white “race’s” numbers. They will bring groups in who they once classified as NOT WHITE, and give them the title of white to make more racist soldiers. I think it can be proven that the tiny minority of blind people are overwhelmingly the offspring of sighted parents, the tiny minority of deaf people are overwhelmingly the offspring of hearing people, the tiny minority of autistic children are the offspring of parents who do not have autism, the tiny minority of people who are twins are overwhelmingly the offspring of parents who are not twins, the tiny minority of homosexual people are overwhelmingly the offspring of parents who are not homosexual, the tiny minority of people with multiple sclerosis are overwhelmingly the offspring of parents who do not have MS. I think you get what I’m saying. There are no new people on the planet. It’s just offspring of the dominate people who have some sort of deficiency. In order to deal with it, they find it necessary to classify themselves as if they are a sect unto their own. A group who were actually created that way and not that they suffer from a deficiency, ailment, recessive gene, etc. etc. Some began to classify themselves in a way to deal with the fact that they suffer from an anomaly on a planet of the norm. Makes me think of obese people who say they are not obese, but are pleasantly plump, big boned, happy and fat etc. etc.. White people deal with suffering from a recessive gene that causes them not to produce melanin, a form of albinism, by saying they are white. Look up their word white and the definition they give it in their dictionary. This is how their victims and white people are to see so called white people.

Racism/White Supremacy is a system invented by a tiny group of melanin deficient people who felt in order to survive on a planet filled with melanin people, the norm, they needed to come up with a system of domination, subjugation, and abuse to ensure their survival. Because they are a minority, they need the dominate group to help them maintain their system of R/WS. Sex , and having offspring with their victims is integral in them maintaining their system. Just as the above mentioned tiny minority of people come from the majority, it is a common held belief that the melanin deficient people who call themselves white are actually the offspring of melanin people. If you get a chance, go to youtube and check out how white people carry on over albino animals. Think about how white people report on the birth of a rare “white” animal. It’s not white, it is albino. Rare is the operative word. White people use the word rare in a context of, special, Godly, and better. In actuality, rare in the proper context is deficient and abnormal. Just like with their blue eyes mantra. Any honest eye doctor will tell you that the weakest eyes are blue. Blue eyes are notorious for being sensitive to light and the sun. This is why White people invented sun glasses. What makes them survive on the planet, weakens or kills the normal, melanin people. White people have had to turn the earth into a place where they can live comfortably.. They have no problem with destroying it to achieve their goal.

When you get a chance check out the story of the albino ape called, Snowflake. Read up on how white people killed off a host of normal apes to gawk over and make sure that Snow flake survived. White people go through great efforts spending lots of money “protecting” albino animals so that they can make loads of money having people pay to come to the “rare” animal as if it is sent from heaven. In actuality, it is deficient in a lot of things. They generally suffer from bad health, poor eyesight, infertility, and psychological and behavioral problems. In the system of R/WS these things in albino (which white people will sometimes refer to certain albinos as white. They make the rules. Ask them why.) are ALWAYS referred to, you guessed it, the MOST beautiful. Gotta get that esteem up on a planet dominated with melanin. These acts are white people really demonstrating how they feel on a planet where melanin is the norm. The feel like the alien and the foreigner.

Check out this little article on “white” albino Doberman Pinschers. 

Their system is born out of envy and bitterness for not having melanin, and a need to survive on a planet dominated by it. Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. says, “White people do not hate black people because black are black, white people hate black people because white people are not black.”

I think an honest psychiatrist can speak on why people who call themselves white referred to the melanin female, whom they call black as- Mammy. Mammy is very close to the word Mommy. But let us not forget that this was while white women, white men, and white children were subjugating, and abusing her. Some have suggested that there is on a subconscious level a love for their mother, but a bitterness and hatred for being the offspring who did not get what the other children got, melanin in a world that caters to melanin.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a third generation Psychiatrist, breaks down, in her Book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors,” the dynamics of why a people, who classify themselves as white, felt the need to invent the system of R/WS. Get a copy and read it.

Many wonder how white people have been successful at dominating the majority of the world’s melanin populous. I’ve concluded that the same way heterosexual white people decided during the so called Civil Rights movement that homosexual people would no longer be denied, (because white people are in charge, they get to determine who will do what, and when on the planet,) the melanin people had to have been the ones who allowed white people, their melanin deficient children, access.

It is white people who denied homosexual people access to this, that, and the other. They even said that homosexuality was a psychological condition. When white people felt good and ready to allow homosexuals open access into society, they allowed them access, openly, in society beginning in 1973 when The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). As white people released the white homosexuals, they began a campaign to homosexualize the black male and make him the face of homosexuality. It began during the so called Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963. Ten years before white people made the move to officially APA made their move. The movie Shaft was created from a book series of the same name written by a white man named, Ernest Tidyman. He made the black detective bisexual. The white man’s dream. Effemizing and homosexualizing the melanin male whom he always felt less manly around. White people and their use of words is notorious amongst their victims. According to white people’s dictionary, two of the meanings of shaft are penis, and to trick or cheat.

White people didn’t make one of their white male sex symbols or tough guys of cinema like Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, John Wayne, or Chuck Norris gay. When they decided to take homosexuality out of their psychology bible, they made the first black male sex symbol of “crossover” cinema bisexual. Not a white man, but black males. White people began their agenda of homosexualizing the black male in the early 60s, or maybe even earlier. White people did not want black people having jobs, being in happy relationships with each other, and prospering as a result of the so called Civil Rights movement. White people had an openly gay black male the “brains” behind WP’s so called March on Washington in 1968, They also made their racist movie, The Planet of the Apes in 1968 to send out a call to white people that the niggers were taking over-mount up, Put Flip Wilson in a dress, a wig, make up, stockings and high heels in 1970, made the bisexual Shaft movie in 1971, White people supposedly ended their 40 year secret syphilis “experiment” of 399 black males in 1972, removed homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973, in 1975, said that a victim of R/WS, George Jefferson was a racist just like white people, 10 years after white people supposedly ended their deliberate injection of black males with syphilis, a new diseases shows up out of the blue, HIV/AIDS that has wiped out a lot of gay and not gay NOT WHITE people worldwide. I could go on and on with planned parenthood, the drug epidemic, the so called war on drugs. The 1990s and the 2000s show the pay off of white people’s dedication to practicing R/WS over the past 50 years.

If anyone thinks these time lines are coincidences given white people’s inhumanity towards black people and other NOT WHITE people globally, I have some swamp land to sell you. White people are serious about being serious about maintain their white dominance over NOT WHITE people forever. If some of their own get killed in the process, it’s just friendly fire, and simple casualties of war. I refer to NOT WHITE people as victims because the things that white people have done and are doing are crimes against humanity. Everyone must suffer because white people don’t like themselves, suffer from low self esteem, and envy.

"Envy" and "jealousy" are often used interchangeably in common usage, but strictly speaking, the words stand for two distinct emotions.[1] Jealousy is the result or fear of losing someone or something that one is attached to or possesses to another person (the transfer of a lover's affections in the typical form), while envy is the resentment caused by another person having something that one does not have, but desires for oneself.”[8] Now, these are white people’s words, their language, and their dictionary. Of course, because they suffer from mounds of envy, they have to put a positive spin on envy in their definition.

Given white people’s over five centuries long mistreatment of black people, it’s no surprise that they would come of with the name shaft for this black male. White people have always been fascinated with the bodies and the sexual habits of the black female and the black male. In the original 1971 version of Shaft, there is a scene where Shaft is talking with 2 mafia guys at the bar. There is a white male bartender who makes it clear that he is gay, and he slaps Shaft on the behind. Shaft doesn’t flinch, he is not startled, nor does he strike the gay male. Around that era, males did not even want openly gay men winking at them, let alone, in public hitting them on the behind. It is to suggest to the viewer that Shaft and this guy have had sexual relations. Also, the scene where the police chief visits Shafts, Shaft just finished being sexually sewered by racist woman. Earlier, in the same bar where Shaft was hit or grabbed on the behind by the gay, white male, this white female and the gay male were having a conversation about sexually sewering each other , and sexually sewering Shaft. It reminded me of white couples who bring their male victims into their bedroom to have sex with both racist woman and racist man. The white male is called a cuckold. He is often bisexual, and he is humiliated by racist woman while the male victim is there to sexually service the matriarch and patriarch of the system of R/WS in their deviant behavior. But, it also conveys how the white woman views her white male in comparison to the NOT WHITE male also known as the black male.

A white male sociologist once said that if white people could not sexually sewer their victims worldwide, they would blow up the planet. Victims of R/WS could counter R/WS with the act of never having sex with white people. Also, complimenting one another. These two acts would make white people’s head explode. They hate for victims to be courteous and complimentary of one another. They need them at odds with one another. Victims have been so conditioned to not compliment each other, they have a hard time receiving compliments from one another. Do not compliment white people on anything they do. This too will cause their head to explode. They need their victims to heap compliments on them because they suffer greatly from low self esteem and envy.

 The chief looks at a picture hanging above Shaft’s bed, looks back at Shaft, and shakes his head. I feel that picture is strategically put there to let the viewer know, once again, that Shaft is a part of the gay community. It is of a clown in a rainbow outfit. We all know that the gay community’s logo is the rainbow. The fact that the chief reacted to it was for the viewer to be conscious of that symbol. Again, read Dr. Welsing’s book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors,” to learn more of White people’s dedication to symbolism in their system of R/WS. She also talks of white people’s fascination with feces and the anus. In Shaft, the last word in the movie is Shaft calling the police chief shitty. Racist woman called Shaft shitty after she had sexually sewered him, and he put her out.

White people followed Shaft with the Flip Wilson Show in 1973. Flip Wilson was notorious for making fun of the black female by portraying her as Geraldine, and the black male’s name that she dated was, of course, Killer. White males have killed more people on the planet than anyone else, but they are never referred to as killers. White male’s have been notorious for their disdain of the white female and making fun of her by creating the system of sexism and dressing up as here, making jokes of her in their comedy routines and on and on. He had to bring the black male in to make fun of the black female, and to put him in a dress.

Many in the black community concentrate on the black male being made to wear a dress in order for his career to take off in Hollywood. In the 1990s and 2000s, a host of black male actor’s career’s didn’t take off until they portrayed a homosexual, wore a dress, or some other type of female attire. Little is made of the fact that White people are making black males make fun of the black female is a racist attempt to further put division between the black male and black female. People do not make fun of people they respect. White people have had black males playing “The Dozens” for a very long time. One of the main objectives of the dozens is to see which black male can say the worst things about the black female…your mama jokes. Whichever black male can come up with the worst “joke” about the black female is declared “the winner.”

Under the system of R/WS, white people are in charge of their image and the image of their victims. Before white people decided to make the black male the face of homosexuality, they called him the Mandingo. They were always saying the black male wanted to rape the white female. This is common with white people. According to them, all of the NOT WHITE males want to rape the white female. They said the same thing of the Native American. You hear reports now of white women who go across seas saying the NOT WHITE males raped her. They said of the black male that he couldn’t be in the same zip code with a vagina without wanting to ravish it. When the system of R/WS called for less black children, white people, for the system, everything for the system, had to make the black male and black female the face of homosexuality. Any black person in opposition to homosexuality are said to be HOMOPHOBIC…a fear of homosexuals.

White people shut down homosexual members of their group for centuries, denied, denied, denied them everything in open, beat them up, famous cases of white people murdering gay people, stonewall riots A.K.A white-on-white crime, etc. etc. Yet, it is black people who are the face of so called homophobia. Again, white people are in charge of their images and the image of their victims. They decide who and what is in. White people have a class system amongst each other. You have the most powerful white people and you have the least powerful white people. All victims of R/WS are subject to white people regardless of their income level or level of power in the white community. It is not about your income. It is about how white people classify you. It is about how white people are in relationship to NOT WHITE people, and not how white people are in relationship to other white people.

If the most powerful white people decide how something is going to be then the least white people will either have to go along or attempt to do something about it if they disagree. In the system of R/WS, it is never about how a NOT White person feels about anything. They can rant, chant, stomp, march, protest, write, yell, scream, holler, sue, etc. etc. If the most powerful white people do not say yes, it will not happen. If the most powerful white people say yes, and the least powerful white people disagree, it is still white people doing the deciding of what the outcome will be.

This is where white people have their squabbles. They do not squabble about, “should white people dominate NOT WHITE people?” This is never a question or a thought. They squabble about how they should go about dominating. They have disagreements. Some feel it should be overt, aggressive, and brutal. Some believe it should be refined, sophisticated, and slick. The refined type that puts their victims at ease. James Crowe, Esq. over Jim Crowe. Some feel the system should be practiced under Republican rule, some feel under Democratic rule, Independent, Libertarian, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism etc. etc. White people divide themselves into a million groups.

White people do squabble. They almost wiped each other off of the planet twice in WWI and WWII. They don’t necessarily like each other. But, they are a military of people who are dedicated to dominating in all nine areas of people activity those they classify as NOT WHITE. This is why white people are hyper-sensitive about the practice of R/WS though they pretend to not understand it or know what it is. It is a sad sight to see victims of R/WS call themselves sitting down with white people to discuss R/WS, and “teaching” white people what it is.

 If there is anyone who does not understand R/WS, what it is, and how it works, it is the continuous and constant victims of it. It is not white people who do not understand their system. Many NOT WHITE people like to put themselves in all sorts of categories and call themselves all sorts of names, too. In the system of R/WS, the system that dominates the planet, white people do the classifying. They say you are either white or NOT WHITE. This will determine your treatment even if you are the President of the US. It doesn’t matter, all victims of R/WS are here to help white people maintain their system. Again, poor whites understand what it means to be white so much so that they know being poor and being classified as white is better than being classified as NOT WHITE and having billions of dollars. White people, because they know their victims do not understand R/WS love to talk about the Appalachian white people. The poor whites. They love to make their victims think that it is about economics, and not about people who are classified as white dominating the group they classify as NOT WHITE.

Victims of R/WS can’t replace this system unless they understand what it is, how it works, and how they help white people maintain it. And, make no mistake about it, all victims help white people maintain it whether they realize it or not.

The incident got me to thinking about why white people felt a need to implement the system of R/WS. I am a victim of R/WS. White people would be able to concretely tell you why they felt a need to implement and maintain their system. I just say following the evidence and the logic. I recall a conversation that two deaf, male teenagers were having. They were saying how much they hate hearing people. One signed that when he is older, he will make sure that he has children with a deaf girl because he doesn’t want any of his children to hear. Now, we know that hearing people can become deaf. However, these boys were born deaf. One or both of their parents carried a mutation in their genes that caused these boys to be born deaf. He understood that having offspring with a hearing person could possibly make the offspring hear. Since he hates hearing people, he understands that pairing up with a female who also carries the mutant gene that causes deafness would better his chances of producing a deaf child.

That conversation between these two deaf boys started me to thinking about how white people did the same thing. The melanin deficient offspring, out of anger, hatred, envy, and low self esteem about being the anomaly, and suffering from varying forms of albinism on a planet dominated by the norm, melanin, is the genesis of the system of R/WS. A system where they flipped the script, and say that melanin especially the darkest form, is evil, bad, ugly, shit colored, etc. etc.

 Just with the deaf boy, white people doing this is a sort of, “I’ll show you, we deficients are somebody, too.” In order for anomalies to survive, they have to be on offense. They have to hit first, hard, and continuous. Again, there was no need for the melanin people to be at odds with one another over color because color-melanin is the norm.

In his piece titled, “Complexions,” Mark Twain, the author of white people’s favorite, racist novel, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” had this to say, “Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare....Where dark complexions are massed, they make the whites look bleached-out, unwholesome, and sometimes frankly ghastly. I could notice this as a boy, down South in the slavery days before the war. The splendid black satin skin of the South African Zulus of Durban seemed to me to come very close to perfection....The white man's (I would add white woman’s, white child’s) complexion makes no concealments. It can't. It seemed to have been designed as a catch-all for everything that can damage it. Ladies have to paint it, and powder it, and cosmetic it, and diet it with arsenic, and enamel it, and be always enticing it, and persuading it, and pestering it, and fussing at it, to make it beautiful; and they do not succeed. But these efforts show what they think of the natural complexion, as distributed. As distributed it needs these helps. The complexion which they try to counterfeit is one which nature restricts to the few--to the very few. To ninety-nine persons she gives a bad complexion, to the hundredth a good one. The hundredth can keep it--how long? Ten years, perhaps. The advantage is with the Zulu, I think. He starts with a beautiful complexion, and it will last him through. And as for the Indian brown--firm, smooth, blemishless, pleasant, and restful to the eye, afraid of no color, harmonizing with all colors and adding a grace to them all--I think there is no sort of chance for the average white complexion against that rich and perfect tint.”

Over the years, white people have gone into the lab, and even used genes and melanin from the people they despise to improve their appearance. Their beauty industry is evidence of this. Many, unfortunately, victim of R/WS suffer from the many ailments that white people do as a result of white people sexually sewering their victims and having offspring. Some of these ailments are blemishes, acne, yellowing of teeth, and hair on the face of melanin females. White people are the diseased people of the planet, and this is why one of their main tools in their war chest is the use of diseases on their victims.

So, for this cause, “white’ genetic survival, white people have to make sure that their offspring, at the youngest age understand RWS, how to practice it, and maintain it by any means necessary forever.

Just a few photos of why it is integral for white people to produce offspring with their melanin victims. It may take two or three generations to wipe out the melanin, but white people are patient. White people prophecy all the time.

They tell us what will happen 50, 60, years from now all the time. The melanin female is the result of a sexual sewering between a practitioner of RWS (her father), and a victim of RWS (her mother). Victims are told fifty different ways that white people are the ultimate everything. This brain trashing herds and steers melanin people like sheep to want to be with white people. It’s the ultimate “love” for the confused victim of R/WS, it is survival for people who call themselves white.

In the photo linked below, the melanin female, classified as NOT WHITE, is in a tragic arrangement (so called marriage) with the white male in the photo, a practitioner of R/WS. Their offspring in the photo is the 2nd generation of so called “biracial. She is the first generation. Check out the features of the offspring in the photo. It seems that the so called biracial offspring of a victim of R/WS, and a practitioner of R/WS are also steered to have off springs with practitioners-white people. This is how white people get their victims to help them produce more practitioners. The little boy will more than likely wind up being in a sexual sewering with racist woman. That will be the 3rd generation. That child will have a high probability of being classified as white. Again, it is white people who will make that call. Yes, in essence, the NOT WHITE people help create their own oppressors. White people are a minority, and they suffer from a lot of infertility. They need lots of help from their victims to keep their system of “white” dominance strong and sustained.

For the victims of R/WS, they are not choosing to fall in love with their oppressors, they are being steered into finding them the most beautiful, the most desirable, and to long after them etc. etc. because so called white people need them in order to survive. For the white person, them sexually sewering their victims is military, soldier work, business, war, and how they survive. Some soldiers make children with other white people, and some soldier make children with their victims. Just like in any other military, not all soldiers do the same job. But, they are all soldiers for the same military and for the same purpose.

Below is a photo of another victim of R/WS. A person classified as NOT WHITE. A victim who has been tricked into being sexually sewered by racist man. Check the offspring.

Some undercover, covert soldiers make nice with their victims to get in on their good side to learn secrets and gain their trust. Sometimes, they have to sleep with them. Other soldiers are straight brutal, bloody, fighters. Some soldiers are in war room making decisions. Some soldiers are in the IT department. All of the various positions make up the military.

 Many victims of R/WS think that the loud, overt, in-your-face white people saying nigger this and nigger that are the only racists, or the police. The most dangerous ones are the ones in the classrooms, fixing your food at the restaurants, down at the county clerk’s office, in white people’s religions, all of these so called charitable organizations, sleeping next to you, adopting victims, doctors, lawyers, after taking all of the bread and leaving you hungry, coming along and giving you a piece of bread so that you will see them as helpful, and your own as against you. White people cause division and destruction amongst their victims so that they can come in as hero and rescuer. They Blind Side their victims all of the time. Another weapon in their war chest is to “raise” their victims children. White people can’t have their victims being unified. If they want to continue to dominate, they have to have people to dominate. They don’t want to kill off all of their victims. They need to have their NOT WHITE victims white identified. When the less confused victims begin to start talking about the system of R/WS and how to counter it, there will always be white identified NOT WHITE people taking up for white people. It doesn’t take being raised by white people to be white identified. Adopting their victims is just added insurance that any attempts to counter the system will not only be met with resistance from white people, but from their white identified victims as well.

White people are serious about being serious about maintaining their system of R/WS. NOT WHITE people didn’t do anything to white people. It is so called white people’s own self hate and envy that caused to feel the need to come up with a system that they say they need in order to survive on the planet. It is they who feel like aliens and foreigners. It is they who feel no connection to the planet and is why they destroy it with their guns, bombs, space shuttles, gases, etc. etc. Mr and Mrs exceptional are exceptional at killing, stealing and destroying, only. They say that the melanin people of the world were anti God, and worshiped the sun. They said they were savages for walking around nude in their homeland soaking up the Vitamin D that prevents diseases, enjoying clean water, uncontaminated food, minerals, and everything that kept them living for God knows how long.

After making their victims put on their clothes because those melanin bodies made the envy in white people grow, white people ran out and opened up nude beaches so that they could walk around naked, and worship the sun (sun bathing) that wants nothing to do with them. It rejects them so much until they have to wear SUN BLOCK. Now, they come out with their phony reports saying, melanin people have to wear sun block too. Misery loves company. Victims should stop and think about just how much they have to deny themselves and self deprecate to make white people feel normal.

White people are in a RACE for survival on a planet of melanin people. They believe they need to practice R/WS in order to survive. They waged this war. Genocide, poverty, mental illness, disease, sexual sewering, anti blackness, anti-NOT WHITE, non constructive TV, non constructive music, non-food food, drugs, depression, homosexuality, abortions, psychological war, murdering black males, Stop N’ Frisk, black male, black female squabbling, name calling one another even in so called jokes, black people finding one another less desirable , victims of R/WS blaming each other for helping to maintain the system of R/WS instead of blaming white people, criminalizing black males, so called white friends, so called anti-white white people fighting against R/WS, white people adopting (I refer to it as abducting) their NOT WHITE victim’s children, demonizing the black female’s vagina as diseased infested, incarceration, hysterectomies, confusion on and on and on are all weapons, tactics, and strategies white people use to maintain dominance over their NOT WHITE victims especially those with the greatest amount of melanin. Making sure that their posterity and their victim’s posterity continue these practices is integral in maintaining the system of R/WS.

It goes without saying, if white children were not/are not taught to practice and maintain the global system of RWS, it could not have continued, and it cannot continue. The confused, abused, subjugated, marginalized, and dominated victims help like slaves help their masters. However, it is the practitioners of R/WS, white people, whom this system was created by, created for, and who benefits from it.

NOT WHITE people are not racists. They are victims who are dominated, subjugated, marginalized, and abused in all nine areas of people activity as defined by Mr. Fuller- Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War by racist man, racist woman, and racist child in their global system of R/WS. I would add two more areas, physical and mental health. Dr. Welsing says that in the system of R/WS, NOT WHITE people do not qualify for mental health.
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