Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Study In Racism

Tom Brady celebrates with Convicted Racist Mark Wahlberg

In 36hrs. my counter-racist evaluation of Super Bowl 49 became this blog's most popular entry ever. The most watched show in television history has continued to captivate long after the final whistle. New England's conquest of Richard Sherman, Marshawn "BeastMode" Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks illustrates many elements of the ubiquitous, corrosive and all-encompassing nature of White Supremacy. Numerous Suspected Race Soldiers filled the comment section of my post-game dissection. Predictably, they insist the outcome of Super Bowl 49 - much like Tasha Thomas' (John Crawford, III's girlfriend) fatal car crash, Timothy Loehmann being hired and authorized to kill murder Tamir Rice, and the North Miami Beach Police Department using photographs of black males for target practice - had nothing to do with White Supremacy (Racism).

Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. says, "White people can show you better than I can tell you."

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Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Castrating A Beast

The most important message in this essay is that in the last 100 years, the white collective simply has moved from the overt sport and entertainment of lynching and castrating Black men (removing their testicles), thereby controlling their “balls,” to a more highly refined series of symbolic representations of the same act…
                         The Isis Papers Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Buck Nigger

5 Time Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch was one yard from brandishing back-to-back Super Bowl titles and MVP hardware to match his gold fronts and African medallions. Three feet. The Seattle Seahawks inexplicably faltered 36 inches from triumph. With a first and goal on the 1-yard line, Lynch wasn’t allowed to touch the ball - or his balls.

Absent a reasonable explanation, it's logical to suspect that powerful Whites may have decided that an obstinate black beast would not be permitted a super-bowl-winning touchdown and the requisite temptation for the most defiant end zone celebration in NFL history. A black male palming three balls.

Fans, players and analysts will offer a wealth of interpretations and a more cogent, transparent investigation of the decisive moments of Super Bowl 49 than the Ferguson grand jury proceedings.

Most of that discourse won’t suggest that another demon(ized) black male was subjected to Racism. If the Empire of White Supremacy obstructs and contaminates grand juries, police departments, McDonalds, and enlisted black female’s ability to maintain healthy, natural hair, why wouldn’t Whites thwart the success of uppity thugs niggers like Lynch and Richard Sherman?

White contempt for Lynch has been thinly veiled, crude, and pervasive. The New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch branded Lynch an “unprofessional dick” and a “childish jerk.” The New York TimesJuliet Macur channeled her Willie Horton, Central Park Five and George Stinney White angst to indict Lynch as a sexual beast.

He flashed that grin when the gymnast Shawn Johnson — the [White,] tiny and eternally adorable gold medalist from the 2008 Olympics — threw him a bag of Skittles as part of her gig with “Inside Edition.” Lynch blew her a kiss and told her, “You’re sexy, too.” She ran off, blushing. (I cringed, only because I first wrote about Johnson when she was 15 — and she is 23 now, but still looks 15.) 

A sabotaged ball game hardly registers when juxtaposed against the macabre mountain of lynched black males and razed black towns Whites have justified (celebrated) in the name of avenging an allegedly defiled pale woman. Lynch had the audacity to munch Skittles and live. The cockiness to disobey master, not speak on command. The Orenthal-James-Simpson-gall to get fresh with a White Woman.

Whites scripted Lynch as a petulant child rejecting White paternal authority by refusing to showcase a golden grin polished with White gratitude. A sassy nigger who needs reminding that his place is with the likes of Bay Area residents Bobby Hutton, Oscar Grant and Nubia Bowe. Whites provided him a plantation of dreams to escape the horrors of Oakland White Supremacy. And now he thinks he can defy White authority and keep his balls?

Black children like Darrin Manning had their balls taken for less: 
On January 7th, 2014 Darrin Manning, a 16 year old Black boy, was castrated by a female police officer that found him suspicious. Mr. Manning was a child, a straight “A” student, he was searched, patted down, and then his testicles were squeezed by this woman of the state so hard that they ruptured as indicated by an audible popping.
Maggie Rhodes’ black son Ashton had his genitals mutilated for less. 
When he was in the room, he was screaming like life and death like, like there wasn’t no tomorrow,” she said. “When she pulled back the cloth, like [Ashton’s penis] was like gone. She cut up instead of down, instead of cutting around the top of the penis.
White ball games should not be a priority for sane black people. No Super Bowl triumph or athletic achievement will provide permanent or even temporary solutions to black people’s problems with Racism (Whites). At best these institutions reify and reflect the White Supremacy values that make #BlackLivesMatter a hope or a hashtag, not reality.

Racist projections of demon, black beasts (not humans) that White and courageous Tom Bradys and Darren Wilsons must vanquish. Fairy Tale Racist Endings where brash, recalcitrant niggers are neutered by upstanding, hardworking Whites. White Supremacy could not reward Lynch’s weeks of supposed insubordination and genital flouting with an NFL crown. The core aspects of White culture that required the whipping of unruly Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks fuel the ongoing molestation of Assata Shakur. The rebellious, “buck nigger” is insufferable and must be broken. Broken in a manner that exemplifies how black defiance concludes. White conquest over – often holding – black balls.

William Rhoden master crafted $40 Million Slave and an interesting prelude to New England’s return to glory. He hinted that “by hook or by crook,” Patriot success seemed likely. Maybe he sensed the Arizona showdown was more plantation than coronation of “black heroes.” With Serena Williams confiscating her 19th major championship at the Australian Open a day before the gridiron battle, Whites had already surpassed their tolerance for celebrating melanin accomplishment.
Entire cross-sections of the country prayed for a “white hope” to rescue the title from the “beast” who had stolen it.