Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ways of White Folks

Mr. Edward Williams, of the Counter-Racism Radio Network, asked ol' Gus what trends he has observed in his tenure on The C.O.W.S. As the next program will be the fiftieth broadcast from blogtalkradio, I felt this was a good time to note the habits of my White guests.

White people are world champion linguists - especially the more refined Suspected and Admitted Racists. Molly Secours, Dr. John Hoberman, MC Serch and Tim Wise demonstrated impeccable oral talents. These White folks are exceptional at using words to shift the conversation; they're wizards at avoiding questions. Or agreeing with the non-white person, but dropping a barrage of words, so the original point is smothered in a heap of irrelevant gibberish - this is trademark Timothy Wise. And sometimes... White folks will just filibuster. Ferrell Winfree, Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Timothy Wise have all displayed their ability to respond to questions about White Supremacy in the most drawn out, vague, long-winded manner. They allege this is in the name of spelling out the complexities and nuances of Racism. Certainly wouldn't want non-white people to think Racism is as simple as White people mistreating individuals whom they say are not White.

Experts on Racism
Being White in the System of White Supremacy means you will have access to a gargantuan amount of information on Racism - and any other topic. The White guests on The C.O.W.S. have no-shirt-flexed their knowledge of Racism. Granted, many of the White guests have been PhD professors. But even MC Serch, Ferrell Winfree, GretnaBlast & Jessica Pettitt have showcased an impressive accumulation of data pertaining to White Supremacy. White Supremacists make it a high priority to stay up to date and in the know about their business. In fact, quite a few guests have admitted to digging through the archives of The C.O.W.S.

Resistant To Admitting White People Cannot Be Ignorant of Racism
One factoid from The C.O.W.S. - 11 of the White guests hold a doctorate. White people have brought a silo full of degrees to the program, yet they insist that most White people are ignorant about Racism. Professor Ariela Gross provided the quintessential example. She attempted to argue that White people are not conscious of and knowingly Racist. BUT... she wrote a whole book - What Blood Won't Tell - that evidences that one of the duties of being a White person is that you are supposed to be informed about Racism. Professor Gross' work even documents historical records that when White people demonstrate Racial incompetence, they will get in trouble with other White people.

This should be taken for granted as long as the System of White Supremacy exists, but I think the program has evidenced that White people are quite deceptive when discussing Racism. One of the best examples of this is the number of times White people have come on the program and contradicted their own work. One of the more blatant and recent incidents of this was Mr. Richard Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein commenced to ramblin' 'bout how Asian females get sexually exploited and mistreated by Asian males too, so it's not like the White man is doing anything unique or unusual. However, this Suspected Racist acknowledged repeatedly in his book that this is not an accurate comparison. The correct comparison would be to think about droves of Asian or African males plopping down in Wisconsin or Paris or Berlin and shacking up with three or eight White teenage girls. The fact this would not be tolerated under the System of White Supremacy suggests that their is a strong White Supremacist element to the hordes of White people who travel the globe to satisfy their appetite for
dark meat. I suspect Mr. Bernstein being married to Asian female, heavily obstructs his ability to speak honestly about this aspect of White Supremacy.

"We don't practice Racism... We benefit from Racism."
This is White people at their slickest. White people abstain from discussing what they do to expand and refine the System of White Supremacy. They are much happier to yap about all the trinkets and knapsack treats they get as a result of being White. White people make whole conferences and waste an extraordinary amount of time focusing on what the System of White Supremacy produces for White people. I do not see where this provides anything of value that will aid in the establishment of Justice. The focus should be on what it is that White people do to uphold the System of White Supremacy. Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Jessica Pettitt provided exceptional examples of this technique - which I suspect is a conscious act of White Supremacy.

Resistant To Acknowledging That Non-whites Are Ignorant About Racism Michael Bradley remains the lone exception to this rule. All other White guests have asserted that non-whites have a vast understanding of the nuts and bolts of White Supremacy. White people have insisted that they have learned oodles from the Victims of White Supremacy - which I suspect they have. But how can non-white people be informed about yet still subject to White Supremacy? If we were really astute about how these White people run the plantation, I think we would have found a way out by now. What ever we know, it ain't enough! And Michael Bradley has been the only White person to voice this - and he did so as if it were common knowledge.

The White guests on The C.O.W.S. have by and large been an incredibly conceited bunch. At times it comes across as a parent speaking to a child (See Dr. Kenneth O'Reilly). At other points it's just blatant condescension; like the White person can't fathom that a non-white person would have the audacity to question Dr. McIntosh or Mr. Bradley.
I'm White, and that means GOD - or at least Expert! I think the System of White Supremacy conditions Noel Ignatiev and the entire White team to look down on non-white people. That smug, White Superiority swagger helps maintain White Domination; it instills a sense of inferiority in the victims, robs their confidence and self esteem. Makes White rule seem organic, the way universe should be. A big part of Mike Tyson's success was intimidating opponents. Often, the match was over before the bell rang.

And a big part of Mike Tyson's downfall was when people no longer feared him. It's astonishing what a difference it makes when you actually believe in yourself. Same principle applies when dealing with White folks. Ask them to speak slow, use words you understand, make sure they answer your question and interrupt them if they attempt to deliver a 10 minute monologue on the privilege of buying band aids that match their skin color.

Author's notes - Mike Tyson's downfall and tribulations are mostly attributable to Racist Man and Racist Woman.

2nd Author's note - The Suspected White Supremacist known as Dana R. Carney is an Ivy League professor and has conducted extensive research that supports my final contention. And it just so happens that she visited The Context of White Supremacy in April of 2010. Give her a listen.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Descent (2007)

A Victim of White Supremacy in Austria demanded that I watch Descent - strongly suggested. As time is right and exact, this post will coincide with her birthday; I hope my analysis makes for a constructive gift.

I wasn't aware of this film, but no prodding was necessary once I discovered paralyzingly gorgeous Rosario Dawson had the starring role. Unfortunately, you can't even ogle a sumptuous non-white actress without White Supremacy intruding. And White Supremacy doesn't just encroach on
Descent, it devours the entire film.

Appetizing Rosario Dawson is playing Maya - a shy, awkward college freshman, not well informed about the world. A victim. That's an excellent way to view her in this film. A Victim of White Supremacy. This is what can - and often does - happen to non-whites who have a minuscule understanding of the world, the System of White Supremacy.

descent: A coming down to a lower state or condition; fall, decline, sinking; progress downwards to that which is lower or subordinate.

This film depicts the descent of a non-white female as a result of sexual abuse from a White Supremacist. In fact, I feel this entire film demonstrates how people equate sexual dominance with power. But first...

I think Maya's parents are White. You hear Maya speaking with her mom on the phone, but you never see mommy and daddy. So I could be incorrect. But her voice sounds like she could be a White person. And later in the film, mother gripes about soaking in too many ultraviolet rays, which has left her a
crispy red. Daddy ridicules his sun-roasted spouse by calling her Hiawatha. Again, I could be incorrect, but this sounds like stuff White people do.

Why is this important? It has been my observation that non-white people who have a White parent or two tend to be quite confused about the System of White Supremacy. I have spoke with a great many non-whites who have at least one White parent. Every one of them has said that their White parent has never done anything to help them understand or combat Racism. One non-white person even told me that her White mother refuses to discuss Racism. Non-white people in these situations also tend not to be suspicious of White people; their White parent becomes the reference point and symbol for all White people. This has disastrous ramifications for non-white people in an environment where White people are conditioned to devalue non-white life.

So when Maya meets the White man known as Jared, she's not thinking:
this dude is probably Racist. I'm going to think and act as if he is. Jared is a smug jock who hounds Dawson from the first scene. He's a White guy, and he's crafty with language. Maya scarfs down his sugary words until she trusts the White man - you already know this is gonna' turn out bad.

And just like Hiawatha and the
red people, Jared pumps a few glasses of fire water into Maya - legendary strategy of the White Supremacists. Not too long after - surprise - they've made there way to the bed . But Maya wants to stop at first base. The smooching was nice, but she wants to wait a while. Jared refuses. What ensues is almost five minutes of a White man desecrating Dawson's character in a blatant act of Maximum Racist Aggression. The film is most explicit about this being an act of White Supremacy above and beyond sexism or patriarchy. How can I say this with certainty? While Jared rapes Maya, he makes sure to remind us all that she is not White. She's a:
Nigger With An Attitude(NWA)

Five minutes of this, ladies and gentlemen. For Jared, this act is a reminder, a solidification of White Domination. While ravaging Maya he scolds her for looking down at him, having the audacity to think she was better then he - a White man.

Where do we go from here?
Progress downwards to that which is lower or subordinate. Descent is an overwhelming illustration of Neely Fuller, Jr.'s contention that sexual abuse is one of the most destructive means of harming a person; the damage can be irreparable. Dawson's character loses the ability to relate to others in a constructive manner. Her contact with people is relegated to sexual acts with strangers while self medicating with alcohol and narcotics. The film gives no indication that she reported being raped or sought assistance in any way.

Maya's horror continues as she ends up being a teacher's assistant in the same class with her assailant, Jared. He's not the least bit concerned about his grade in the course or her revealing his crime to enforcement officials; the System of White Supremacy cultivates an obscene level of arrogance.

Now, I said this film depicts sexual dominance as power. This it not only demonstrated in Jared's rape of Maya, but throughout the movie. Maya meets a non-white male named Adrian (Marcus Patrick) after the White man's violation. Adrian - an effeminate name, don't you think? - is also suffering from his own pathologies as a Victim of Racism. He offers shelter and advice to Maya - in a victimized sort of way; he also introduces her to cocaine and other non-constructive habits. He attempts to assert his masculinity by bullying a White male; he demands that the White man smoke a cigarette from between his toes - quite emasculating.

Adrian and Maya conspire to exact vengeance on Jared. She bamboozles him into coming to her apartment. She's able to get him naked, blindfolded and shackled before he realizes things ain't quite right. She proceeds to sodomize him with a black object. She then calls for Adrian, who rapes Jared as Maya spectates.

Beyond th
e graphic and disturbing nature of this scene, nothing about this suggests a correction or improvement. At times the film gives the impression that Jared may be enjoying having a virile black male dominate him. [There's extensive evidence that a great many White men and women seek and relish submitting to a sexually dominant non-white partner. Malcolm X writes about this in his autobiography and this pops up in the HBO hit, True Blood.]

White people have abused and mistreated me for the duration of my existence. However, I would not derive an iota of satisfaction from sodomizing a White man - or woman. Especially If I had the option of being in bed with yummy Rosario Dawson. The film closes with a Adrian pumping away and Maya in tears - perhaps realizing that this isn't going to solve her problems or make her feel better.

White people have written books suggesting that homosexual behavior can be one way males respond to being abused or feeling powerless. Anthony Scacco's book,
Male Rape, describes how incarcerated black males resort to homosexual behavior in response to being subjugated, impotent Victims of Racism (Yes, he talks about black male homosexual behavior being a response to Racism!).

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing reported that a Suspected Racist suggested that a black person who was traumatized
from Racism, could have released his tension by having sex with a White person. I am not sure what - if anything - this does to Replace White Supremacy With Justice. Because it is suggested and some non-white people believe that these acts erode Racism, I can only conclude that they support and refine the System of White Domination. Especially given that a significant number of White people consistently promote non-whites having sex with White people as a solution, advancement; Sidney Poitier's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a brilliant illustration.

Adrian and Maya
's supposed act of retribution does more to evidence their coming down to a lower state or condition; fall, decline. The non-white characters of Descent are not treated nor do they function in a humane manner. They function as Victims of and respondents to the System of White Supremacy. Their reactions merely perpetuate their less than human(e), subordinate status. Monsters and monstrosities.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soul Man (1986)

My poor blog! I devoted my summer to The C.O.W.S. and neglected my blogging duties. I think my efforts yielded some productive programs; an Admitted White Supremacist revealed that she would be in "free fall" if the System of White Supremacy folded and a different Admitted Racist rebuked a White man while explaining that White folks ain't Victims of Racism. I hope the programs have been helpful to non-whites. But I want my blog to evolve right along with The C.O.W.S.. So I'll try to multitask because there are several things I want to write about.

First up,
Soul Man. I hadn't seen this film in decades. But as I've become more informed about the System of White Supremacy, I've concluded that movies are phenomenal tools to illustrate and hone one's understanding of White Supremacy. Dr. Martin Kevorkian demonstrated this in his book and on the program. I knew it was worth rummaging for Soul Man - a White man turns himself black to get scholarship money for Harvard and "falls in love" with a black female to boot? Exemplary study in White Supremacy. Let's get started.

Mark Watson is a young White guy, has parents with
über bankroll and gets accepted to Harvard Law School. He's moonwalking up the White Supremacist ladder until daddy withdraws his financial support. With his future disintegrating, Mark takes desperate action. He purposely overdoses on tanning pills donated by his White pal, and voilà, he's a nigger! Once darkened he's awarded the Henry Q. Bouchard Memorial Award for the outstanding Los Angeles negro heading to Harvard. With his wallet fattened and skin stained, Mark is off to Cambridge with not a care in the world. The implications of divesting from White Supremacy never crossed his mind.

Someone should have slipped him a copy of Black Like Me cause it can get right rough for coloreds. Mark gets a heapin' helpin' of Victimization; "Driving While Black," White people assuming he was shooting hoops before he could read, Racist jokes and malevolent White men vigilant to keep his sooty hands off their pale daughters. White people immediately and consistently recognize/categorize blackfaced Mark as a black person AND regulate their conduct accordingly; Even when Mark is oblivious - or incorrectly thinks being black is going to work in his favor, being non-white always has adverse consequences. White people are everything but color blind; they're hyper-cognizant of whom ain't a member of their club.

Soul Man predates the Nicole Brown Simpson and OJ fiasco, but someone should have also alerted Mark to the human hazard that is White women. Whitney Dunbar, moves into Mark's building with blue eyes for dark guys. And Whitney ain't just a White chic with money; she's majoring in political science and doing a thesis on the so called Civil Rights movement. Getting Mark in her bedroom is easier then getting 50 black males in prison. Straddling a negro gives her a chance to "feel 400 years of oppression and anger in every pelvic thrust." Yes, this is said verbatim in the film. And I've heard White people say things right close to this in real life. As if the bed room represents the colorless, raceless sphere of Justice. Disrobed, disarmed, cloaked in darkness we can finally work out our frustrations and achieve humanity and oneness so elusive.

Damn, that sounds good! It's exponentially more persuasive if a sexually attractive White person is pitching this at you. But it's about as logical as looking for polar bears in Hawaii. White people and non-white people been having sex together for eons. If that was going to Replace Racism With Justice... this blog would not exist! I'd be writing about the health benefits of being vegan and 100 things you can do with garlic. Overt White Supremacists engage in sexual intercourse with non-white people all the time; playin' in the slave quarters don't mean master is shuttin' the plantation down. Non-whites tend to get disoriented about this - I suspect White people are aware of this, and foolishness like
Soul Man perpetuates the confusion. For all Whitney's oral service, she doesn't intervene when her own family members practice White Supremacy against Mark - or her non-white servant.

Even though Whitney and her clan are duped, Mark is White. The for real, for real miscegenation is Mark and Sarah Walker - played by the scrumptious Rae Dawn Chong. Mark preys on Chong's character from day one - even while logging time in Whitney's sheets. Sarah Walker is also a Harvard Law student. But she's non-white. No clever scholarship shenanigans for her; she's a struggling, dish scrubbing, single mom.

Mark penetrates Sarah's tough shell and secures a cozy l'il relationship. For icing and sprinkles on top, he gets in good with her offspring and family members. All's swell until he discovers his bamboozled, negro scholarship should have gone to Sarah.

Enter White Guilt. Mark had no compunction about swindling money for college and deceiving everyone in the process. But seeing the non-white Victim of his depraved acts is a bit much for Mark's stomach. So he comes clean. Ditches his bronzing medication, makes a public, pale face confession. Throws himself on the mercy of his peers and instructors.

This is White Supremacists at their devious best. They've done something incorrect. They have perpetrated a crime. Yet they use words to convince others - typically their non-white casualties - that they are the victims. Mark's White accomplice delivers a passionate plea requesting lenience and understanding. He implores Mark's cohorts to recognize that he is a "victim of society;" Mark was an ambitious young man in dire straits. He failed to get the help he needed and committed a fool-hardy act. Have the courage to forgive and show the White man mercy.

Mark, the White person, is our hero. We don't want his dreams eviscerated. We're rooting for him to get a second chance. And he gets it. Doesn't even lose his colored girl.

tragic arrangement founded on a lie; Mark even deceives Sarah's child. No matter. Interracial relationships are alright if two people really care about each other. Mark, Sarah and her son stroll the Cambridge grounds hand in hand as the credits roll. Could anything be more heart warming then a post racial climax?

White Supremacy at it's revolting, obliterating best.
Of course the System of White Supremacy has been vanquished if a White man nuzzles a darkie in broad day light. Mark even decked a pair of White guys for cracking Racist jokes. So he can't be a White Supremacist and non-whites got no mo' troubles or fears.

Unfortunately, the 1980's Hollywood version of Harvard confounds one's understanding of why Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was shackled and removed from his own home in 2009.

Soul Man does an excellent job illustrating the dehumanizing way that black people are seen and treated by White people; seeing the drastic change in Mark's quality of life, in how White people treat him in all areas of people activity is a stunning display of the ramifications of being non-white in a System of Racism. But Mark's relationship with Sarah is merely a refined version of his relationship with Whitney. Soul Man's final image of racial reconciliation and love's triumph over the boundaries of race is a recycled version of the same fodder the film ostensibly ridiculed in Whitney.

Mark doesn't grab Sarah and her child and impress upon them that every aspect of human life is engineered to preserve the System of White Supremacy. Mark doesn't demand that Sarah and her offspring remain suspicious of every White person as long as White Supremacy exists. To the contrary, the film implies that black people and White people are eroding Racism by being willing to date - get naked - with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth - and the film evidences this point explicitly.

In fact, as Rae Dawn Chong prepares to announce her endorsement of interracial relationships, she looks eerily similar to Halle Berry at the close of Monster's Ball. Confused, victimized.

**Extra Credit**

I think this film is consciously and/or subconsciously bragging about and exploring many White men's veiled belief that you're not really a man until you've
split some dark oak. Mark's father announces his intent to terminate his financial support as a gift. The gift of manhood. I didn't attend film school, but the piece starts with a White man being given, seeking masculinity and ends with him brandishing Rae Dawn Chong as his belly warmer. I think I could be correct.

The accompanying soundtrack deserves a comment as well. This film is backgrounded with Louis Armstrong, Otis Redding, Sly Stone, Vesta Williams... a hall of fame black ensemble. I've seen this trend in a litany of films where White folks indulge their black fetishes (
Black And White, Lakeview Terrace, Boiler Room). Monster's Ball tossed Mos Def and P Diddy in the cast, and all of these films revolve around White people having sex with black people. A coincie-dink...
I think not! Mark even comments that he's not feeling the Beach Boys as much after masquerading as a brotha - although he still likes some of their "funkier stuff" (What ever that means). White people's appetite for black music and love making seems compensatory - making up for something missing. What White people find and search for in the tunes, wombs and souls of black folks is a topic for another blog, book, dissertation, anthology.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Beauty

The Empire of White Supremacy dominates the globe. This image is courtesy of Moving Ninja and all the way from the Philippines.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pulp Fiction... Gooks, Slopes, Niggers, Jules

... Catch a nigger by his toe.
Take your foot off the nigger...
...Cause storing dead niggers ain't my business.
This used to be one of my favorite films. I mean... I've seen it at least 30 times. I never flinched or thought twice about the use of the word nigger. In fact... my favorite scene was the third vignette, which centers around the storage of a dead nigger. The System of White Supremacy paralyzes non-whites' understanding; we end up experiencing and looking directly at Racist behavior, yet failing to recognize it.
What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest for your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes. [Thanks to the Suspected Racist known as Michael Bradley.]
Hopefully this review will make it easier for Victims of White Supremacy too see the staggering amount of White Supremacy in Pulp Fiction.
Marsellus Wallace: You my nigga?
Butch Coolidge: It certainly appears so.

The White people who practice White Supremacy are
MASTER DECEIVERS. Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) provides a demonstration. He "appears" to consent to throwing a fight and losing in the fifth round. But Butch is a White man. He's not Marsellus' or anyone else's nigga. Seeing that news of a rigged fight has impacted the gambling odds, Butch places enormous wagers on himself. He doesn't just refuse 2 lose, he beats his non-white opponent to death. How does Butch feel about swindling and murdering a non-white person?

Butch: I don't feel the least bit bad about it.

But he killed a man. Surely there has to be some remorse?
Butch: Fuck 'em! If he was a better boxer he'd still be alive.

But that was someone's son. Surely he had family, friends...
Butch: Who gives a fuck! Enough about the poor unfortunate [nigger].
I assume White people have the same lack of regard for non-white life on and off camera. The business of White Supremacy requires a total absence of conscience as it relates to non-white life. Killing one or 30 million non-whites is no big deal; just another day at the office.

The White Supremacist nature of
Pulp Fiction intensifies throughout the film. The se
cond act begins with casual references to "gooks" and "slopes"; it ends with Marsellus Wallace [Ving Rhames] being bound, gagged and anally raped by a Suspected Racist enforcement official.

(Pause for Abner Louima and those who say this don't happen in real life.)

Paying strict attention to every WORD, helps illuminate the intentions and motivations of White Supremacist films, books and/or people. Pulp Fiction begins with Jules Winnfield [Samuel L. Jackson] asking a White man "Does Marsellus Wallace look like a bitch," and why he "[tried] to fuck him like a bitch". A little under two hours into the film... Marsellus Wallace is being fucked like a bitch. {I think I've already posted on the consistent emasculation and castration of black males.}I hear the objections from those who say, Marsellus avenged his abuse. He popped a cap in the White man, promised to get medieval! Allow me to retort. Number one, If Marsellus Wallace had not been rescued by a different White man, he would have continued to take a pounding in the rear. Number two, this is extraordinarily unrealistic. I'm unaware of any Victim of White Supremacy being able to murder or squint hard at an enforcement official without repercussions. Non-whites being bludgeoned and sexually assaulted by "police officers" is a black ink fact. Vengeance for these acts is at most a rowdy N.W.A. cd.
Scene Three.

Nobody who'll be missed.
Let those four words rest on your skull like an anvil as I share my views on the final act. The White man known as Vincent Vega [John Travolta] blows a non-white male's head off - accidentally. No need for gun safety when the barrel is pointed at a nigger (nobody who'll be missed). Again, no heavy hearts or tears for a non-white life extinguished. Actually, this scene is pretty humorous; I remember finding it amusing (IT WAS MY FAVORITE SCENE OF THE FILM.) The fun and suspense of covertly disposing of a dead nigger... don't get more jovial than that.

Now you really gotta be focused to catch everything that's being expressed in the third vignette. The writer and director of the film has hopped in front of the camera. When I have shared this with Victims of White Supremacy, they have not immediately appreciated the symbolism of having the single person most responsible for the creation that is
Pulp Fiction being center-stage for the dead nigger storage conflict.

And Quentin Tarantino isn't just grumpy about a
dead nigger in his Southern California garage. He fears Bonnie - his lawfully wedded wife - will return before the dead nigger has been dumped. Oh wait... Bonnie is non-white. It has been my experience that most people have not caught that Tarantino's wife is not White; consequently, most folks have not pondered on the meaning of a White man being married to a black female while referencing a black male as a nigger. You should think about it.Take a second.

Most of this scene revolves around the labor of cleaning up messy Marvin.

You're the mother fucker should be on brain detail. We fuckin' switchin'. I'm washin' windows, and you pickin' up this nigger's skull.
Not to worry. No living or dead niggers have yet to pose a problem White people can't handle. The dead nigger is efficiently whisked away for a proper burial at "Monster Joe's Truck and Tow" junkyard. Nobody who'll be missed.

Discarding of the
dead nigger known as Marvin was a brief conundrum. And Jules and Vincent did exactly what Victims of White Supremacy should do when life gives you a l'il more then you can handle. They request help. Specifically, they ask for "The Wolf".[Remus and Romulus... forgive my Isis Papers moment.]

I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems.
Codified - to reduce to a collection of rules and regulations. Mr. Wolf illustrates how codification can efficiently obliterate the most precarious of predicaments. He has precise guidelines for how to clean and drive the vehicle, how to dispose of the of the bloodied clothes. He dictated exactly what should be done and in a manner that was easy to grasp. All statements and actions supported the objective of solving the problem without creating new problems. Impeccable demonstration. If only there were a Winston Wolf or 80, who were dedicated to solving the problem of White Supremacy.

Mr. Wolf - like any Refined Racist - is attentive to detail. When gathering information about Jules' and Vincent's dilemma, he makes sure to get the racial classifications of the folks involved. And earlier when a different White man is asked at gun point to describe
Marsellus Wallace, his first response: He's black (not White). And during the diner heist at the culmination of the film, a Suspected White Supremacist demands that the "Mexicans"(non-whites) exit the kitchen. Race/Racism is a perpetual - perhaps the primary - feature in this flick.

I've spoke with a lot of White people about this movie. Not a one of them told me I was "playin' the
Race Card" or misconstruing
Tarantino's work. However, none of them said that Pulp Fiction is a disturbing and honest representation of the System of White Supremacy which terrorizes non-whites, is all the more discomforting because it presents unjust acts of Racism as humorous and is celebrated as a cinematic masterpiece - ranked as the 5th best film ever made on Internet Movie Database with over 340,000 votes. White people also don't say that one could correlate the adoration of Pulp Fiction with White Supremacists' dedication to and gratification in the practice of mauling non-whites.

Perhaps I ain't talked to the right White folks yet. The next time you encounter a Suspected White Supremacist whom indicates an affinity for
Pulp Fiction, ask them a lot of questions. Then post their responses here.

Monday, April 20, 2009


It's Spring again... Beautiful day in the Pacific northwest. Sun is shining. The weather is sweet. I thought I would take a moment to soak in some Vitamin D, rest my eyes - a l'il yard time in the Prison of White Supremacy.

White people are out in great numbers. Playing tennis. Tossing the frisbee. Volleyball. I witnessed a congregation of White folks out in the grass. They weren't yelling obscenities. No brawls. They were having a grand ol' time.

As I lay in the grass, I was thinking large groups of black people don't
o this. Come together in a harmonious exchange, good-natured frolicking and fellowship. Large numbers of Negroes tends to produce mo' beef then a cattle ranch. And we evidence this perpetually. The black church ain't even tranquil - I done observed more than my fair share of static about what happened at the deacon board meeting or what sister Johnson said to deacon Anderson. The System of White Supremacy conditions non-whites to have abject contempt for other non-whites. Black feuds have become legendary; the stuff of Hollywood epics and folk lore - this could easily fill up a week of Black History Month.

Booker T Washington vs W.E.B. DuBouis

Malcolm X vs Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Black Panther Party vs The United Slaves
2Pac vs Biggie Smalls
LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee
Hutus vs Tutsis
The Bloods vs The Crips

But I caught myself.

I'm just supporting the White man's stereotype's. Not every black gathering results in a melee and yellow tape. Most of us try to be sensible and respectful. Marcus Garvey said...

"Stop acting like a bitch... Yeah, I called you a bitch cause that's how you acting."

I thought my ears were deceiving me. This fusillade of scorn was so out of place with the tranquility of the sunny afternoon. And I hadn't seen any black people around, so I was stunned as to whom could be saying this.

"You niggas be cutting me off, and that's what bitches do. Now get the fuck away from my car."

To my dismay... black people arrived. And with an inhospitable entrance to boot.
They exited quickly; I took a deep breath and returned to my solitude - the polite banter of the nearby Suspected Racists like rain on a tin roof, soothing. But I make sure I remember whom is to blame for the conduct of all non-white people in the known universe. WHITE PEOPLE. Specifically, the White people who participate in the System of White Supremacy. They are most responsible for any and everything that happens on this planet with regards to people - and most certainly with regards to the loathsome manner in which non-whites relate to each other. Our behavior is a direct reflection of our suffering .

I know we are capable of more, and many of us desire to see all non-white people functioning to the best of their abilities. Replacing White Supremacy With Justice is the only thing that will allow for this to happen.
But in the mean time in between time... might be helpful to minimize/avoid contact with non-whites.

Absence makes the heart grow stronger.
Can't have an argument with someone you don't talk to.
(Pick which ever sentence you feel is applicable)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Business of Counter-Racism does not need a Sonny

serious activity requiring time and effort and usually the avoidance of distractions

The word
BUSINESS is said 48 times in the original Godfather; that's about once every three and a half minutes in a three hour film. It's been my observation that many Victims of White Supremacy adore the Corleone saga. Cool & the gang. Let's use Mario Puzo's masterpiece to aid our counter-racist effort.

Vito Corleone: I thought - Santino - was a bad Don, rest in peace.

This pint-size line reveals much about the importance of honesty in operating a successful business. Vito Corleone was able to speak candidly about his slain son's ineptitude in heading the family enterprise. He does not allow grief to embellish Sonny as a tactician, a poised leader of men.
Vito Corleone keeps it real! I love and miss my son, but he
was bad for business.

Why was Sonny bad for business?
Emotional. Impulsive. Inconsiderate. Rash. Short-tempered. Sleeping around on his wife at his sister's wedding, his savage, public assault on his brother-in-law or his insatiable desire to do battle with the Five Families. Sonny displays a persistent and debilitating lack of self-control - his Achilles heal for sure. Restraint is critical to succeeding in business.

Victims of White Supremacy are no-seat-belt-door-open-pants-unbuttoned UNRESTRAINED in how we deal with Racism/White Supremacy - for the most part. We ready throw hands if a White person calls us nigger. Teary eyed if a Suspected/Admitted Racist apologies for the mistreatment of non-white people. Our responses to the System of Racism are saturated in emotions which frequently obstruct our ability to make sensible decisions.

Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo: I hope you're not a hothead like your brother Sonny. You can't talk business with him...

The unchecked emotions of non-whites frequently obliterates our ability engage in constructive dialogue on the business of counter-racism. A victim just shared with me that he was unable to question a Suspected Racist because he could not remain calm; his feelings erupted and shutdown his ability to carefully interrogate a White person. This happens all the time.

I struggle to think of instances where non-whites have been Michael Corleone. Meticulous, calculating and deliberate in what they said and did to deal with White Supremacy. The few instances where I have observed this... White people have generally been befuddled and stunned. They're accustomed to Sonny too; they don't expect methodical Victims of White Supremacy.

Racists know how to deal with Sonny. White people are exceptional at manipulating the emotions of non-whites. Let me say this one mo' time... White people are exceptional at manipulating the emotions of Victims of White Supremacy. I've seen White people take us from livid to laughter and back again. Just like Sonny... White people enrage us so that we sprint to our demise - which they have painstakingly rehearsed. If you want real life examples of this, check out the April 13th edition of The C.O.W.S. Radio Show. Dr. Kenneth O'Reilly talks about how White FBI agents instigated conflict between non-white people during the so called Civil Rights Movement which resulted in non-whites killing other non-whites.

Victims of White Supremacy would take a major weapon from the Racists if we trained ourselves to leave emotions out of our counter-racist strategies. Michael Corleone doesn't name-call and spew profanities. He makes shrewd choices based on the long term objectives for the success of the business. Counter-racism would take a quantum leap if our behavior looked less like Sonny, more like Michael.

Tom Hagen: This is business, not personal, Sonny!

Discontinuing sexual intercourse between White people and non-white people is a logical business move. Having sexual intercourse with a Suspected Racist is an extraordinary distraction and impairs the non-white person's critical thinking - especially as it relates to Racism. Having sex with a White person makes things real personal... not good for business.

Being suspicious of all White people is a business move; it's not vengeance for past wrongs to butchered non-whites. It's the sensible mind frame to adopt in the context of White Supremacy. Any honest and logical White person will understand this(check out
The C.O.W.S. for evidence that this is true)... it's not personal, it's business.

And if a Suspected Racist objects to this line of reasoning... let them know:
Counter-racism is the business that was thrust upon me. The Business of White Supremacy has compelled me to be in the business of counter-racism. I wish it wasn't this way; it's not personal. I hope you understand. And if you don't... that's part of the business too.