Monday, March 30, 2009

Counter-Racist Recap

What it do Victims, Suspected & Admitted Racists...

I made a rare public appearance last week. As part of my counter-racism code, I avoid social gatherings unless there is an agreed upon counter-racist agenda. I don't fraternize. Non-whites tend to be discourteous or at a minimum, non-constructive. And if I'm in the presence of a White person(s)... we're having a discussion about Racism/White Supremacy.

But somehow I found myself in the middle of a regular
ol' soirée. White people and Victims of White Supremacy... jinkies! But I'm trying to be a counter-racist, not an agoraphobic. I just dictated conversation by asking questions. So of course... we're chattin' bout the Race Problem.

Major Incident Number 1
An admitted Victim of White Supremacy says, "I don't believe there are White people." Now, I didn't commence to Joe Clarkin' it; "YOU LOST YOUR BRAIN CELLS!?!?!?!" I did ask him to repeat his statement - just wanted to make sure my ears weren't deceived.

But then... an Admitted Racist stepped in and announced, "That was a dumb statement you just made." I been saying for some time... when White people speak honestly to non-whites about the System of White Supremacy, it's like the silencer on a gun. Quiet. Lethal.

Insert cricket sounds

At this point, I asked if the White man would be willing to explain why he felt a Victim of White Supremacy stating that there are no White people is dumb. He said sure and took us on a tidy, logical explanation of why this stance is not sensible - or safe. The non-white person exited the room without rebuttal.

A second White man witnessed this exchange. I requested his opinion. He said that he too felt the Victim's comment was foolish. I asked if he would be willing to communicate his view to the non-white male. He said certainly, awaited the Victim's return, tapped him on the shoulder and in a most courteous manner reiterated that his statement was foolish.

Did the Victim curse the White man, unleash centuries of genetically stored fury? Administer a body slam, stomp on his foot, box his ears? None of the above. He didn't utter a syllable. In fact, he waited and said that MY - me, Victim of White Supremacy who hadn't said a word - "paradigm was too small;" my myopic focus on White Supremacy prevents me from seeing the complete
System of Oppression.

I s'pose that could be true. But ain't no s'posin' 'bout non-whites fear of & tendency to avoid directly addressing
THE MAN, Mr. Charlie... White People. President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Condoliza Rice... we'll hop in their face and get them told quick fast; let them know everything they've done wrong and they mamas and grandpappies too! But the White man/woman on your job who's mistreating you everyday... we got perpetual lock jaw around them. That's White Supremacy. Non-whites willing to battle everyone but the White people.

Major Incident Number 2
Don't think I assumed that any of these White folks were White. I asked the critical question: Are you a White person? I had never met the second White man, so I had to make sure he was indeed White. He said, yup. Second question, "Are you a Racist?" He said, no. I told him that was fine, but I suspect he could be a Racist as deceit is a big weapon of Racism.

Dig this here. He says, "Well... I could suspect you of being a crackhead." I didn't bat an eyelash. Stuck to the code like a vacuum. "There are crackheads, so yes, you can suspect me of being a crackhead. If you have evidence or reason to suspect that could be true."

So we could have let things rest there. He's a Suspected Racist. I'm a suspected crackhead. No, sir. White man wasn't happy with that. "So you Suspect I could be a Racist? You don't know how much money I have. What if I had a mohawk? What if I was gay? What if I was a crackhead? ... What if it began raining tomatoes?" When he finished the "what ifs", I went right back to square one.

Are you a White person?
And we are in a System of White Supremacy?
So there must be White people who practice Racism/White Supremacy, and I suspect you could be one.
"But, but, but, but... How are you just going to call me a Racist?!"
Best moment of the evening. I didn't open my mouth. A third Victim of White Supremacy interrupted to say, "He didn't call you a Racist. He said, he suspects you could be a Racist. And that is logical in a System of White Supremacy."

...and the crickets returned.

It's wonderful practicing counter-racism when the result is a White person being hushed by the revelation of truth/logic.