Sunday, September 18, 2011

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. & White Hypocrisy

Greetings Cousins,

White people often make claims to “morality”. “Civilization”. “Justice”.

Only when non-white people begin to understand the System of White Supremacy/Racism, do we grasp the absurdity of such assertions.

Exhibit A: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s (black male) 4th round knockout victory over Victor Ortiz (non-black, non-white male). “Mayweather had won all three rounds on two of three judges’ cards.” ESPN’s Dan Rafael made it plain: “This was a mismatch fight as we saw it unfold. Floyd totally dominated.”

Racist Woman & Racist Man revile nothing more than black brilliance. Especially when they lack the ability to intervene. Unable to mar Mayweather’s undefeated, 42-0 dynasty, they were forced to resort to their typical, trifling ways. Lies & Name-calling.

You can take the mofah out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the mofah
[Mayweather] is too much of a low life to feel shame.
Floyd on the other hand just showed what a punk he is.
[Mayweather] fought 42 "project crack addicts"
I think [Ortiz’s] head butt was cheap, but you have to fight rough with Floyd because he's too slick**.
If one didn’t watch the fight, you’d be stunned to learn that the referee penalized Ortiz - not Mayweather - for misconduct. No one has asserted Mayweather did anything illegal. But WORDS are being used skillfully to make it seem like the black male was the transgressor.

Los Angeles Times “What Mayweather had done was basically legal.” Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a bumb "Mayweather's unsportsmanlike, legal KO shows Ortiz's inexperience"

“Basically legal”?! Can you imagine your girlfriend saying she’s basically pregnant?

These are standard, impotent, pathetic, Racist attempts to discredit a black champion. White Hypocrisy at it’s best.

And all the more revolting when we remember the location for this bout. Las Vegas, Nevada. Gambling and gangsterism aside. They proudly offer deep fried Twinkies and legalized prostitution in Nevada. Squander your child’s college fund, clog your arteries and patronize a few whorehouses simultaneously...

Doesn’t this sound like the birthplace of “morality” & “sportsmanship”?

PS Larry Merchant... and White people collectively have earned a merciless ass kicking.

That is all.


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