Thursday, October 16, 2014

No World Series for St. Louis, Michael Brown, Black People

We played every day last week, and one day we played two games, and had to get up at three o’clock in the morning to catch a train. And then look at the team we’ve got (to play). It’s like a third-class amateur club. We did not want to go over there (to New York) on Sunday, especially to play a nigger club, and we didn’t go.

Third baseman Arlie Latham (Racist Suspect) makes it plain why the St. Louis Browns (now St. Louis Cardinals) would not compete against a black ball club in 1887. Whites encourage non-white people to think there has been astronomical progress, gargantuan improvement in race relations. Latham's 19th century White Supremacy remains remarkably stable, everlasting.
[Jackie] Robinson told Roger Kahn in The Boys of Summer, his history of the Dodgers of the late 40s and early 50s, that he and his fellow black players were jeered at everywhere in the league, but nowhere worse than [St. Louis]. Robinson and [Don] Newcombe and their black teammates were not, of course, permitted to stay in the air-conditioned, "white only" Chase Park Plaza with the rest of the team. In 1954, Newcombe told [George] Vecsey, he and Robinson took a cab to the Chase. Robinson told the manager, "You know why we're here. Don just got back from the military for two years, and he wants to stay at your hotel, like any other man in America." The manager gave them rooms on condition that they didn't use the pool.
In the 21st century, where Robinson's jersey has been retired by every major league baseball team and his life the subject of a 2013 Hollywood epic...
The African-American population in baseball is virtually unchanged from a year ago at 7.8%, according to USA TODAY Sport's survey of opening-day rosters and disabled lists.  There are 67 black players in the major leagues, with three teams not represented by a single African-American player - the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks and St. Louis Cardinals.
This compounds the hideousness of an 18-year-old black child being gunned down and buried; his corpse adorned with a Cardinals' cap. This also provides context for the appalling (not surprising) conduct of White St. Louis fans who unified their celebration of a return trip to the National League Championship Series with the glorification of Darren Wilson and black death.

On Monday night, mostly white St. Louis Cardinals fans clashed with a group of mostly black protesters peacefully demanding justice for slain teenager Michael Brown. The Cardinals fans were super racist and horrible.  At one point, an older white man starts yelling at the protesters, shouting, “That’s right! If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!” Then, the Cardinals fans begin chanting, “Let’s go Cardinals!” which morphs into “Let’s go Darren!” referring to Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot Brown.
Mr. Latham could time-travel 125 years and seamlessly join his White Sisters and Brothers. They are Darren Wilson. Under the System of White Supremacy, the black collective is Dred Scott. No rights which the white man [or white woman] is bound to respect.

Black Self-Respect is a fundamental aspect of the demise of White Supremacy. White Supremacy/Racism is perpetual war against all non-white people - especially black people. Our value of black life should be manifest in how our time and energy is allocated daily - hourly. Because the White collective occupies the most powerful position globally, many of us are required to invest large portions of our time (Life Currency) in White-dominated enterprises in exchange for a paycheck to live get by. However, we are not required to and should immediately desist with giving a nickel or second to the likes of the Cardinals, Clippers or Cowboys.

Unrelenting White Terrorism prompts Victims of Racism to search for sanctuary, escapism, a realm - even a hallucination - where melanin dominant humans enjoy Justice, fair play. Whites have more recently permitted a scant number of black girls and boys to participate in their ball game conglomerate. Jesse Owens, Jim Brown, Althea Gibson, Serena and Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and countless other black athletes provide a glimpse of black excellence. Every dunk, knockout and touchdown is symbolic retaliation, negation of the nagging Racist proclamation of black inferiority.

It should be painfully obvious that an infinite number of Tiger Woods, Lisa Leslie or Dominique Dawes triumphs inflict no damage on the global empire of White Supremacy and offer insufficient (if any) tangible gains to black people collectively. Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh secured the first of two consecutive NBA championships for South Florida in 2012. Black Floridians Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin were gunned down the same year. Chicago Racists have gone horse worshiping Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, Michael Jordan, Frank Thomas, Sammy Sosa and Derrick Rose. But these same Whites are responsible for the horrendous living conditions of black residents of the Windy City.

Pause for Leanita McClain.

Michael Brown, Jr. figuratively and literally bled Cardinal Red on August 9th; his body and St. Louis baseball hat strewn in the street for hours. Has William DeWitt, Jr. or any other member of the Cardinals ownership explicitly addressed Brown's shooting death, reached out to the Brown family, or admonished the White hooligans who simultaneously praised their franchise and a White killer?
White Cardinals management's tepid response to Michael Brown, Jr. and the White filth paraded at their ballpark represents the unredeemed Psychopathic Racial Personality of George Preston Marshall, Donald Sterling, Danny Ferry, Marge Schott, Ben Chapman and the past, present and future cadre of Racist oligarchs who own and manage the sports plantation. White owners, White coaches, White managers and White players routinely display disregard, contempt and/or naked hostility (racial animus) towards black athletes - black people in general. This is an undisputed, permanent-ink-fact for the global sporting industry prior to 1970. Sadly, in 2014 Whites' Racist Pathology and unwavering devotion to the abuse of black people remains widespread and unfettered as Darren Wilson - highlighting the demented nature of black obsession with White ball games.

The Seattle Seahawks christened 2014 with a Super Bowl championship. The accompanying media hoopla revealed the White perception of blackness that would permeate the year and contribute to the demise of Michael Brown, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner and Johnathan Crawford, III. Stanford Cardinals alumnus, pro bowl cornerback Richard Sherman was marked a "thug" - among other Racist terms - for speaking loudly in the presence of a White Woman. Whites did everything short of producing surveillance footage of Sherman committing a strong-arm robbery.
The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it's an accepted way of calling somebody nigger now. It's like everybody else said nigger and then they say 'thug' and that's fine. It kind of takes me aback and it's kind of disappointing because [Whites] know.
The White brass of the Philadelphia Eagles made a similar assessment of DeSean Jackson and terminated his employment in The City of Brotherly Love. Pennsylvania inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal deciphered the White hypocrisy.

[Jackson] is as fast as he is graceful. But to Eagles big wigs none of that mattered. A story broke noting Jaskson’s friendships with several members of the notorious Crips gang. After that, he was cut - a classic case of guilt by association. Despite press accounts, gangs have been here in the United States virtually since it’s beginning.  In the 1800’s, Irish gangs fought pitched battles between so-called nativists and newly arrived immigrants. Check out the movie The Gangs Of New York. You want to know what happened to them? They became the core of the NYPD, the New York Police Department.
And Richard Sherman was castigated for mimicking a chokehold.

Basketball fans and the population at large spent much of the spring feigning surprise and outrage or reducing Donald Sterling's recorded (repeated) disdain for black people to a senior moment. Most were unaware of Greg Cote's (Racist Suspect) column celebrating the Miami Heat's Eastern Conference Finals conquest of Lance Stephenson and the Indiana Pacers.

And now this is the Indiana Pacers and dirty Lance Stephenson, slinking back to a fan base that should be ashamed by what they have just seen from their team and from the punk who volunteered himself as the ugly face of it. Stephenson's egregiously dirty streetball gives one the impression that if his skills hadn't put him in NBA clothes, his uniform by now might be an orange jumpsuit, county-issue.
Cote and the Miami Herald were unable to stand their ground; they redacted Cote's report from the Herald archives and Cote issued a public apology for a "lapse in judgment." He declared he would have described a White player in the same manner. On the contrary, Mr. Cote has no record of criminalizing one of Miami sports most infamous White athletes, Richie Incognito. This White goon has a lengthy record of misconduct and admitted drug use. He was the center of allegations of "racial animus" and bullying of another Stanford alumnus and former Miami Dolphin teammate, Jonathan Martin. Incognito admitted to calling Martin a nigger and accosting him with crude, sadistic voice messages. A lengthy report was ultimately released regarding the toxic environment surrounding the Dolphins ball club. The following text exchange between Incognito and an unnamed White man (former Dolphins employee) echoes the "I Am Darren Wilson," White mentality. They discussed purchasing firearms and shooting black people. 

Player B: Especially if u plan living in Arizona in the future, that’s exactly what you want  
Incognito:Yea. For picking off zombies  
Player B: Lol isn’t that why we own any weapons!? 
Incognito: That and black people  
Player B: Mmm def all black ppl  
Four days later, Incognito and Player B discussed riflescopes in text 
Player B: Yes. That’s a solid optic made specifically for a .308 battle rifle 
Incognito: Perfect for shooting black people  
Player B: Lol exactly

Incognito, Ted Wafer, Michael Dunn, Darren Wilson and the White collective are equivalent. All demonstrate unprovoked, habitual, potentially lethal hostility towards black people. The sports entertainment complex is just one area of people activity that provides a steady, undiluted presentation of what Whites think about black people and a simultaneous regulator of black thinking and black investments of time and currency - particularly black males.

Entertainers and athletes are the popular heroes of the African-American community. Physical prowess or comic exploit are the only characteristics Black heroes are permitted to express. Intellectual acuity, prophetic vision, moral integrity, technological know-how, and managerial efficiency are characteristics seldom, if ever, portrayed. Consequently, the slave images of power persists. African-American children, as a consequence, strive to throw balls or croon on microphones, rather than seeking to explore the universe, discover cures for infectious diseases, or discover ways to feed the starving masses in Africa or India. Such a preoccupation with impotent images was a device to keep the slave's aspirations in check. The persistence of such models to the exclusion of others, perpetuates the conditions of slavery. Na'im Akbar

No manifestation of the Yankees is devoted to the plight of black people. New Yorkers exhibited greater passion and value for the life of Derek Jeter than Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Kimani Grey, or Marcel Hamer combined. One aspect of how White Supremacy has contaminated our thoughts, speech, actions and emotions is that we also demonstrate greater concern, responsiveness, and worship for White ball games than black lives.

Ohio brims with jubilee and anticipation for the start of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. Their prodigal property LeBron James returned; Dan Gilbert and White Ohioans erased the hate of 2010 faster than John Crawford, III's life was extinguished. Both lynchings - James symbolically, Crawford literally - should be enough to permanently divorce black support of all Ohio sports teams. No member of the Cavaliers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns or Cleveland Indians has uttered a peep about Crawford's slaughter or the failure to indict the killer White officers. Black people should reciprocate their disinterest; reallocate our time ogling Kyrie Irving's jump shot and new teammates to better serve the needs of black people whom court death by visiting Wal-Mart.

Too many black people's pupils are fixated on White ball games. Regrettably, it's almost certain that more black males are aware of Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant's foot injury than Oklahoma City Police Officer and Suspected Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw. Holtzclaw has been arrested and charged with raping or sexually abusing at least ten females. It's been reported that his victims may have been exclusively black females. The Oklahoma NAACP has requested that Attorney General Eric Holder open a "Hate Crime" investigation. The Thunder's championship aspirations and sole ailments of the league MVP are of no concern to the souls of black folks. Black wombs, black testicles are our most valued treasures. Whites defile them impunity.
“I remember vividly a rare occasion when I was invited to join a poker game. One of the participants was a Georgia guy, Hugh Casey, the relief pitcher. Casey’s luck wasn’t too good during the game, and at one point he addressed a remark directly to me that caused a horrified silence. “You know what I used to do down in Georgia when I ran into bad luck?” he said. “I used to go out  and find me the biggest, blackest nigger woman I could find and rub her teats to change my luck.” I don’t believe there was a man in that game, including me, who thought that I could take that. I had to force back my anger. I had the memory of Mr. Rickey’s words about looking for a man “with guts enough not to fight back.” Finally, I made myself turn to the dealer and told him to deal the cards. Jackie Robinson I Never Had It Made
The New York Times has not seen it fit to print a sentence about a peace officer (Holtzclaw) sexually terrorising the black citizens he's sworn to serve and protect. However, they've been unrelenting and self-righteous investigating Jameis Winston and the Florida State Seminoles. Walt Bogdanich's Pulitzer-Prize-writing skills have been on full display as he excoriates Tallahassee's flagship university and local police for allowing unruly black savages to rape, plunder motor scooters, and harass sunshine state residents with BB guns - just like John Crawford, III. The essential aspect of Bogdanich's feature journalism is that the people who have most benefited from their melanin heavy defending national championship team are White. He reports that each FSU home game "pumps $1.5 million to $10 million in the local economy..." The families of Jordan Davis, Marissa Alexander, Trevor Dooley and Trayvon Martin are unlikely to receive a particle of this pie. Bogdanich provides evidence that black gridiron stars at FSU lack the "bucks" to pay rent. Tallahassee police officers endure no such financial hardships.

A successful football program is also good for Tallahassee police officers. They earn an extra $40 to $45 an hour, at university expense, providing traffic control on game days, according to the department. Last season, officers were paid a total of $112,000, according to the university.
White-dominated athletics benefits Whites; it's well documented and unremarkable to find black college athletes struggling to get their daily bread - cuisine or coins. Mark Emmert (Racist Suspect) and the NCAA have candidly relayed their intentions to appeal the August 2014 decision that student-athletes be compensated. They've been equally obstinate to Northwestern University football players' efforts to unionize. Even the supposition that athletics provides academic opportunities for financially challenged black students deserves reevaluation. Daisha Simmons encountered George Wallace era Massive Resistance attempting to transfer from the University of Alabama plantation. Her pursuit of an MBA and desire to aid her ailing black mother and brother were stymied by Shane Lyons and White Alabama officials who figuratively lashed a runaway slave.

The prominently displayed extreme minority of black athletes who matriculate to the professional ranks are no threat to the Racists who pay and bench them, no benefit to black people collectively. Most often, black athletes can't even help themselves. While Bogdanich and other Whites suggest that the gridiron exploits of Winston and OJ Simpson allow them to trespass White Women and stiff-arm  the law of the land, ESPN's Broke offers a contradictory, grim rebuttal. "78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players file bankruptcy within five years of retirement." Lawrence Taylor. Sheryl Swoopes. Mike Tyson. Whites seem to anxiously await the fiscal ruin of once physically gifted black athletes.

Then reality came calling. After a nine-year career in the National Football League filled with honors and praises, I stepped into the real world and realized, in the words of Muhammad Ali, that I was "just another nigger." Kellen Winslow
Just another Michael Brown, Jr.

St. Louis hosted the Olympics games. This Greco-Roman celebration has never been on the continent of Africa or the continent of South America. The gold medals, trophies, pennants and playoffs are a commemoration of global White Supremacy.  America's pastime is a mnemonic for Racist Woman, Racist Man and Racist Child to keep melanin in the fields, in the courts, in check. The scoreboard forever announcing White Domination.

Whites dye the Kiener Plaza fountain red in support of their beloved (mostly White) St. Louis Cardinals. Montague Simmons, of the Organization for Black Struggle, said it evoked images of Kimberlee Randle-King, Carey Ball, Jr., Kajieme Powell, Vonderrit Myers, Michael Brown, Jr. and black Missourians'blood that soaked into the ground." The testimonies of Arlie Latham and Ted Simmons suggest it could be both.
[Simmons] was a kid who was born and raised in Michigan, drafted by the Cardinals in 1967, and saw things he couldn't believe.  Simmons vividly recalls the hurt and anger when his own Cardinals' teammates, Bob Gibson and Bill White, were turned away when they tried to move into an upscale neighborhood in St. Louis. Gibson wound up simply staying at a downtown hotel during the season, and immediately leaving for his hometown of Omaha, Neb., when the season ended. He remembers a disproportionate amount of cars pulled over in Clayton and Ladue belonging to African-American drivers.
Gibson, White and Simmons were all teammates of another legendary Cardinal, Curt Flood. Flood walked away from the game during his prime to take a principled stand against a sports industry he branded as "well paid slavery." Black people should borrow Flood's spirit and exile ourselves from the White world of sports. Racism deprived Michael Brown, Jr. from witnessing the Cardinals' 2014 run. #BlackSelfRespect demands that we purge our wardrobes of White sports paraphernalia, divest from the World Series, Super Bowl, Madden, NBA 2K15 and all other commodities of the White sporting industry. The Cardinals, White ball games should be permanently black balled.

Like drunken men.
You stagger to white men's games,
You stagger to white men's amusements.
Song of Lawino