Friday, December 07, 2012

"A Thrilling [Racist] Moment"

Thrilling. Use this word to describe many of the things that Racistman and Racistwoman (White Supremacists, collectively), do and/or say. Use this word to also describe many of the things that Racistman and Racistwoman a use other people to think, do, and/or say. Also, study the many ways that Racistman and Racistwoman cause other people to think, do, and/or say. Also, study the many ways that Racistman and Racistwoman cause their Victims (Non-White people) to be "thrilled" in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War/Counter-War.

Study the effects of the "thrills" that Racistman and Racistwoman produce or promote among Non-White people. Study the ways that Racistman and Racistwoman cause destructive speech, and/or action, to have a "thrilling effect" on the ways that Non-White people think, speak and act.

Reason: The White people of the known universe who have chosen to practice White Supremacy (Racism) have shown that they believe the practice of White Supremacy (Racism) to be the "greatest thrill" in the known universe.  Racistman and Racistwoman (White Supremacists, collectively) have proven to be the greatest "thrill-makers" in the known universe. Robbing, killing, terrorizing, deceiving, and promoting sexual conflict and confusion are some of the basic things that Racistman and Racistwoman do, and lead others to do, in order to "thrill," and "be thrilled."
Neely Fuller, Jr.
The Compensatory Counter-Racist Word Guide 
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Serena & Venus Williams: "We can't stand racists"

Fresh off her undefeated breeze to the October 2012 WTA Championship in Istanbul, Serena Williams and sister, Venus, visited the heavily melanated area known as Nigeria. The gorgeous tandem held a tennis clinic for about 200 black children and gave motivational talks in Lagos.

In addition to being tennis ambassadors, Serena and Venus offered their views on the System of White Supremacy/Racism. Thankfully, Gus discovered this profound disclosure in the Nigerian Tribune. It seems the USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Fox News, BBC, New York Times, Chicago Tribune CNN (Video displayed below) and a litany of other mainstream outlets reported on the siblings' visit to the dark continent. Somehow, the Nigerian Tribune is the only publication that printed the championship athletes' statements on Racism (White Supremacy).
Meanwhile, tennis icons, Venus and Serena Williams say the greatest obstacle they have met in their career is the scourge of Racism.
"It has been fun playing tennis, champions have come and gone, we respect everybody [who has] stepped on the other side of the court," Venus, the older of the sisters told journalists on Friday in Lagos when asked who their toughest opponent was.
"The greatest obstacle we had faced were those who at this stage caused racial uproar, we can't stand them," added Serena.
"In polite society, you don't like the chorus of boos or the shouts of NIGGER! It has happened to us before and on that occasion it was unbelievable to hear such nonsense while walking down the aisle to the players' box by the side of the court."
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Black females are not women; we are pitiful and comparatively primitive females when it relates solely to white women.
As said before, the Code says it is incorrect for (non-white people) to refer to themselves or pretend that they are "grown" men and women. The reason is that no person (non-white), who is subject to White Supremacy (Racism) is "grown". All persons (non-white) who exist in subjugation (subject) to White Supremacy are in a relatively primitive, retarded (child-like), and/or "underdeveloped" condition, in all areas of activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Through the skillful use of deceit, and/or direct violence, the white people who practice White Supremacy forced all people classified as "non-white", to function as "children", in all of their relationships with people classified as "white". Black females know this is true; why else would they constantly demand black males to "Be a Man". The problem is that black females refuse to accept the fact that the Racists have reduced them to function as "girls" and not women. Black females are girls in a big time fantasy about relationships and marriages.
 Reneathia Tate
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 33]

With enormous assistance from The Beauty Con Game co-author, Pam, The C.O.W.S. finally welcomed Reneathia Tate to discuss her unparalleled publication on the deviance and trauma of so called "interracial relationships". (You can hear that broadcast here) Ms. Tate's candor and self reflection resonate through each sentence - verbal or written. She conveys a wisdom earned from a commitment to not lying to herself,  thorough research,  and suffering. Pieces Of A Puzzle documents the horrors black females live with after falling Victim to the sexual advances of White Men. Many of their experiences are so appalling the Victims suppress the memories and distance themselves from that moment as best they can. Tate's astonishing text is a result of her confronting and scrutinizing the bedroom crime scenes. She deconstructs the motives, displays the Racist finger prints, and explains how the White perpetrators do maximum damage under the sheets.
The white man told the [black female] that he loved her, now this is a word that many black females want to hear from males. And when white men say this to child-like girls (non-white females) it means something to them. Black females need to be validated and white men are the ones who can do this. The [black female] just kept on singing how much this white man so called "loved" her, even when he chose not to see her again. Several years later she still says he loved her. Now black females will just do anything in bed hoping to hear the word love, even when we do not know what it means? You see, black females who are having sex with white men can find out real quick if a white man really loves them. All they have to do is ask white men (who say they love black females) to end White Supremacy (Racism) and replace it with Justice. Black females will find out real quick if White men truly love them. Racist white men and women can end all problems among people over night. They can see to it that everyone on the planet has a job, they see to it that no drugs are on the streets, and that drug and alcohol addicted people are rehabilitated. They can stop the violence among people overnight and teach people how to become better. They can create a situation where people do not fight and kill themselves or other people. At present there are no civilized people any where on this planet. Black people under the conditions dominated by White Supremacy (Racism) are primitive and white people are savage. Civilized people are not in existence on planet Earth.
Black people do not understand what the word "love" is and what it means. 
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 106 - 107]

Tate emphasizes that our communication/language deficiencies are a major hindrance to our ability to neutralize Racist White people; White people deliberately, regularly exploit non-white people with the skillful use of words. Weak-minded Victims of Racism frequently comprimise our common sense and self-respect (being honest with our self) as a result of the feelings generated by our sexual experiences. Sex is supposed to produce intense emotions that join a male and female - perhaps even new life.  These feelings should be savored to the utmost and motivate concern for the well being of one's sexual partner and even their attempted family and friend's. Bedroom activity should add to the quality of one's life without creating problems or taking advantage of anyone in a weak position. Being a Victim of White Supremacy is the weakest position on the planet among people.



White people function like Jerry Sandusky and Jimmy Savile when they engage in any form of sexual activity with a non-white person. "Interracial relationships" is a Racist euphemism for Rape. Gus T. Renegade has infrequently located non-white people whom are able to be honest about our pitiful position. Reneathia Tate is a Victim of Racism. But she's honest. When a patient requires healing, truth is a part of the remedy. 

Many White and non-white people will have a bloated list of reasons to despise Pieces Of A Puzzle. Gus thinks it's one of the best books a black person can read. If you have a black daughter, a black niece, or a black younger sister... make sure they read this book. Unless you're looking forward to Racist in-laws.

There's a lot more I could say about the book. But I think it would be best to allow Ms. Tate's work to speak for itself.
Yes, we are abandoned, abused, and confused. These are the weakness you must overcome and be a Warrior!
 What must black females not do? Black females, do not allow yourself to get side tracked with issues relating to relationships and/or marriages between yourselves and the black males. This also is a weakness for many black females including myself. You see, even if you or the black male do not have multiple sex partners, the relationship and/or marriage will not have any harmony no matter what the problem is. There is going to be a problem. The arrangement between black males and females only hold for a temporary period of time. Black people have been taught to address problems in a backwards manner or by placing band aids on them. For example, many black females will have several babies (when her male partners starts showing interest in other females) as a solution in trying to hold together her relationship and/or marriage. There is nothing that can hold together her relationship and/or marriage. There is nothing that can hold black females and males together not even a "Code" under the domination of White Supremacy.
What is it that black females must stop doing and start becoming? We must stop putting ourselves through so much emotional pain and suffering over our expectations particularly in males. It will be more healthy and constructive for us to become the Policing Agents of Racist white men and women. This means taking notes, asking questions and exposing what they say and do. Non-white people should ask the Racist white men and women to produce Justice. And it should be clearly understood that Racist white men and women have the ability to produce Justice on this planet. They have made cats and dogs talk. They produced computers matching some of the abilities of the human brain. White people have developed many fascinating things on this planet. And their abilities prove that they can produce Justice.
It is extremely important to know and understand, that the Racist white men and women are hell bent on keeping their victims in a child-like state. This means they will hurt or kill anyone (even a white person) who helps black people evolve into men and women.
 What is it that black females must know and do? The Racists made sex the second most powerful force on the planet. There are only males and females on this planet. This means that non-white females have power between their legs just like white women. However, we can use that power to achieve Justice. Racist white woman use the power between their legs to maintain White Supremacy (Racism) deceit, chaos, and confusion among black people. Sex is a powerful motivating force and white women are not the only desirable females on this planet. Take the power between your legs and help promote Justice! Know what to do with your gift (of sexual pleasures) and know what not to do. Know who to give your gift (of sexual pleasures) to and who no to. Power is achieved (by non-white females) through our ability to withold our sexual comforts!
 Black females take control of the area of "Sex" by taking control of yourselves. Take control of your emotions! Take control over yourself. Black females understand that you can use the power between your legs to motivate black males into doing those things that are constructive particularly if you are engaged in those things. Rise black females. Rise! Most of your (black females) time should be spent on learning to resist the Racist man's attempts at getting you nude (non-white females) in bed. Remember the Racists white men and women know that you have the power to change things for your nation, this is why they want to keep you side tracked on things like how you look! Or relationships! Rise God's children. Rise!
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 428 - 429]

Extra Credit

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Replacement Refs, Replace Racism

In racial matters, many 'look', but few 'see'. 'See' what? 'See' what they're 'looking' at.
Neely Fuller, Jr.

Gus T. Renegade resides in the Pacific Northwest, and is aware of the American football team known as the Seattle Seahawks. He is not a fan, does not make time to observe their contests or keep track of their progress. But Gus happened to see their Monday night scrap against Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers.  The controversial ending has become the quintessential example of substandard officiating commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL authorized during the labor squabble with the normal officiating crew.

[Side note on the labor dispute. The mostly White officials submitted slim requests to the exclusively White operators of the 9 billion dollar NFL franchise. One commentator suggested that the White owners were being niggardly with the officials to flex their negotiating muscle - looking ahead to future labor conflict with the mostly black NFL players. Message: You niggers better recognize who you're dealing with.]

Sporting contests are not top priority on the plantation, but entertainment - like all 9 areas of people activity - is dominated by and reflects the System of White Supremacy. The disputed culmination of Monday's match, offered one of the most consistent, unwavering, and savored methods of practicing Racism.
White people's assumption of black incompetence.

As players clamored for possession during the final play, side judge Lance Easley (Racist Suspect) and back judge Derrick Rhone-Dunn (black male) raced to the corner of the end zone to inspect play. The two officials spied the mass of players and apparently reached different conclusions about the play. Suspected Racist Easley signaled touchdown. Rhone-Dunn did not signal a score. In fact, it seems as if he made the hand signal to stop the clock and indicate an interception - which is what nearly all commentators have reported to be the correct call.

Upon further review... As usual, "White is right". Referee Wayne Elliot - the most powerful member of the officiating crew - reviewed the play and upheld Easley's ruling. Hawks triumphed. Packers fumed. Intoxicated Seahawks' fans motored away from CenturyLink Field euphoric while endangering lives. Many White people have focused a great deal of time and energy on this sporting event; often the dialog resembles commentary on nuclear arms or the deadly mine strikes in South Afrika. White people are typically very serious about their ball games.

And their ball games, nuclear policies and African mining operations all function with a bedrock belief that black people are mentally defective and/or less intellectually capable than White people. It's the reason the quarterback position has long been denied to black players.
What do you call one White man with ten black guys?
Racists have codified this demented logic in the jokes White fathers and White uncles pass down to Racist offspring. 

It's the same ideology that guides the behavior of Anglo-American Platinum offcials and other White mine executives who've always endorsed the idea that kaffirs like Derrick Rhone-Dunn are incapable of high-level thought or resource management.

White people are indefatigable in their efforts to convince everyone in the known universe that Rhone-Dunn, any and all black people, are the collective dunces of earth. It's not difficult to grasp how Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray produced a top selling book expounding the feeble-mindedness of black people. Jasper, Texas' first black police chief - Rodney Pearson - has been terrorized by the same allegations of mental deficiency. The New York Times reported
"The mayor decided to adopt a new scoring system to help sort through the candidates. .... Pearson's 21 years of experience didn't count for much. He got a really low score."
Is Gus suggesting that Rhone-Dunn was purposely ignored and rebuffed by his White colleagues in front of a nationally televised audience? It's absolutely possible. Recall the treatment of the non-white male currently residing in the White House.

But more importantly, it's equally possible that the default Racist setting was in effect. Meaning that White people instinctively assume that black people are less smart, less likely to make accurate, important decisions. It becomes a subconscious aspect of every White person's brain computer. White people have done a litany of tests evidencing their own Racist reflexes.

Gus suspects that every non-white reader can recall more then two times in your academic and/or professional career when White people have ignored, undermined, repudiated, challenged and/or mocked your expertise and professional judgement. This is routine for black people - world wide.

Monday night's end zone muddle is common; the acceptance of black ineptitude is the air we breath. What made Rhone-Dunn's experience abnormal is that it was televised live to millions, and this instance of disregard for a black male resulted in a large number of outraged White people. Not that they were upset about the possibility of Racism. But if the black male had been heard, the Packers would've won. The integrity and fair-play of White ball games intact.

Racist Suspect Mike Lupica wondered aloud, "Why the touchdown call took precedence, I will never know." It's been two weeks, and Gus has yet to receive a cogent answer. In the absence of a more reasonable theory, Gus is left to conclude this was likely the result of mundane, default White Supremacist thought and behavior. Conscious and/or unconscious presumption of black mental impotence.

If Gus were to decode the contest's finale, it would read like this:
  • Group of black males battle each other for a non-white ball.
  • There is confusion about possession of the non-white ball.
  • A black male wearing a black cap makes a conclusion about possession of the non-white ball.
  • A White Man wearing a black cap makes a conclusion about possession of the non-white ball.
  • The White Man and black male - both wearing black caps - make different conclusions about possession of the non-white ball.
  • A more powerful White Man *wearing a white cap makes the supreme decision about possession of the non-white ball and the final outcome of the contest.
  • The beliefs, facts, opinions, and/or views of black people are valued less/worth less in a System of White Supremacy.

[*Extra Credit]
Upon closer inspection... the ubiquitous nature of White Supremacy permeated every crevice of this incident. The casual viewer may not have noted the officials' head piece. The discerning eye or well informed gridiron fan knows that only one official wears a White hat. And that White Man in the white hat is the supreme on-field authority:
For several decades, all NFL officials wore white hats. In 1979, the referees changed to black hats with white stripes, while the other officials continued to wear white ones. Finally, in 1988, the NFL switched to the high-school and college football style: the referee wears a white hat, and the other officials wear black hats with white stripes.
The referee is responsible for the general supervision of the game and has the final authority on all rulings. Thus, this position is sometimes referred to as head referee and is considered to be the crew chief. He can be identified by his white cap, while the other officials wear black ones.
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Thursday, August 02, 2012

YURUGU: An Afrikan Centered Critique Of European Thought & Behavior

But why do you Europeans go through the trouble of creating the appearance of legality in their dealings with MAJORITY peoples? Why not simply steal and exploit without the charade? The answer is (1) that this "acting out"  constitutes a strategical tool that politically disarms the victims of European expansion, and (2) it plays an important part in the maintenance and support of the European self-image. The importance of this self-image must not be underestimated. One of the deepest beliefs of the Europeans is in the related notions of "civilization," "progress," and the "evolutionary" superiority of their culture. The concept of "codified law" is a definitive ingredient of that of civilization; for with civilization, according to European ideology, comes order and legality assures "lasting order" - not moral conduct but consistent and predicable conduct. So that the "civilized" way - the European way - is to bring laws, however forcibly, and the structures of European culture ("civilization") to those whom one treats immorally and for whom one has no respect. Along with "development," this justifies expansionism - for after all, Europeans bring "law and order" to people who must have previously lived quite "disorderly" lives (or so they believe). "Good" law is written law and therefore truly legal; unwritten law is not really law; it is "bad" and backward. How many times have the victims of European hypocrisy been duped into trying to deal with those laws rather than with the true nature of European ethic? [Page 414]
The Relationship between European intercultural behavior and European behavior towards others is that the lack of love (sympathetic relationship) for each other requires an "other" to absorb aggression and to allow a bond of identification to form between the members of the culture. Therefore, while power and racialism may play a apart in the collective behavior of other cultural groups, only Europeans are racist by nature and because of their culture. This is so because (1) they are the only people whose cultural asili is energized by the drive for power, (2) because racism can be defined as systematic behavior resulting from xenophobia, in combination with the concrete circumstances of power, and (3) finally because only the European utamaroho is insufficient, in itself, therefore demanding a cultural/racial "other" to relate to. This combination makes "racism" endemic to European culture and defines the goal of white supremacy, European power over others, as the supreme goal of white culture. That is the statement that no other culture can make. [Page 482] 
Dr. Marimba Ani
Yurugu: An Afrikan Centered Critique Of European Thought & Behavior 

No text is more responsible for The Context of White Supremacy Radio Program than Yurugu. When Gus first read this book, he still had "White friends". Yup... I was nutty has a pecan orchard back then. But Dr. Ani's brain-cleansing work helped me clarify my thinking, accurately recognize White people as enemies, terrorists. 

I learned about this book by reading Josh Wickett's counter-racist review - for sure worth a read. It took me another four years to begin reading. Initially, I wasn't mature enough to appreciate the depth of Dr. Ani's analysis, and what it revealed about the world, my behavior, my "White pals". Having now read it more then once, I can unequivocally state that any black person who's serious about neutralizing White people, should invest time studying this book.

Understand, Yurugu is not an easy read. Any concepts that contradict the way Racist have groomed us to think, are likely to produce anxiety, anger, discomfort, shame and/or confusion. The little White traffic cop in our brain may demand that we toss this book in the nearest dustbin immediately. The little White traffic cop in our head will probably remind us that this book is well over 500 pages, and we can certainly find something more entertaining on the plantation. Just got 300 new satellite channels, and there's a sale on shackle shoes at the auction mall.

You can easily find an excuse to skip this book; White people - our enemies - will be tickled to help you locate something else to put in your brain computer. But my understanding of a soldier is that they maximize the amount of time spent preparing to succeed in combat. Dr. Marimba Ani has produced an exemplary war manual to help black people better understand the White combatants who are bombarding us globally. We can read her work, incorporate her ideas into successful counter-war strategies, or we can continue wallowing in a White fog of confusion and fear.

My understanding is that soldiers are trained to make correct war-time decisions.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The C.O.W.S. T-Shirt Experiment

Greetings Victims! This is the long awaited, much ballyhooed counter-racist t-shirt experiment. I'm not for certain how Racist Woman, Racist Man and Racist Child will respond to Victims sporting such a garment. Not sure how other Victims will react either.

But I'm anxious to find out. If you're interested in promoting The C.O.W.S. and challenging the default condemnation of dark people, purchase a shirt - or three. The price is $20. Cost includes shipping. Use the Pay Pal link above to make a purchase - be sure to designate that your funds are for a t-shirt. Shirts will be ordered on March 30th, and shipped within 2 weeks. Please, email Gus with further questions.
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Beauty Con Game

Why should black males and black females actively oppose the campaign of beauty terrorism pummeling black people?
'Justice Clarence Thomas grew up in the 1950's. Due to having dark skin color [under White Supremacy], he was ridiculed by friends as 'A.B.C.' an acronym meaning America's Blackest Child. Both black and white children in his Southern Georgia town referred to him by such a name.'
- An Historical Analysis of Skin Color Discrimination
By Dr. Ronald E. Hall

The System of White Supremacy produces monsters and monstrosities. White people are dedicated to nourishing mental psychosis amongst black people. A primary Racist mandate is to make black people believe that our abuse is justified and White-Jesus-sanctioned because of our high melanin content and phenotypical features. If we were a bit more pale, if our hair were less wooly... we would not be mistreated by White people. White people overstand that:
... because of this deeply entrenched self-hatred the liberation of [black people] is not eminent because in order for a people to attain liberation they must first feel worthy of such liberation.  Omowale Akintunde
Trojan Horse Press has released their fourth publication to expose the sophisticated Racist agenda to abolish black self esteem. THE BEAUTY CON GAME deconstructs the ceaseless offensives targeting black females and black males. The authors provide evidence and counter-racist logic to explain that once black people are convinced of our own inferiority, it's only natural to accept Racist Woman and Racist Man as superior and to do all we can to emulate, become them.

Since the genesis of White Terrorism, the obliteration of black self-respect has remained a principal objective. THE BEAUTY CON GAME labels this Racist enterprise The Black Inferiority Complex.  White people allocate massive resources to producing infinite amounts of...
THE BEAUTY CON GAME  clarifies that the White Supremacist economy values/demands black deprecation. Humiliation of black people is such a lucrative business that even black people have been given large sums of money to humiliate black people. Don Imus, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and a litany of White talk show hosts command gargantuan salaries and listening audiences that constantly demean any and all black people.

White people orchestrate and look forward to "nappy-headed hoes" commentary being blared across the airwaves. They handsomely reward and distribute pseudo-scientific literature proclaiming the unattractiveness of black females. White Supremacists calculate that saturating the planet with anti-black concepts and portrayals will infect and impair the black brain computer. THE BEAUTY CON GAME brilliantly dissects how battered black self-worth is scientifically engineered to make black people more accepting of White Terror Domination.

Black people will not defeat White Supremacy as long as we crave White features, White people. A failure to accurately recognize the ubiquitous allegations of black deficiency as White Supremacy Programing, will nurture a deep rooted loathing of black people. A deep rooted reverence, worship of White people. White Identification. Victims suffering from this Racist affliction will do much to distance themselves from black people and/or behaviors associated with black people. The Black Inferiority Complex is one of the greatest impediments to black people having healthier relationships with one another.

As opposed to acknowledging, opposing White people's undying, eternal commitment to the molestation of black people, White Identified Victims often seek validation and acceptance from our very oppressors. This behavior is the product of White Supremacist design. It's a major reason why we have yet to solve this problem.

THE BEAUTY CON GAME insists that black people respect and value ourselves. The authors discourage all attempts to prove black intelligence or black beauty to White people. We should not feel the least bit of despair or angst when Whites praise The Bell Curve or ridicule the contributions of black people as insignificant or non-existent. We should train ourselves to expect crude, false,  trifling words and deeds from Racist Man, Racist Woman, Racist Child. We dramatically reduce the potency of Racist speech when we fail to respond emotionally/"chimp out" to White antics.

If black people were the sexually repulsive buffoons White people claim, we would not have the term mulatto, been subjected to Monster's Ball, or the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Bottom line... White people have demonstrated a craving for the rape of black males, black females and/or black children. The authors posit that Racists humiliate black people to erode our self esteem AND self defense. To make us easier prey.

It's not about hating White people. And it's not about seeking validation or acceptance from Racists. It's about black people affirming and accepting ourselves. It's about every single black person making a commitment to black self respect, black beauty, and black intelligence. An obligation to uphold and appreciate the worth of all black people. THE BEAUTY CON GAME is about placing black self-hate and White Identification in the same category as smallpox. Devastating, lethal viruses that took hundreds of thousands of lives, but were eventually eradicated. Trojan Horse Press is a major contribution to the cure.
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Pepsi: Gay, White King. Black Devil

The Penn State football program didn't cancel a game in response to the scandal surrounding former coach and suspected Pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Umpteen allegations of anally raped and molested children - black children - didn't interrupt the ball game. Sans Joe Patterno, the Nittany Lions played on. If Happy Valley didn't pause the gridiron action, we certainly weren't going to be denied our potato chip and booze-infested jamborees for Super Bowl XLVI. Miss out on White men grappling for a big brown ball? Not for all the sodomized children in the universe.

Even if you're not a football fan, the game offers so much more. The military branch of White Supremacy makes an obligatory appearance to christen the contest. Halftime performances where White men grope black females. Victory celebrations where black males propose to teary-eyed White women. All that AND... commercials!

Not just any commercials. Never seen before, million dollar advertisements concocted to arouse a global live audience exceeding 20 million people. These promos have increasingly become more integral to the festivities; some spectators tune in just for the ads.

So what did the 2012 Super Bowl offer? An Asian female with poor English. An obese black female pedaling ice cream cones. A "gay" White King and Flavor Flav...
Didn't hear a peep from GLAAD on this one.

Racist Woman and Racist Man orchestrate a blitzkrieg of ideas, images and sounds supporting a unifying ultimate objective. Unending White Domination. If one is less confused about White Supremacy/Racism and able to see what one is looking at, this sixty second cola blurb is an unsettling reminder that White people are at War against all black and non-white people people. Failure to understand this is akin to being unable to tell time. You'll be a habitual time-waster, perpetually late, and continuously in trouble with White people.

What can a Racist do with sixty seconds and your undivided attention...

Remind White people that the War of White Supremacy is ongoing. The Pepsi add begins with the checkerboard floor. This color pattern is a classic Racist mnemonic. White people remind other White people to appreciate and participate in terrorizing black and non-white people. As in chess, the White army should be working together to destroy the dark people, and White people should be the aggressors - striking first.

The "Gay Rights" Klan of the White Supremacist army has been on their hustle. They successfully obstructed the career of Roland Martin - black male, and waited for the day of Whitney Houston's burial to declare that she was an in the closet "homosexual". It's fitting that the White man with the crown is an admitted "homosexual"/Anti-Sexual. As Dr. Nell Irvin Painter illustrates, so called homosexuality and pedophilia are a consistent component of The History of White People. White people have made ever increasing efforts to normalize their habits - to get large numbers of melanated people to embrace and engage this misbehavior. Presenting the world with Elton John in high heels and a crown is a potent, subtle way of encouraging incorrect thought, speech and action relating to sexual activity.

The Racially Ambiguous Person - meaning an individual whose racial classification is not clearly understood by a significant number of non-whites. Racists are promoting increased amounts of sexual intercourse between White people and non-white people. The product? President Obama. Halle Berry. Mass confusion. As Racist Man and Racist Woman decide whom is and whom is not White, the only folk who get confused are non-white people. Whites advocate and advance a handful of Racially Ambiguous individuals, to deceitfully proclaim that White Supremacy/Racism has concluded. Too often, Victims of Racism focus their frustrations on the non-white person being showcased - which is the effect Racists wanted. Victims of Racism in conflict with other Victims. The problem is not Melanie Amaro. The problem is White people.

Black people in the dungeon. A masterful Racist campaign couldn't terminate without caging the darkest hue-mans on the planet. Hoards of people ingest the dark beverage, and the gay king is disposed; tossed into the bowels of the castle with the a nigger jester. This is what I expect from White people. The most vile representation of black people possible. Project exceptionally toxic, anti-black content to tens of millions. A highly melanated black male in greater confinement; cracking jokes behind bars. Racists went all out with this endeavor. Flavor Flav has worn an over-sized clock for the duration of his entertainment career/victimization. I can only conclude that White Terrorists made sure he had the gaudiest time piece possible, just so long as it was upside down. White people invest millions to tell the entire planet that: black people are primitive, devilish buffoons, antiquated farm equipment ill-equipped for the 21st century. At best they can provide childish entertainment; otherwise, they require extreme confinement, restricted access to other people and things.

Reflecting on White people's history of rape, bondage and sex games, Gus suspects that there could have been a sexual implication with placing a gay White man in confinement with a black male. But perhaps the Jerry Sandusky coverage corrupted Gus' thinking. 

This is one of more then seventy commercials from Super Bowl Sunday. There were an assortment of gadgets and services being hawked, but one idea remained constant. White domination of non-white people forever. Even in a post-apocalyptic world, Whites intend on subjugating and confusing dark people.

PS White people have a history of hopping out of the closet for the big game.
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

White Supremacy GLAAD to see Black "Homosexuality"

I would tell the Atlanta community we were duped. We were all duped. It's a bitter shame.
Brandon White is a black male, a Victim of White Supremacy. His vicious assault by three black males was recorded and reported to the world. CNN's Soledad O'Brien, national news outlets and the Racist Suspects with The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) arrived in droves and appeared - pretended to be - sincerely concerned with the well being of the Victim. They admonished black people for being "homophobic", demanded that the suspects face "hate crimes". On the heals of Roland Martin's Super Bowl tweets, it seemed us black people were once again displaying our penchant for oppressing the homosexual community.

As of February 26th, 2012, O'Brien and GLAAD have yet to devote the same time, energy and zeal to updating this investigation. When hoards of White people first trumpeted this crime, they echoed Brandon White's claim that he did not know his assailants and had no prior contact with them. WGCL in Atlanta, GA reports that this is not true. Atlanta residents, disgusted by White's beating, investigated the attackers in hopes of aiding the pursuit of Justice. They uncovered evidence that produced an entirely different conclusion. They assert that Mr. White knew his attackers and this is not a "hate crime". The investigators argue that White had threatened to expose his attackers as being secret - "down low" - "homosexuals"; they contend that White possessed incriminating video - possibly sexual in nature - of the three attackers. The motivation for the assault was to recoup the video footage.

We hope additional, accurate information will be released. Violence against black and non-white people should never be condoned or minimized. If anyone has earned a beating, it's Racist Man and Racist Woman.

However, CNN, GLAAD and other major media outlets who enthusiastically amplified false information do not get a pass. CNN is a multimillion dollar conglomerate with its headquarters in Atlanta. They are trained and expected to double-check their information and verify sources. At minimum, they should dedicate an equal amount of time to updating this incident as new details surface - especially when new information refutes their original report.

As the White people at CNN and GLAAD have not done this, their entire involvement in this case is suspect. White people display a daily and global indifference to the suffering and tribulations of black people. The fact that they concerned themselves with a battered twenty year old black male is cause for alarm in and of itself.

As White people escalate their efforts to get increased numbers of dark people to accept homosexual behavior, non-white people should expect White people to manipulate and fabricate news reports to aid their homosexual, White Supremacist agenda. We should observe the glaring patterns in recent years. Isaiah Washington, Tracy Morgan, Kobe Bryant, Robert Mugabe and most recently Roland Martin. Black males from around the world castigated/castrated for opposing sexual deviance.

As with Proposition 8 in California, White Supremacists with rainbow paraphernalia and gay pride pins mercilessly assault black people who do not endorse "gay rights". Contrary to Racist rhetoric, gay is not the new black. It's 21st White Supremacy. Keep black people confused about gender, sexual activity, and what is in the best interest of black people for the next 500 years. There is no evidence that the acceptance of and/or participation in homosexual activity will be an improvement. It's contempt for gender and a centuries old tradition of Racist genital mutilation.

Let's not be duped, bamboozled again.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Garden Variety Racism

New York Knicks' guard, Jeremy Lin, has enjoyed a meteoric week. He became a starter, secured a guaranteed contract, is averaging 28.5 points per game over that stretch, out-played Kobe Bryant in front of frenzied crowd, and may be the current most popular NY athlete on a week when the Giants captured the Super Bowl. He didn't create a planet, but it's an impressive seven days' worth of accomplishments.

All that "success"... but he's still not White.

"Yellow" to be specific.

Bryant is reported to have selected his own nickname. The Black Mamba. A Suspected White Supremacist brandished a placard during Friday's game anointing Lin, "Yellow Mamba".

When Gus was more confused about White Supremacy/Racism, he wouldn't have given this sign a second thought. Most assuredly would not have recognized it as White Supremacy/Racism. Just a poster at a sports game - that seems to be supportive of Lin.

Being less confused... Gus understands that White people - Racist Man and Racist Woman - are color obsessed. The maintenance of global White Domination requires that White people remain vigilant, focused on, and dedicated to thinking of people in Racist terms. Red Man. Yellow Peril. Coloreds.

It's easy, familiar - and enjoyable - for Racists to identify Lin and other non-whites according to perceived skin color (melanin concentration). Referencing Lin as "yellow" is a blatant White Supremacist act. The sign brands Lin according to his Racist color classification.

There tend to be throngs of homemade posters at major sporting events; only a few receive camera close-ups. Suspected White Supremacists at ESPN made a deliberate decision to spotlight this image during the telecast, infecting millions with the White Supremacy virus. Non-white people become more confused, more accustom to and accepting of Racist thoughts, speech and action. It's hue-man nature to acclimate to that, which saturates our environment. White people got another reminder that color is the key to continued dominion.

White Supremacist images and thought patterns condition us to connect a person classified as "Asian" with a color. A non-white color. Yellow. This is the epitome of White Supremacy/Racism, and is a major aspect of why Racists and their victims operate with a distorted and false notion of the world in which we live. 

Meaning... Gus is sure no one reading this post HAS EVER seen a person whose complexion was yellow; not even jaundice victims have skin color like Big Bird. But because of Racist Man and Racist Woman we immediately, instinctively associate people classified as "Asian" with being yellow. This is Racist logic, and the planet is suffocating from this way of thinking.

Gus wasn't the only person who recognized the White Supremacy in this sign and ESPN's decision to give us an up close view. Read more here and here.

ps - All this black and yellow snake talk reminded me of other Racist paraphernalia. 
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Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Happening (2008)

We are afraid… because we have guilty consciences. We know that White folks have reaped some ill-gotten gains… And so privately, quietly, as a result of our own complicated guilt, we believe that we deserve to be hated, to be hurt, and to be KILLED.
Eula Biss, Notes From No Man’s Land

I tremble for [White people] when I reflect that God is Just.
Thomas Jefferson (Rapist)

White people deserve genocide. It would be just for the arc of the universe to return to them what they have given. Many White people may publicly disagree, but films like The Happening (2008) project White fears of their inevitable – justified  - extermination.

White people know the answer to the long-standing negro greeting: What’s Happenin’? White Terrorism. They witness their husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, colleagues and best friends molesting and murdering non-white people. It’s a sacred White Army tradition to convict, confine and castrate black people like Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Kharey Wise and Yusef Salaam. The five were convicted of raping a White woman in Central Park. DNA evidence later exonerated all five males. Emmett Till. The Scottsboro Boys. Herman Cain. OJ Simpson. Tiger Woods. Jack Johnson. Marcus Dixon. The honor of the barren, pale damsel has slaughtered thousands of black people. It's fitting that the carnage in this film begins with a White woman being impaled in Central Park.

A component of genocide typically involves turning the Victim's Self-Preservation Button off (listen to that audio). Each living organism possesses the will to exist, to do everything possible to live and thrive. Racist Woman and Racist Man inflict maximum, generational trauma on black people. We exist with chronic suffering and search for ways to dull the pain and our lives. Ways to shorten our suffering and our lives. Failure to detect and combat a persistent threat to one's existence is mental illness, evidence of a Self-Preservation Button in the off position. Racist success. This film portrays a phantom toxin that produces mass White suicide in ever more imaginative ways. As White people dedicate a substantial amount of their economy to keeping us "turned off," self-destructive, The Happening must have a unique resonance with Whites.

“Gus, are you saying this film illustrates White people’s phobias of an excruciating demise in return for their eons of Racism?
Nail on the head, cousins. That’s precisely what Gus is saying.

If you listen to The C.O.W.S., you’ve heard Gus discuss the significance of Racist Jokes. These are treasure chests of information about the psyche and methodology of our oppressors. Here’s one from the first 6 minutes of The Happening:
Tattoeed Penis:
This fellow was so deeply in love that just before he was married, he had his bride's name tattooed on his love muscle. Normally, only the first and last letters were visible, although when he was aroused, the tattoo spelled out W-E-N-D-Y. Now they're on their honeymoon at a resort in Montego Bay. One night, in the men's room, this fellow finds himself standing next to a tall Jamaican at the urinal. To his amazement, he notices that this man, too, has the letters W-Y tattooed on his penis. "Excuse me," he says, "but I couldn't help noticing your tattoo. Do you have a girlfriend named Wendy?" "No way, mon, I work for the Tourist board. Mine reads, 'Welcome to Jamaica, mon, have a nice day.'"
Dr. Welsing moment! White Women And White Men spend a lot of time thinking about black genitals. The film comes in on the last sentence of this gag. If you’re unaware that this is the punch line to a wide spread Racist Joke, you’re missing an important cue/code as to what this flick and everything else is all about. White Supremacy. White people are so slick; they’ve got a black actor reciting the joke. Can’t be Racist because a black guy is telling the story. It’s just a joke. 

… But the cackles are smothered by bodies crashing from the heavens. White people have swapped Nigger Jokes by the thousands. Eight-generation-old ditties and rhymes capture the ecstasy of butchering niggers. It’s poetic to see Racist humor produce busted, bloodied White carcasses.

The Happening continually divulges the White Supremacist Conscience. On the surface, a lethal bio-toxin poisons the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. White people blame niggers/”terrorists”. But White people are the Master Terrorists of the known Universe. Centuries of White Entertainment and White family fun are marinated in the blood of mocked and maimed black people. Whites have held hundreds of town meetings to commemorate the lynching of a nigger. Suspected White Supremacist Eula Biss researched telephone pole construction in the 20th century United States. Her exploration uncovered the deeds of White Terrorists of yesterday. Often, telephone poles worked just as well as trees for a hanging. Gus submits that when The Happening reveals Princeton, Pennsylvania to be a town of trees ripe with strung-up White bodies, this represents the trembling Racist. God will do unto us, as we have done onto others.

Sex is at the core of White Supremacy/Racism. Students of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing should easily connect the dots in this film. Mark Walberg (Planet of the Apes 2001) and Zooey Deschanel are a White married couple without children [fertility]. The lethal bio-toxin interrupts a major dispute between these Racists. Alma (Deschanel) doesn’t believe Elliot (Walberg) is man enough for her. Separation seems possible as Alma’s begun lying and dating her non-white co-worker. In the middle of scurrying for their lives – bio-toxin in the breeze… a highly melanated child asks Elliot if his love muscle is weak.

Take a second. Digest. Film begins with a “joke” about a big, Jamaican black male. [The C.O.W.S. listeners should recall Big Black Dick’s Rum.] White woman doubts her White husbands masculinity, only to be seconded by a black child with similar suspicions. Gus contends that for White people, abusing black people is a fertility drug, and he’ll submit The Happening as evidence. In less then 5 minutes – count ‘em – from the time the black child hints at White erectile dysfunction, his brains are spattered across the screen. Poison didn’t kill him. It was the usual suspect. A White person with a long, black cannon.

White people adore mutilating and accusing melanated hue-mans – often in that order. Therefore, it’s especially traumatic that there’s no Bin Laden or Hussein [Barack or Saddam] to blame for the unrelenting biohazard. As the film unfolds, White people not only admit there are no terrorists. They take it a step further; we don’t know what’s causing this. Until a “crazy” botanist announces his theory:
It’s the plants. They can release chemicals. [Begins speaking to the plants.] Plants react to human stimulus.
Gus is ignorant. But a mediocre White Supremacist or black studies scholar should recognize an homage to George Washington Carver. The greenhouse owner’s expertise is immediately dismissed; White people increase their ridicule as he converses with the chlorophyll/melanin rich plants. The White world view can not conceive of hue-man communication that extends beyond people. Carver’s wisdom was/is subjected to the same trifling scorn; even though he too saved White people from a nature driven catastrophe (boll weevil).  

As White people continue self-terminating – death by lawn mower, death by lions den, Elliot and Alma accept that it could indeed be plant-sponsored genocide. All the more alarming because the prospect of lynching daffodils and chrysanthemums is a lot more challenging - and less enjoyable. With no one to counter-strike, our panicked White couple is left cowering in the slave quarters.

Cowering in the slave quarters?

Cowering in the mother f*#%!ng slave quarters!

Anyone who asserts that this film has nothing to do with the System of White Supremacy/Racism, will have to employ buckets upon buckets of words to excuse The Happening’s climax. Elliot and Alma are hunted and separated, stalked like slave chasers hounding escaped property. Unable to comfort or protect one another, White Man and White Woman under submission to an overpowering terrorist force. White people left quivering in a Civil War outhouse designed for runaway slaves. It would have been historically accurate if Elliot was mauled by rabid hounds and forced to watch as brutes sodomized his wife.

However, The Happening is merciful. White lives are spared. Elliot and Alma escape, and without explanation the bio-toxin ceases. White people return to their Racist routine. The sacrificial slaughter of a black child has indeed resuscitated Elliot’s love muscle. Alma’s pregnant. Hollywood conclusions can’t be more jubilant than a plump-belly White woman. Next generation of White Terrorists on the way.

But… The Happening doesn’t end with the mother to be. Before the credits, the scene shifts to Paris. Eifel Tower (phallic symbol). The biohazard begins a campaign against a new population of pale folks. Fin.

White people are a contamination that threatens all life.  They’ve infected chlorophyll/melanin dominant life on a cellular level. But… this will be remedied. The Happening illustrates a world where a substantial number of organisms begin to correctly evaluate White People as The Problem and focus on a final resolution. Black and non-white people can and should make this movie come to fruition. We might even get some help from the plants – White people ain’t done right by them either.
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