Sunday, November 04, 2012

Serena & Venus Williams: "We can't stand racists"

Fresh off her undefeated breeze to the October 2012 WTA Championship in Istanbul, Serena Williams and sister, Venus, visited the heavily melanated area known as Nigeria. The gorgeous tandem held a tennis clinic for about 200 black children and gave motivational talks in Lagos.

In addition to being tennis ambassadors, Serena and Venus offered their views on the System of White Supremacy/Racism. Thankfully, Gus discovered this profound disclosure in the Nigerian Tribune. It seems the USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Fox News, BBC, New York Times, Chicago Tribune CNN (Video displayed below) and a litany of other mainstream outlets reported on the siblings' visit to the dark continent. Somehow, the Nigerian Tribune is the only publication that printed the championship athletes' statements on Racism (White Supremacy).
Meanwhile, tennis icons, Venus and Serena Williams say the greatest obstacle they have met in their career is the scourge of Racism.
"It has been fun playing tennis, champions have come and gone, we respect everybody [who has] stepped on the other side of the court," Venus, the older of the sisters told journalists on Friday in Lagos when asked who their toughest opponent was.
"The greatest obstacle we had faced were those who at this stage caused racial uproar, we can't stand them," added Serena.
"In polite society, you don't like the chorus of boos or the shouts of NIGGER! It has happened to us before and on that occasion it was unbelievable to hear such nonsense while walking down the aisle to the players' box by the side of the court."
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