Monday, September 29, 2008

The Misunderstanding of Racism Part I

If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism) - what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.
- Neely Fuller, Jr.

To clarify, my definition of Racism/White Supremacy is:

A global system of people who classify themselves as "White" and are dedicated to mistreating/subjugating everyone they classify as not "White" for their (White people's) benefit.

I am a miseducated victim of White Supremacy. My ignorance is a principle aspect of my molestation under the system of Racism/White Supremacy. I am neither qualified nor motivated to admonish any non-white individual. I'm on the bottom of the slave ship too.

But acknowledging deficiencies is necessary. My own and those of the non-white collective - of which I am a member.

The non-whites of the known universe have displayed a stripper-skimpy comprehension of Racism/White Supremacy, which we have been subject to, tormented by for some time. Not gonna' waste time defending this statement. I'll just challenge anyone to find a non-white person who can truthfully say that they have never, don't ever encounter mistreatment on the basis of color. Should you find that individual, stop reading and put me and as many non-whites as possible in contact with this most special person.

That's what I thought. Movin' on...

Non-whites - including myself - continually evidence their minuscule grasp of White Supremacy. Por favor, examine the following statement from a victim of racism:

Whites are much smarter than non-whites but that does not mean that every white is smarter than every non-white or that every white is smart.
This statement may be true. However, finding one or eight White people, who happen to be less "intelligent" then a handful of non-whites, in no way negates the universal system of White Domination. In fact, should you find a "not-so-smart" White person, you'll get an opportunity to observe the terrifying brilliance of Racism.

Many White people have voiced
misgivings about the "intellect" of Mr. George W. Bush. I've had my own doubts. But last I checked, Mr. Bush is the forty-third President of the United States. For all his reported cerebral shortcomings, he triumphed in the contested 2000 presidential election, invaded the area of the world known as Iraq and got around to New Orleans when he felt like it. Mr. Bush has shown the ability to do what he wants, and no one has shown themselves capable of stopping him. That's smart.

Mr. Bush's proficiency is very much related to his access to information, individuals, locations... a staggering system of resources.

At its core, White Supremacy is about the White collective's ability to function in an organized, codified manner for the benefit of the entire unit.
White people are effective individually because they are effective collectively; non-white people are ineffective individually because they are ineffective collectively.

Marinate on that last sentence. Let's stick with Mr. Bush to illustrate the logic of this statement. Mr. Bush's grandfather - Prescott Bush - was a US Senator. Mr. Bush's father - George H. W. Bush - was a two term Vice President, a one term President and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, is the former Governor of Florida - remember all those ballot problems in the 2000 election? Mr. Bush's immediate family is a gaudy
global network.

Compare this to a "smart" victim of racism. We'll take Mr. Malcolm X. His father - Earl Little - died under suspicious circumstances when Malcolm was only thirteen. Malcolm's mother - Louise Little - was the offspring of a White man raping a non-white woman; Mrs. Little was later declared insane and institutionalized for twenty-six years. Consequently, Malcolm and his orphaned siblings were parcelled out to various foster homes. This is not a system of resources. This is a menagerie of trauma.

Would a sports metaphor work better? Think Kevin Garnett. Minnesota Timberwolves are the non-white team. Boston Celtics, the White team. In Minnesota, Garnett had no help. Individually, phenomenal player. But the ineptitude of the team retarded Garnett's ability to thrive. But with the Celtics... Paul Pierce and Ray Allen provided the much needed system of resources. When Garnett finally acquired a competent and capable cadre, the collective success amplified Garnett's individual achievement.

It takes a village... Sadly, White Supremacy is the only village, community, co-op or collective in the known universe. The Racists flood, gentrify, deport and Manifest Destiny non-whites at will. And they excel at this because they function as a cohesive network of people, unified around preserving:



Bottom Line? Smart and not-smart White people are the "top of the line". All the non-whites are below the line, back of the bus, bottom of the boat.

Ouch. That smarts.

Part II...

Exactly what do you mean when you say "smart"?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama... Extinction Level Event?

Many, many years ago - about a half score (1998). In a galaxy still dominated by Racism/White Supremacy. I read an article on Busta Rhymes. He discussed the film Deep Impact (1998). Specifically, he spoke about Morgan Freeman's role as President of the United States in the context of the planet being under the threat of obliteration. Bus-A-Bus felt this was an illustration of Racism/White Supremacy. In fact, he said it was as if the Racists were saying: "Look here nigga. The world is coming to an end, and it's your job to announce it. Now, get out there and tell 'em it's all over, nigga." The fact that a negro was commander-in-chief only heightened the apocalyptic nature of the film.

At the time, I wasn't intensely focused on White Supremacy - would have loved to snuggle with a pert blond. But this article stuck with me; Busta's view had a deep impact. The foundation had been laid for associating Armageddon-like catastrophe with a negro in the Oval Office.

Hold up, Hold up. Armageddon (1998) came out at the exact same time as Deep Impact. Same film basically; A big rock from space is gonna smash us! We're all gonna die! Big difference? White president in Armageddon. How does this play out in the two films? The White president and his staff solve problems. They gather constructive information and the most knowledgeable White people from across the globe to produce a course of action. They destroy the asteroid and celebrate the awesomeness of the White team. In Deep Impact... the non-white president's efforts to avert catastrophe fail miserably, and they resort to hiding a handful of - mostly White - folks in underground caves. The comet barrels into Earth. The Eastern seaboard and a few million folks are wiped out. Quite a contrast.]

...And along came Mr. Obama. University of Washington's Chair of Women Studies and admitted White Supremacist,
David Allen, has stated that anything that makes White people happy, should make non-whites highly suspicious. The abundance of zealous White people sporting t-shirts and bumper stickers to promote Mr. Obama and an unspecified change, has not Replaced White Supremacy With Justice. As such... I assume these White people have every intention of continuing the global enterprise of mistreating non-whites throughout the known universe.

And photos like this only amplify my suspicions that the White people of the northwestern hemisphere are gearing up for another round of Blame The Black Man. [Click to check out the website where I found this pic; there are more like this.] Charles Stuart. Susan Smith. Willie Horton. The Scottsboro Boys. 9/11. Even during financial paucity, there's always a wealth of condemnation and accusations to be dolled out on non-white males.

Blame The Black Man is especially brutal when the victim was once beloved by White people. OJ Simpson. In '92 he had it all. Hefty bank account, petite White woman and a Hollywood career. By 1994... the juice was the race card - the emblem of White people's disgust for any non-white person who attributes their troubles to Racism. Michael Jackson. 1984 he was moon walking Brooke Shields to the Grammys. By 2004, he was on the verge of trading in Neverland for San Quentin. Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1964, the reigning Time magazine Man of the Year had a Nobel Prize in his pocket and was the certified, undisputed dignified negro. After one too many comments about the violence against non-whites in the area of the world known as Vietnam... he was reduced to just nigger.

The cemeteries and prisons are bloated with case histories of non-white victims of the - frequently unsubstantiated - indictments of White folks. Mack Charles Parker. Geranimo Pratt. Marcus Garvey. Michael Vick. Paul Robeson. And I fear Mr. Obama is next in line. If elected, an economic Chernobyl will greet him. And there just ain't a good track record for White people being patient and understanding with black males during hard times - or Good Times.

This is a matter of record. Exhibit A: The post Civil War period known as Reconstruction. Liberated(?) negroes were permitted to hold political offices throughout the former Confederacy. White people did not support their popularly elected non-white officials. White people did not revel in the hard fought pursuit of the democratic principles on which this so called nation was established. White people were infuriated. And when White people get cross... they get busy. They organized, channeled their hostility in a most brutal and potent manner. And then made Birth of a Nation (1915) to commemorate the heroism of the Klan for posterity.

Global system. White people don't solely target non-whites in this area of the world. The exact same thing happened in the area of the world known as Germany. Hitler and the gang were reeling from a combat loss just like the White Confederates. German White people were disgruntled. What did they do? They galvanized around the most powerful motivating force in the known universe. White Supremacy. So called "Jews" were classified as non-white, and The Third Reich was proud to announce their world view:
All really significant symptoms of decay... can in the last analysis be reduced to racial causes. Whether we consider questions of general justice or cankers of economic life, symptoms of cultural decline or processes of political degeneration, questions of faulty schooling or the bad influence exerted on grown-ups by the press, etc., everywhere and always it is fundamentally the disregard of the racial needs of our own people or failure to see a foreign racial menace.
[Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf pg. 328]
Catch Shindler's List (1993) if you're unfamiliar with what happens when the White Supremacists concentrate on a perceived non-white hazard.

And when the Racists' launch their offensive, rest assured that the
mongrelization of the "great race" will be a primary complaint. An everlasting White Supremacists' rallying cry is a perceived(imagined/fabricated) threat to the chaste and fragile White Queen. I strongly suspect that Mr. Obama being the offspring of a White/non-white marriage, will fuel the animosity of many White people. It's been a consistent topic throughout his campaign.

I feel your disbelief. A great many non-whites along with hordes of White people[Suspected Racists] will shout, "t'ain't so!" "Barack Obama's candidacy illustrates the demise of bigotry and discrimination. In the post-racial era, candidates and civilians alike will be judged on character, not color." Sounds delightful. And I wanna believe. But the greatest pathology in the world, is to believe in something just because you wish it to be so. The overwhelming evidence shows that we live in a global system of Racism/White Supremacy. And as a non-white/victim of racism, it is my duty to adjust my thoughts, speech, actions and expectations accordingly.

My intent is not to dissuade anyone from voting for Obama - by all means support him. But rather, to make certain that no one equates having a non-white residing in the White House with the end of the empire of Racism/White Supremacy. In fact, I suspect the White Supremacist's anticipate that a multitude of non-whites will view an Obama victory as a death knoll for Racism; they will consequently be blind, deaf, distracted sitting...
victims of racism. As if the White Supremacists need any further advantages.

I already see this strategy at work. A victim of racism(VOR) was being accosted in a California airport by a Suspected White Supremacist. In codified fashion, he told her that he felt he was being mistreated because he was not White. Her response? "Why, I never! I support Barack Obama. How could i possibly be a Racist?" The slam dunk non-white reply: "
Can a White person support Barack Obama AND practice White Supremacy?" [you can submit your answer in the above survey.] In predictable White Supremacist fashion, the Suspected Racist declined to answer the question and exited abruptly - to attend an Obama fundraiser no doubt.

All victims of racism should assume that White people can AND WILL support Mr. Obama while remaining
steadfast accomplices in the global White Supremacy cartel. All non-whites should suspect that any White person who backs Mr. Obama, is doing so with Racist intent. As long as the system of White Supremacy exists, victims of racism have no reason to think otherwise.

This system is designed and dedicated to abusing individuals classified as non-white - and to manipulate non-whites into assisting in their own demise. On this basis, when I see
droves of White people endorsing and singing the praises of Mr. Obama... I'm leery. Non-whites exist within razor narrow margins that White people change with ease. "Obama" becomes "Osama" with the flick of a letter. For non-whites, there's a microscopic line between the love and hate of White people, and non-whites are never far from their bad side.

Which is why - with great regret, I expect cataclysmic disaster. I hope I'm wrong. But should Obama be victorious, I will not be the least be surprised if we end up singing that same ol'
Sob Story.

It's just another case of that old Racism (White Supremacy).

Monday, September 15, 2008


Mr. Josh Wickett - Victim of Racism - has written many constructive articles analyzing racism in motion pictures; check it out. Since I began reading his counter-racist film reviews, I began paying much closer attention to movies. As a rule... White Supremacy dominates the silver screen - and all other areas of people activity.

I now make an effort to ask White people about their favorite films. I began doing this about a year ago. I noted that many of White folks' favorite flicks are overtly racist - Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, The Godfather, Gone With The Wind. And I mean blatantly racist - the Ku Klux Klan will literally ride across the screen.

Recently, a White man recommended Snatch (2000). It's basically 2 hours of White people fighting with each other over an avocado-sized diamond. This could be part 2 of Blood Diamond; the non-white people butcher each other to collect the stones. The jewels are then moved to the area of the world known as Europe; now, the White people there will fight amongst themselves for the extracted gems.

While the White people deceive, fight and kill each other... they use non-whites as tools to accomplish their goals. The non-whites [pictured above] in this film are prototype victims. Confused, ill-informed, incompetent... silly, stupid, pitiful. They botch everything from robbing a booking house to parallel parking.

Their crowning jewel of blunders comes midway through the film. The three negro males attempt to mug The Man. As non-whites got meager resources, the negroes are reduced to purchasing replica firearms - with the hope that no one will notice. 3 black males armed with 2 faux pistols. The White man addresses his assailants - while sippin' a dark beer:
You're shrinking. And the fact that you've got "Replica" written on the side of your gun... and the fact that I've got "Desert Eagle .50" written on the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking along with your presence.
Exit VORS. Brilliant illustration of White Supremacy. The non-whites and their toy guns encounter a Suspected White Supremacist who is keeping it real. This scene is loaded with sexual metaphors. I kept hearing Dr. Welsing's voice - keep your eyes on the ball(s). With the gun as a phallic representation, the black males are emasculated when juxtaposed to the awesome force of the White man and his real, big cock.

Anywho, all ends well in this film. All the White people that you want to do well succeed. The White people you dislike die. And the non-white males are the only ones heading to jail - surprise.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Entry Number One...

Not doing enough propagating of the code The Code has been around since 1969, and the only "popular" names within the Counter Racist Movement are Welsing and Fuller? Every one of us should have (all or at least one of the following) a blog, a book, a workshop, a radio show, a website, CDs, DVDs, newsletters, fliers, stickers, t-shirts, youtube channel, myspace, forums, or anything else that communicates the code to VORS, where ever they are. We need numbers. I suspect that this will spread fast if we use all of the forms of communication available to us. Most blog sites are free. Alot of these other venues are free, also.
Mr. SynQ(also a Victim of Racism)

I don't have a lot of resources - certainly lacking intelligence. But I can write. No reason I shouldn't have a blog. It's free. I'm informed about and pay attention to Racism/White Supremacy. I have time. I could be doing something productive to Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Since this is my initial posts... I'll share something I've recently observed. I believe that anytime there is a deviation from truth and logic, there tends to be mistreatment. This is a correlation I've noticed. I would be curious if others have observed the same thing. It has been my experience that the individual(s) who are mistreated are typically non-white/Victims of Racism.

I have made it a rigid part of my code to never deviate from truth and logic. This is a challenging tactic - being honest with yourself and everyone else at all times requires discipline and humility. But I have found that this works well to minimize and pinpoint precisely when I suspect someone is mistreating me.

Non-whites I have encountered are generally uncomfortable with being questioned about the accuracy and logic of everything they say - as we tend to say many things that are not accurate or logical, part of our victimization. I make an effort to avoid contact with non-whites to minimize the amount of non-constructive, ineffective contact.

Another observation I have made is that White Supremacists are strategically dishonest. It's not just that they practice deceit - which they do. As Mr. Edward Williams and others point out, the White Supremacists reveal truth as well. However, they are methodical about when they choose to be dishonest and what they choose to be dishonest about. It is my opinion that master deceivers don't utilize many untruths, they maximize the efficiency of a small number of lies.

I am ignorant. And I could be incorrect. But the White Supremacist are to blame for all of this. And for the existence of this blog. I'll be writing - with intentions of being constructive.