Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wishing For White Protesters Like Cliven Bundy

What we have foremost in common is that enemy. The White Man [and White Woman]. [They are] enemies to all of us. I know some of you think that some of them aren't enemies. Time will tell. - Minister Malcolm X
Dr. Baz Dreisinger was the first White guest on The Context of White Supremacy for 2015. She is the second Racist Suspect asked about the validity of Ta-Nehisi Coates assertion that, "White people are often sincerely and greatly pained by racism." [Incidentally, Gus asked Mr. Coates directly about this conclusion; he declined to comment.] Dr. Dreisinger declared that Coates speaks the truth; she and the White community are authentically anguished about the terrorism they have inflicted upon black people. She cited the recent infestation of Whites that have marched, held signs and die-ins for Michael Brown, Jr. and Eric Garner.
LMBAO was my initial response to Dr. Dreisinger's commentary as well as the photographic illustration of a sincerely and greatly pained White Man. But ROTF isn't a codified counter-racist response. A serious investigation of the latest swarm of White participation in black liberation reveals no altruism, no potency, no humor.

Where is the Well Meaning White Militia?
When Whites become earnestly committed to a cause, military might typically authenticates their sincerity. John Brown drenched the earth in blood to evidence his loyalty to ending black enslavement (so I been told). New millennium Whites claim his lineage - descendants with a birth right to complete his divine mission. But they're not strapped. "Anti-Racists" are not Cliven Bundy - armed, resolute Whites who contest unjust behavior and are willing to give or take a Racist life to produce Justice. Armed Whites publicly demonstrated their fury during the healthcare town hall meetings of 2009. Pale folks have continued packing in support of open-carry laws and in protest of possible firearm restrictions (symbolic White castration). One would think Whites who invest themselves in defending the 2nd Amendment would launch a siege on Ohio - an open-carry state; John Crawford, III and Tamir Rice were gunned down in Buckeye territory for holding toy guns. White gun enthusiasts didn't process these events as unconstitutional assaults on citizens' rights to arms. Apparently, it was just two niggers killed. No one who'll be missed. Black people are targeted for systemic, perpetual violence globally. Whites who allege to be against Racism are predictably lame, impotent and unable to adequately defend black life or rebuff White Terrorism.

"They Didn't Integrate It, They Infiltrated It."
Dear white protestors, this is NOT about you. 
Stop cannibalizing our movements with hashtags about every other life but ours. Stop plagiarizing Black people’s actual struggles for fictionalized white pain (I’m looking at you Hunger Games, with your whitewashed protagonist. “The Hanging Tree?” For real?). Stop scrambling to stand atop the growing pile of dead Black bodies to use it as your makeshift platform to secure more privileges and status for yourself. Stop using protests that should be about Black lives to exercise your white angst, break shit under the cover of darkness, and then bask in the bright light of white privilege while Black lives are declared to be worth less than the windows you broke.
An indispensable component of the System of White Supremacy is the concept of a White person that is not Racist. Victims of Racism are contaminated, Stockholm-Syndromed to yearn for White validation, White acceptance. It can be petrifying to think that every individual classified as White is a willing combatant in the army of White Terrorism. Invoking the name of John Brown or photos of Anne Braden or the presence of a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ferguson is a tactic of White military science (White Supremacy PsyOps); "White allies" disarm black self preservation and accurate perception of Whites as enemies.

Frequently, these benign Whites have at least one commonality with Cliven Bundy, a focus on studying "the negro." Many Whites produced biographies, documentaries, dissertations and careers from their Civil Rights days of yore. Yet Racism remains. Minister Malcolm X and others have noted that White presence functions as a governor and surveyor of black efforts to counter-racism. The 1963 March on Washington, the film Selma or The Obama Presidency would not be possible or celebrated without direct White infiltration, domination. Whites are allies to White Supremacy, not black people; their attendance should always signal an attempt to control, corrode, and impede black liberation.

The C.O.W.S. was fortunate to feature a black activist from Toronto; she and her black comrades recognized the predictable ways that Whites practice Racism when they invade black counter-racism efforts. Consequently, they implemented a code to limit Whites' ability to remove focus from Whites practicing Racism against black people or divert attention away from black protesters to White participants. They didn't deviate from their code, and a sizable portion of Whites seethed, accused the black organizers of "reverse racism."

What Does It Mean To Be White?

This is one of Melissa Harris-Perry's first offerings of the year, and this Sunday broadcast was a revival for Viola Liuzzo, those two White boys killed with James Chaney, and James Reeb. Four Whites who've been dead a half century must be sanctified and acknowledged as sterling rebukes to any suggestion that all Whites are irredeemably Racist. Few question why the community of sincerely and greatly pained Whites has produced so few 'allies" willing to battle and die to end Racism or brand the puny crew of Benjamin Perry, Rev. Renita Lamkin, William Lloyd Garrison, and other "good" Whitefolks as statistically insignificant. At best, these are anomalies, White outliers that obfuscate the meaning of White Identity.

If anything, the dead bodies of Liuzzo, Reeb and James Chaney's White companions illustrate the "White" classification assumes unwavering devotion to White Supremacy and failure to comply can result in expulsion from the group and forfeiture of life.

Within days of Brown's shooting, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal remarked:
The folks who were out last night, black and white. And when I kept saying the black community, you had a White couple to put up the black power sign up last night. That is an example of the community I represent. It was beautiful.
Following the the announcement that Eric Garner's killer would not be indicted, Spike Lee wanted to stress that a diverse New York collective assembled to object to the decision - which "has nothing to do with black and white." This is a predictable product of White Terrorism. White's have inflicted ceaseless, unpunished, White torture against black people; their mere presence makes many non-whites fearful, reluctant, or unable to communicate honestly about Racism - how Whites have and are tormenting us.
A White Man in a hoodie, brandishing an inadequately sized protest poster is a woeful expression of the power of White allies, rehabilitated race traitors who understand that the most they can do is the least they can do to end a Racist Empire that nourishes them.

This White lad's ability and will to vanquish Racism equal the likelihood of Cliven Bundy insisting that black  #NegroLivesMatter. No disrespect to the Garner family, but don't hold your breath waiting on Whites that are not Racist.


SReid said...

"If anything, the dead bodies of Liuzzo, Reeb and James Chaney's White companions illustrate the "White" classification assumes unwavering devotion to White Supremacy and failure to comply can result in expulsion from the group and forfeiture of life."

I have long observed that white supremacist do not tolerate traitors, they are willing to kill their own if necessary to maintain white supremacy. No one person is bigger than war effort.

"That there is no law here, there is no need to take the white attackers to the courts because they will go free and that the federal government is not coming to the aid of people who are oppressed, and it is time for Negro men to stand up and be men and if it is necessary for us to die we must be willing to die. If it is necessary for us to kill we must be willing to kill." Robert F Williams

Anonymous said...

Great Article Gus. Although that is all you will get from me, because the problem still exist!

Anonymous said...

War on Cops. That was how 2014 ended.This became the slogan after Ishmaali Brinley's said killing of 2NYPD cops.A few days ago a Black Oklahoma Police chiefLouis Ross went on a raid. Before the raid he borrowed a bulletproof vest from another officer.(That right there shows racism.Why wouldnt Chief Ross have his own bulletproof vest)Ross andother officer did a no knock raid on white racist survivalist Dallas Horton. Dallas shoots Chief Ross during the raid and is deemed justified for doing so. Horton is not charged with any crime. A white racist homeowner can shoot a Black cop(a POLICE CHIEF) and he's the good guy. Chief Ross is just like Trayvon Martin MichaelBrown John Anderson III Akai Gurley Renisha McBride etc. Truth is most cop killers are white men so Horton didn't do anything outof the ordinary. Its good Chief Ross survived his attempted murder.However,what about the next white guy he perceives as a threatand shoots or kills. Would he be deemed justified like Darren Wilson or would he be charged as a criminal like NJ Detective Joseph Walker?