Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ways of White Folks

Mr. Edward Williams, of the Counter-Racism Radio Network, asked ol' Gus what trends he has observed in his tenure on The C.O.W.S. As the next program will be the fiftieth broadcast from blogtalkradio, I felt this was a good time to note the habits of my White guests.

White people are world champion linguists - especially the more refined Suspected and Admitted Racists. Molly Secours, Dr. John Hoberman, MC Serch and Tim Wise demonstrated impeccable oral talents. These White folks are exceptional at using words to shift the conversation; they're wizards at avoiding questions. Or agreeing with the non-white person, but dropping a barrage of words, so the original point is smothered in a heap of irrelevant gibberish - this is trademark Timothy Wise. And sometimes... White folks will just filibuster. Ferrell Winfree, Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Timothy Wise have all displayed their ability to respond to questions about White Supremacy in the most drawn out, vague, long-winded manner. They allege this is in the name of spelling out the complexities and nuances of Racism. Certainly wouldn't want non-white people to think Racism is as simple as White people mistreating individuals whom they say are not White.

Experts on Racism
Being White in the System of White Supremacy means you will have access to a gargantuan amount of information on Racism - and any other topic. The White guests on The C.O.W.S. have no-shirt-flexed their knowledge of Racism. Granted, many of the White guests have been PhD professors. But even MC Serch, Ferrell Winfree, GretnaBlast & Jessica Pettitt have showcased an impressive accumulation of data pertaining to White Supremacy. White Supremacists make it a high priority to stay up to date and in the know about their business. In fact, quite a few guests have admitted to digging through the archives of The C.O.W.S.

Resistant To Admitting White People Cannot Be Ignorant of Racism
One factoid from The C.O.W.S. - 11 of the White guests hold a doctorate. White people have brought a silo full of degrees to the program, yet they insist that most White people are ignorant about Racism. Professor Ariela Gross provided the quintessential example. She attempted to argue that White people are not conscious of and knowingly Racist. BUT... she wrote a whole book - What Blood Won't Tell - that evidences that one of the duties of being a White person is that you are supposed to be informed about Racism. Professor Gross' work even documents historical records that when White people demonstrate Racial incompetence, they will get in trouble with other White people.

This should be taken for granted as long as the System of White Supremacy exists, but I think the program has evidenced that White people are quite deceptive when discussing Racism. One of the best examples of this is the number of times White people have come on the program and contradicted their own work. One of the more blatant and recent incidents of this was Mr. Richard Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein commenced to ramblin' 'bout how Asian females get sexually exploited and mistreated by Asian males too, so it's not like the White man is doing anything unique or unusual. However, this Suspected Racist acknowledged repeatedly in his book that this is not an accurate comparison. The correct comparison would be to think about droves of Asian or African males plopping down in Wisconsin or Paris or Berlin and shacking up with three or eight White teenage girls. The fact this would not be tolerated under the System of White Supremacy suggests that their is a strong White Supremacist element to the hordes of White people who travel the globe to satisfy their appetite for
dark meat. I suspect Mr. Bernstein being married to Asian female, heavily obstructs his ability to speak honestly about this aspect of White Supremacy.

"We don't practice Racism... We benefit from Racism."
This is White people at their slickest. White people abstain from discussing what they do to expand and refine the System of White Supremacy. They are much happier to yap about all the trinkets and knapsack treats they get as a result of being White. White people make whole conferences and waste an extraordinary amount of time focusing on what the System of White Supremacy produces for White people. I do not see where this provides anything of value that will aid in the establishment of Justice. The focus should be on what it is that White people do to uphold the System of White Supremacy. Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Jessica Pettitt provided exceptional examples of this technique - which I suspect is a conscious act of White Supremacy.

Resistant To Acknowledging That Non-whites Are Ignorant About Racism Michael Bradley remains the lone exception to this rule. All other White guests have asserted that non-whites have a vast understanding of the nuts and bolts of White Supremacy. White people have insisted that they have learned oodles from the Victims of White Supremacy - which I suspect they have. But how can non-white people be informed about yet still subject to White Supremacy? If we were really astute about how these White people run the plantation, I think we would have found a way out by now. What ever we know, it ain't enough! And Michael Bradley has been the only White person to voice this - and he did so as if it were common knowledge.

The White guests on The C.O.W.S. have by and large been an incredibly conceited bunch. At times it comes across as a parent speaking to a child (See Dr. Kenneth O'Reilly). At other points it's just blatant condescension; like the White person can't fathom that a non-white person would have the audacity to question Dr. McIntosh or Mr. Bradley.
I'm White, and that means GOD - or at least Expert! I think the System of White Supremacy conditions Noel Ignatiev and the entire White team to look down on non-white people. That smug, White Superiority swagger helps maintain White Domination; it instills a sense of inferiority in the victims, robs their confidence and self esteem. Makes White rule seem organic, the way universe should be. A big part of Mike Tyson's success was intimidating opponents. Often, the match was over before the bell rang.

And a big part of Mike Tyson's downfall was when people no longer feared him. It's astonishing what a difference it makes when you actually believe in yourself. Same principle applies when dealing with White folks. Ask them to speak slow, use words you understand, make sure they answer your question and interrupt them if they attempt to deliver a 10 minute monologue on the privilege of buying band aids that match their skin color.

Author's notes - Mike Tyson's downfall and tribulations are mostly attributable to Racist Man and Racist Woman.

2nd Author's note - The Suspected White Supremacist known as Dana R. Carney is an Ivy League professor and has conducted extensive research that supports my final contention. And it just so happens that she visited The Context of White Supremacy in April of 2010. Give her a listen.

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