Thursday, August 02, 2012

YURUGU: An Afrikan Centered Critique Of European Thought & Behavior

But why do you Europeans go through the trouble of creating the appearance of legality in their dealings with MAJORITY peoples? Why not simply steal and exploit without the charade? The answer is (1) that this "acting out"  constitutes a strategical tool that politically disarms the victims of European expansion, and (2) it plays an important part in the maintenance and support of the European self-image. The importance of this self-image must not be underestimated. One of the deepest beliefs of the Europeans is in the related notions of "civilization," "progress," and the "evolutionary" superiority of their culture. The concept of "codified law" is a definitive ingredient of that of civilization; for with civilization, according to European ideology, comes order and legality assures "lasting order" - not moral conduct but consistent and predicable conduct. So that the "civilized" way - the European way - is to bring laws, however forcibly, and the structures of European culture ("civilization") to those whom one treats immorally and for whom one has no respect. Along with "development," this justifies expansionism - for after all, Europeans bring "law and order" to people who must have previously lived quite "disorderly" lives (or so they believe). "Good" law is written law and therefore truly legal; unwritten law is not really law; it is "bad" and backward. How many times have the victims of European hypocrisy been duped into trying to deal with those laws rather than with the true nature of European ethic? [Page 414]
The Relationship between European intercultural behavior and European behavior towards others is that the lack of love (sympathetic relationship) for each other requires an "other" to absorb aggression and to allow a bond of identification to form between the members of the culture. Therefore, while power and racialism may play a apart in the collective behavior of other cultural groups, only Europeans are racist by nature and because of their culture. This is so because (1) they are the only people whose cultural asili is energized by the drive for power, (2) because racism can be defined as systematic behavior resulting from xenophobia, in combination with the concrete circumstances of power, and (3) finally because only the European utamaroho is insufficient, in itself, therefore demanding a cultural/racial "other" to relate to. This combination makes "racism" endemic to European culture and defines the goal of white supremacy, European power over others, as the supreme goal of white culture. That is the statement that no other culture can make. [Page 482] 
Dr. Marimba Ani
Yurugu: An Afrikan Centered Critique Of European Thought & Behavior 

No text is more responsible for The Context of White Supremacy Radio Program than Yurugu. When Gus first read this book, he still had "White friends". Yup... I was nutty has a pecan orchard back then. But Dr. Ani's brain-cleansing work helped me clarify my thinking, accurately recognize White people as enemies, terrorists. 

I learned about this book by reading Josh Wickett's counter-racist review - for sure worth a read. It took me another four years to begin reading. Initially, I wasn't mature enough to appreciate the depth of Dr. Ani's analysis, and what it revealed about the world, my behavior, my "White pals". Having now read it more then once, I can unequivocally state that any black person who's serious about neutralizing White people, should invest time studying this book.

Understand, Yurugu is not an easy read. Any concepts that contradict the way Racist have groomed us to think, are likely to produce anxiety, anger, discomfort, shame and/or confusion. The little White traffic cop in our brain may demand that we toss this book in the nearest dustbin immediately. The little White traffic cop in our head will probably remind us that this book is well over 500 pages, and we can certainly find something more entertaining on the plantation. Just got 300 new satellite channels, and there's a sale on shackle shoes at the auction mall.

You can easily find an excuse to skip this book; White people - our enemies - will be tickled to help you locate something else to put in your brain computer. But my understanding of a soldier is that they maximize the amount of time spent preparing to succeed in combat. Dr. Marimba Ani has produced an exemplary war manual to help black people better understand the White combatants who are bombarding us globally. We can read her work, incorporate her ideas into successful counter-war strategies, or we can continue wallowing in a White fog of confusion and fear.

My understanding is that soldiers are trained to make correct war-time decisions.

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