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Courtesy of Moving Ninja. Apparently no part of the world is safe from the Empire of White Supremacy. This is all the way from the Philippines.Photobucket

"Interracial Relationships" Are SADD 3.0

Sex is the principle around which the whole structure of [White Supremacy] . . . is organized." Gunnar Myrdal
Oklahoma Police Officer, Suspected Racist and Suspected Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw has been arrested and charged with raping and/or molesting at least eight black females. Just like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, Jr.'s killers, Whites invested in Holtzclaw; an alleged White sexual predator raked in approximately $10,000 in roughly three days. His bond was subsequently lowered and he's been released to house arrest. Thus far, Daniele Watts has received more attention and harsher treatment. And it's undisputed that she's raped no one.

These incidents reflect White values. These concurrent events offer additional evidence of the global empire of White Supremacy, White Terrorism. Sexual exploitation of non-white people is a persistent, undeniable and essential component of White amusement and domination. The predatory White psyche is on display when powerful Whites celebrate Halle Berry for Monster's Ball and Kerry Washington for Scandal and Django Unchained - costarring Daniel Watts. Pulp Fiction - another Quentin Tarantino tour de force - has enjoyed two decades of global White reverence and adulation; an Academy Award nominated landmark featuring Ving Rhames (black male) being anally raped by a White male enforcement official. 

Again, we pause for Abner Louima and those whom deny Tarantino and his work are an accurate illustration of White Pathology.

One would hope that these contemporary incidents along with historical and scholarly analysis such as Reneathia Tate, Trojan Horse Publications, Danielle McGuire, Dr. Mwalimu Baruti and others would allow non-whites to easily grasp the logic of why no non-white person should engage in sexual  intercourse (or sexual play) with any White person. One would be mistaken.

Ms. Jaya Sundaresh (non-white female) visited The C.O.W.S. in August of 2014. We discussed her report on Michael Brown, Jr., antiblackness amongst non-black, non-white people, and the 8th area of people activity (SEX). Ms. Sundaresh admitted to having been in a sexual relationship with a White man for a number of years; she conceded that this likely influences her thinking on this matter. We continued our dialog after the conclusion of the broadcast. These are her thoughts:
Hi Gus, apologies for the long wait on this email. I've been very busy helping my grandparents move into their new place here in Bangalore, and I've also been thinking about how best to respond to you, how best to tackle this conversation. 
Frankly, I'm baffled at your claim that all interracial relationships are inherently exploitative. People from different layers in the kyriarchy enter into consensual, healthy relationships all the time. It's called heterosexuality. Men and women, who occupy very different positions in society, have been pairing off since time immemorial. I'd argue that the vast majority of these relationships have been coercive, and were established to extract labor and sexual labor from women, but it would be foolish to deny that there do exist at least some healthy, non-coercive heterosexual relationships. Same thing with interracial relationships. I'm sure that most of them are exploitative. My learning curve about my own relationship history was very steep, and now I pretty much exclusively date other men of color, and preferably South Asian men -- but to insist that interracial relationships are ALWAYS coercive is taking it a step too far.  
Women, in particular, have always had to wrestle with partners who wield more institutional power than they do. We have always had to deal with exploitation, and we have always found ways to make it work.
In conclusion, political lesbianism is not the answer to the problem of heterosexuality, and the problems inherent in interracial relationships won't be solved by avoiding them altogether.
Secondly, and more importantly, I'm a little stunned that you, as a man, would presume to tell other women of color who they can and cannot enter into relationships with. Because there's a context here, a history that can't be ignored. Men of color have been telling women of color what to do with their bodies for a very long time, now. Women have been turned into the symbols of anticolonial, antiracist, nationalist movements since they began. Men have consistently viewed women as repositories into which culture must be stored -- and have seen women as objects to be kept safe from exploitation, for the good of the nation. Women have been asked to wear the veil, to retreat into the shadows, to remain in their place, their sphere, to refrain from taking leadership positions -- all in the name of the struggle. Every time a woman chooses something for herself, it must be judged worthy by the ideological leaders of the struggle -- who generally happen to be men.  
Men of color have been telling women of color for a very long time who they're allowed to have sex with, and who they're not. I think anyone who asks women to circumscribe their actions for the sake of a greater goal, such as keeping culture alive, needs to stop and seriously reconsider whether they are denying women their autonomy.
I also just want to say -- it's insulting to presume to tell people of color that they are being exploited because they are in an interracial relationship, if they aren't. That disrespects the struggle of people who have actually been abused. People sometimes don't know when they're being exploited -- that's true. Many victims of abuse go through periods of denial and rationalization. But telling every Olivia Pope or Mindy Kaling that they are being exploited because they sometimes date white men is like telling every straight woman that they're being exploited because they sometimes date men. It just doesn't work. It goes too far.  
I hope this email makes my position clearer, and feel free to share my words with whoever you like. I look forward to hearing your response. 

Persistant: Atlanta Hawks Futility, White Pathology

This entire government is geared up to fight a war against White people. I'm sorry to have to tell you that. I'm sorry to break the news. I realize it's shocking. I realize your heart is palpitating. I realize you're saying, "Wait a minute. You can't say that." Well, I just said it. I'll say it again. This entire federal government is geared up to fight a war against White people. There was just insurrection in Missouri. Rioting. Looting, etc. They been waiting for an insurrection by White people. That's what the Homeland Security is getting ready for. All you evil White crackers. Michael Savage

Don't dismiss Mr. Savage's commentary as reckless "right-wing" ravings. Several Whites have publicly expressed paranoia about Pres. Obama or random black "kids" plotting their demise.
We're all prejudice in one way or the other. If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night, I'm walking to the other side of the street. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
Cuban didn't stand his ground hypothetically or literally; he apologized to Trayvon Martin's family a few days after these remarks.

This is the context in which Bruce Levenson's allegedly controversial 2012 email should be evaluated. He's reportedly expressed remorse over his comments and agreed to sell his controlling share of the Atlanta Hawks franchise. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver condemned Levenson's musings and promised to re-double their anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies with additional training.

Sensitivity training. A squirt of fragrance to mask centuries of pungent fumes of Racist rot in summer heat. The stench of Donald Sterling lingering fresh in our nose.

But Levenson isn't Sterling; the former does not have a public, irrefutable record of service as a White Race Soldier - terrorizing black citizens in many areas of people activity. Levenson's email presents frank business logistics and a matter-of-fact assessment of White convictions.
My theory is that the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season ticket base. Please don't get me wrong. There was nothing threatening going on in the arena back then. I never felt uncomfortable, but I think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar where they were in the minority. On fan sites I would read comments about how dangerous it is around Philips yet in our 9 years, I don’t know of a mugging or even a pick pocket incident. This was just racist garbage. When I hear some people saying the arena is in the wrong place I think it is code for there are too many blacks at the games.
A stadium filled with thousands of black people - some of them teens likely in hoodies. Cuban might be unwilling to accompany Dirk Nowitzki and company for their annual trip to ATL. Whitefolks generally have no interest being in close proximity to black people. If you're beyond middle school, this should be as shocking as the discovery that White "police" are often discourteous to black citizens or that Pres. Obama's election did not end Racism. Whites in Australia championed their "Whites Only" policy for decades. United States' citizenship was restricted solely to Whites until 1952. For several months, Whites have been downright unrelenting in promoting studies that conclude that a hefty portion of the White population has zero black friends; 75 percent of whites have "entirely white social networks without any [non-white] presence." If anything, there should be disbelief if Levenson is the first Hawks executive to comment on their critical mass of dark matter in the stands.

Pale forces of Madison Avenue and NBA executives including former commissioner David Stern have shared Levenson's anxieties about peddling an increasingly melanin dominant league to a majority White fan base. The following is from Dr. John Hoberman's Darwin's Athletes - published in 1996, nearly a decade before the infamous dress code and the ban on high school athletes joining the league.
“Charles Grantham, the black executive director of the NBA Players Association, offered this assessment in 1991: "A few years ago the NBA was perceived on Madison Avenue as being too black and too drug-infested. Once that was turned around, the league was able to promote its new personalities as exciting stars who were caring and concerned about their communities." In addition to creating the illusion of substantial player involvement in the black community, this theater of pseudo-reconciliation also serves to mitigate the pathos of American segregation, as Peter de Jonge has pointed out, by creating one-sided relationships between white fans and the black athletes they admire from afar: "In the last decade, the N.B.A., long considered too black to attract a mainstream audience, has prospered by giving middle-class whites, desperate for some semblance of a connection to black America, a series of unthreatening yet bigger-than-Iife cartoon superheroes called Magic, Michael, Charles and Shaquille." Far from concealing this manipulative campaign, the president of the NBA, David Stern, has boasted of the league's image-based strategy to gentrify its black giants and in the process create crossover market appeal in the manner of the Disney entertainment empire: "They have theme parks, and we have theme parks. Only we call them arenas. They have characters: Mickey and Goofy. Our characters are named Magic and Michael [Jordan]." (pg 150)
Black athletes converted to $40 million clowns to soothe White angst. A paternalistic imperative demands that White coaches and owners domesticate, season black savages for White consumption. William C. Rhoden declared that this "plantation mentality" is not isolated to Sterling - or Levenson.
Every time I walk into a press box, Michel [Martin], and see no African-American reporters, or every time I walk into a newsroom and see no African-American editors or, like, no reporters, you know, [Whites] are saying the same things without necessarily saying it. We don't respect you.  We don't respect black people. We're not going to hire you. We don't want you around.
As a former resident of Atlanta, (Gone With The Wind) Georgia,  personal experience amplifies that Mr. Levenson and Mr. Rhoden ain't just whistlin' Dixie. Robert Weintraub details how Atlanta's pro sports teams provide an accurate, pitiful appraisal of Racism:
The NFL’s Falcons offer another window into the city’s racial rift. The Falcons, too, are moving to a new stadium, one that’s still in downtown Atlanta. While the franchise, led by owner Arthur Blank, is staying inside the city’s perimeter (“ITP” to the locals), it’s relocating from an area considered by many to be “too black” to attract white fans. And in the name of snagging larger profits from a surrounding entertainment district, the team is razing a pair of historic black Baptist churches in the vicinity of the new stadium. The symbolism there isn’t pretty.
A White-owned franchise expelling black temples of worship for the sake of enticing greater numbers of Matt Ryan's White flock... talk about Dr. King's most segregated Sunday hour. And while we're on Atlanta, remember the 2014 snow storm that blasted ATL like the second coming of General Sherman? Tracy Thompson did a spectacular job illustrating how White revulsion of black people stifled MARTA and exacerbated hazardous, winter driving conditions.
I was a kid when then-Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. proposed a rapid rail system to link Atlanta to its surrounding suburbs, and I distinctly remember the joke circulating among white people back then, the one that said that MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) actually stood for “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.” Plain and simple, it was white folks’ fear of black folks that explained the failure of a sales-tax hike to fund rapid rail in three of the then five counties making up the metro Atlanta area.
Rich Benjamin documented Whites across the country yearning and/or working expeditiously to produce and maintain residential enclaves sans melanin - some of them in Forsyth, GA. Businesses incorporate this Racist predilection into their corporate strategy. Texas' Kung Fu Saloon has been repeatedly accused of mistreating potential non-white customers. A former White employee alleges that she was terminated for not adhering to their White Supremacist code:
Patrons or would-be patrons, have consistently complained that the dress code is selectively enforced against [non-whites]. Now an ex-event planner says she was trained to screen calls and deny customers who sounded "too ghetto" or "too Asian." The term "ghetto" she said, was code word for African American and added, "I never saw a white person turned away."  When she did not she heard comments like, "Why is it so dark in here? Why is it so Asian in here? Did you not screen these phone calls?"
Whites are not ignorant about Racism. They codify their pathologies into concepts and strategies that consistently yield the best results for the Racist White collective - which translates into predictable, perpetual abuse of non-white people, especially black people. Levenson believed that White Atlantans were using coded language to suggest that Hawks' games were treacherous because of the large black presence. The Dallas tavern was alleged to have a wardrobe code that could be strategically employed to exclude non-white people. David Stern and other White league executives (Suspected Race Soldiers) were widely believed to have instituted a dress code and age restrictions in acquiescence to their Racist fan base.

Context is crucial to grasp the Racist motivations that produced the 2005 age and wardrobe referendums. NBA icon "property" Michael Jordan retired in 2003. A year later USA Basketball suffered its first defeat with NBA players at the Athens Olympics. A few short months after this international humiliation, the Detroit suburbs became the site of a historic melee between the Pistons and Indiana Pacers; Ron Artest (black male) charged into the stands to confront a Suspected Racist spectator (John Green) whom assaulted him with a beverage. Hoards of Whites abandoned Detroit for bleached suburbs like Auburn Hills precisely to escape niggers like Artest. If many Whites thought of (think of) Richard Sherman as a thug for raising his voice in the presence of a White Woman, one can imagine the impact of cornrowed black males slugging ticket-buying Whites. White flight from the NBA was widespread and bruising league purses. As White Supremacists have no intention of going out of business, they refine practices to achieve more favorable results, more White derrières in seats.

In 2005, retired Hall of Famer Charles Barkley succinctly summarized his view of the mandated wardrobe policy: "Of course it's Racist." Before anyone thinks of Barkley as the 21st century resurrection of Arthur Ashe, this is the same person who affirmed the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer. Barkley elaborated on the logic buttressing the NBA garment regulations: "From the NBA perspective, they've got a product to sell. They've got to make it as attractive as possible to fans, viewers and corporate sponsors." That's White fans, White viewers and White corporate sponsors. Meaning Whites will package and adorn negro athletes in anyway they see fit to assuage Racist White consumers. Including putting Sir Charles in a dress... repeatedly.

2005 also marked the end of black athletes joining the NBA directly from high school. Barkley, Magic Johnson and a host of Whites professed that this was in everyone's best interest. Players would get time to mature and polish their skills at the collegiate level and the league would get older, better prepared (seasoned) products. These trite affirmations ignored that it was exclusively black players leaping from prom to the pros. They also didn't mention that few have expressed concern for Jennifer Capriati and other Whites as young as thirteen who've traveled the world playing White-dominated professional sports. NBA stars Tony Parker and Ricky Rubio began playing professional basketball in their respective countries (France, Spain) at 17. And these United States have no problem extending the ballot box or training you as a killer in any branch of the armed services at eighteen years of age. Only a bastion of hypocrisy would permit an 18-year-old to star in pornography but deny him NBA employment. Many of the league's best players of the last decade matriculated directly from high school. Kobe Bryant. Kevin Garnett. Dwight Howard. LeBron James. The NCAA plantation missed the chance to pimp these black athletes, and many Whites were less than enthused with the prospect of black males nabbing million dollar contracts before the ink dried on their high school diplomas. In many White circles, James (black people in general) remains unforgiven.

Bruce Levenson, Adam Silver and White NBA executives in total have a substantially higher percentage of black players than any other professional sports league. In a global System of White Supremacy, marketing a predominantly black league to White audiences demands an obsession with optics - the projection of blackness. Part of the fallout from the 2004 "malice in the Palace" was three consecutive years of White league MVP's (Steve Nash 2005, 2006; Dirk Nowitzki 2007). Forget those dark savages! Focus on these masterful White Tarzans, overseers of the hard court jungle, plantation. From Serena Williams to President Obama, Whites have been reluctant if not repulsed with the prospect of cheering on a black person in any capacity - much less rooting alongside a mostly black congregation. It's a gargantuan fraud for any Whites to take umbrage with what Levenson admits to writing. If his email warrants punitive action, thousands of other Whitefolks should be updating their resumes and submitting a notice of resignation - including Danny Ferry. 
Most of the players resented Jerry [Krause] for one reason or another. It started with Michael [Jordan]. During his second year with the Bulls, Michael broke his left foot and had to sit out most of the season recovering from the injury. At a certain point, Michael insisted that his foot was fully healed, but Jerry refused to let him play until the doctors gave him the final okay. When Michael pushed back, Jerry told him that management had made the decision because he was their property, an unfortunate gaffe that alienated Michael and tainted his relationship with Krause from that day forward. (pg. 113)  Eleven Rings Phil Jackson
Which brings us back to (Racist Suspect) Mark Cuban's "slippery slope." When additional evidence of Donald Sterling's White Supremacist legacy was revealed during the 2014 playoffs, Cuban opposed Sterling being forced to sell his property. He found it un-American to persecute someone for repugnant, "backstage" comments. Tommy LaSorta, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and other Whites castigated V. Stiviano for reminding the public of Sterling's Racism. Bill Maher railed against "political correctness" and alleged breaches of privacy that ensnared role models and all around swell folks like Sterling, Paula Deen and Paul Ryan.

There's a reason the likes of George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson and Suspected Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw aren't merely supported with White lip service. These killers and alleged molesters are upgraded to new tax brackets with obese donations from numerous members of the White Supremacist Army. Donald Sterling got a lifetime ban and $2 billion for the sale of the Clippers. (A few dozen folks have speculated that Levenson wanted to divest in the Hawks, and self-identifying as a Racist was his means of departure. Lump me in with the likes Donald Sterling, just make sure we're in the same tax bracket.) Racism is the cash cow. Whites make certain that other White people being penalized for terrorizing black people is as common as a black occupant of the White House.

And that splash of melanin at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue still has many Whites disgruntled - even beyond the grave. To the point that Michael Savage, Cliven Bundy and Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks believe there's a war against Whites. Darkies like Attorney General Eric Holder are orchestrating a lynching of well meaning Whitefolks such as Officer Wilson. More than 100 - mostly White - Seattle "Police" Officers have named Holder among others as defendants in a lawsuit opposing federally mandated reforms to address allegations of Racism and police misconduct.

Levenson's dismissal will likely bolster the persecution complex of melanin deficient Whites who fear their country, way of life and freedoms to hail the Redskins and swap nigger jokes are being curtailed. The deterioration has reached new lows where a blond White Woman can't call a black person a "Faggot Ass Nigger" without fear of being recorded and reprimanded. Where will it end?

Samuel Sommers, PhD recently documented that a significant number of Whites now believe they are victims of Racism. Growing numbers of black people obtaining correct information on and accurately articulating what Racism is and how it works, is a monumental threat to Whites; some Whites have already stated that opposition to Racism equals opposition to Whites.  Increasing numbers of non-white people are utilizing ever-evolving technology to document Whitefolks trifling, terroristic targeting of black people. Cellphones are now integral weapons in spotlighting Racism. Email and text messages are proving increasingly detrimental to the Racist enterprise - they have a stubborn shelf life and can easily get loose on the web. Levenson's discharge will likely amplify White unease - a defensive anxiety that the slightest verbal faux pas will wound the childish sensibilities of black people and cost a hard working White Soldier like Jimmy The Greek or Marge Schott their livelihood. And we still got two more years of that damn Obama.

The Levenson saga is only a couple days old and largely unsettled. In fact, it seems Levenson's former colleague and Hawks' General Manager Danny Ferry will also be under scrutiny. He has admitted to reading the following remarks about African born player, Loul Deng:
Deng "has a little African in him. Not in a bad way, but he's like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out of the back."
A White Duke graduate being reprimanded for deprecating an African (who happens to be a fellow Blue Devil alumnus)... what is the world coming to?

Expecting anything other than eternal deception, hostility, warfare, and terrorism from Whites is like betting on a Hawks' championship parade down Peachtree. You're destined for years of disappointment.

#RenishaMcBride: #YesAllWomen?

After [her] boys disappeared, Mrs Glenda Moore knocked on a nearby door for help but was told: 'I don't know you. I'm not going to help you.’ Mrs Moore then tried another neighbor near her Staten Island home, but when she rang the bell they turned off the lights and refused to answer. Her cousin Nancy Jean, 41, fought back tears as she described the ordeal. 'I can’t believe the way she was treated by the [Whites] she went to for help.
Mrs. Glenda Moore wasn't drunk. She wasn't high. She isn't a prostitute. She's a married black mother of two boys who were allowed to drown during the 2012 ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Her White neighbors rejected her maternal pleas, branded her a potential looter, thug.

I'm sure Renisha McBride's family and friends wish she had received the same deaf ear; it seems likely that if Theodore Wafer had ignored her, she might still be alive. But his White manhood could not tolerate withdrawal from confrontation.

The summer of 2014 has seen a chorus of chatter on the problem of black masculinity. Ray Rice displaced O.J. Simpson as the embodiment of domestic abuse. White females were the vanguard in the effort to neuter and suspend Stephen A. Smith for suggesting that Rice and other male abusers might be provoked to violence. Former News 12 New Jersey reporter Sean Bergin proclaimed that the infinite pathologies plaguing black people are the result of shiftless black fathers. There have even been a sizable number of reports chastising black males' negligible interest in the murder trial of Renisha McBride in comparison to the historic and ongoing allure of Trayvon Martin.

Black males have much room for improvement. Domestic abuse is indefensible. But most black males' - non-white males and females globally - current concept of what a man is, what a man does, is based on our understanding and experience with the likes of Theodore Wafer, The Man.
I then examined certain other specific patterns of language used by Black males within the white supremacy culture. To begin with, Black males in particular, but also black females, refer to the white male as "The Man." Once this term "The Man" is thought or uttered, the brain computes that... the white male is "The Man," meaning logically "The only Man"... (Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, The Isis Papers pg. 120)

White Jesus, John Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Superman, Elvis Presley or Theodore Wafer. Biblical or fictitious, gun-toting or hip-shaking, these White prototypes of manhood fortify White Supremacy and have contaminated the thoughts and behaviors of millions of black males.
Wafer also admits he was mad when he grabbed his shotgun that was in a closet, saying he didn't want to "cower" in his home and wasn't going to be a victim.
President Barack Obama has been chided for nearly two full terms for shrinking from conflict, not being aggressive, man enough for the White House. He wasn't sufficiently angry in responding to the 2010 BP oil spill. He demonstrated "incompetence" and "ineptitude" as he slunk away from the hostilities in Syria. Sen. John McCain and a host of others have denounced him as a weakling for his handling of the conflict in Gaza, President Vladimir Putin and the non-white children leap-frogging the southern border.

The criticisms suggest that many Whites would prefer if the commander and chief were more like Dearborn Heights' own, Theodore Wafer. Our leader should look forward to the of sting battle. Wafer didn't waste time to locate his phone to solicit assistance, and he refused to be intimidated on his own property. He flexed his second amendment right to carry a big stick and invited Renisha McBride to make his day. McBride provoked him, "crossed the line" by descending unidentified upon his residence; his White manhood demanded maximum, lethal retaliation.
During cross examination, assistant prosecutor Athina Siringas said Wafer never told officers he was scared until they asked. "I had a lot of emotions, fear, panicking," Wafer said. "I guess in front of a cop I didn't want to come across as less of a man."
Wafer has just ended the life of an unarmed nineteen-year-old female. Blasted bits of her head across his lawn. Yet his focus is on projecting the appropriate image of unflinching White masculinity.

Wafer's tear ducts worked overtime during his first day on the witness stand, but minutes after wiping McBride off the earth, he shed no tears. He informed officers that he was full of "piss and vinegar" and wanted to brandish his firearm to whom ever happened to be knocking at his door.

This is ethos of White masculinity. Wafer, Anthony Cumia, and Chicago's David Nicosia are contemporary manifestations of this barbaric tradition.
Nicosia told Judge Arnette Hubbard he wanted her to stop smoking outside a Chicago courthouse. The attorney says Nicosia called the 79-year-old judge “Rosa Parks” and spat in her face. A county sheriff’s spokeswoman said 55-year-old Nicosia walked away but Hubbard followed and confronted him. She said Nicosia spit on Hubbard again before slapping the judge’s face.
White men are not to retreat or endure the impudence of a black female at any time - especially not at the ungodly hour of four in the morning. Any amount of physical force is justified - perhaps mandatory - to remind an uncouth or sassy negress like McBride or Dr. Ersula Ore that they are to always remember their place and never challenge the patriarch of White Supremacy.

But we could not have a global System of White Terrorism without the White matriarch.
All this got me thinking about privilege-denying, white supremacist-backing white women, and the tyranny they can cause when they don't get their way. These women like to have it both ways: sit upon their pedestal and look down with resentment upon people of color and, when it suits them, jump off their pedestal and claim that if we dismantle sexism, other forms of oppression will crumble. These same women will decry the persistence of sexism/misogyny, but deny they are complicit in white [supremacy] that oppresses people of color on a totally different level... 
White Women have demonstrated immense power over the last year. They rallied around Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and have her poised to challenge for governorship. They were integral in weaving the false narrative about Isla Vista suspected murderer Elliot Rodger; the #YesAllWomen campaign reduced him to a vessel of misogyny and undiluted evil. They used the firing of former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson to insist that their oppression is on par with Harriet Jacobs and other oppressed non-whites.

White women were a critical component in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, and they are equally pivotal in the McBride murder case; the judge, and defense attorney are both White females in McBride's trial - two of the jurors are as well.

Where were these pale allies when Rachel Jeantel was being lampooned and blamed during the court case of 2013? Where were our melanin deficient sisters when First Lady Michele Obama was being heckled by a White female member of Code Pink? Where have they been for the duration of the Renisha McBride proceedings? Does #YesAllWomen include melanin dominant females?
"The sound in the front was louder than the sound on the side and there was something slapping the window," he said. "The floor was vibrating from the banging on the doors."
An overworked White Supremacist trope is that black people are superhuman creatures, capable of extraordinary feats of physical force. Black females are habitually lauded for being reservoirs of strength, incapable of submission. Consequently, they're most often denied the delicacy and fragility that White females elicit reflexively. According to Mr. Wafer, McBride was fixin' to huff and puff and blow his house away. Of course he had no recourse; he had to defend his property and life and annihilating a black female it was an indispensable part of that process.
Prosecutors then played a video of Wafer being questioned by an investigator at the police department, where he sips on something they've given him to drink and does not appear to be emotional. Police told him the person he shot and killed was young. And, at times, Wafer refers to the person he shot as "IT."
It. Ain't I a human? Absolutely not. One would think our White sisters in arms would be equally appalled by this commentary and attacking Wafer with the same conviction and venom they aimed at Stephen A. Smith. White feminists have been mum on McBride. A teenage black female talked about as an inanimate object. A thing. "It." A hefty number of Whites would not permit a fetus to be described in such terms.
Numerous witnesses have testified over the course of the trial that a mere $56 dollars had been recovered from Renisha’s body. On the audio recording, however, police officers can be heard noting that a $100 bill had been found on her person, leading to one officer responding “No kidding?” This in turn led to a discussion on the officers’ part as to whether McBride had been working as a prostitute and had been seeking to collect money owed.
Michelle Beadle where are you? Sandra Fluke where are you? Calling any and all White feminists. Just because a black female has a Franklin in her pocket, she's a whore? President Obama proudly penned the Lilly Ledbetter Act in 2009. Why not pay it forward in supporting an unarmed, black, teenage female gunned down and suspected of being a hooker? #YesAllWomen declared that this sexist world cultivates exploitation and violence against woman with token punishments if any. Why hasn't McBride's murder and subsequent verbal demeaning produced indignant White feminist comrades?
Where has justice gone when we can’t protect ourselves or our property? What message is our “justice” system sending? The jurors just gave permission to [Breaking and Entering] to every thug out there. So sad.
This is Racist Suspect Michelle Roose Walter's response to Theodore Wafer being found guilty of second degree murder for McBride's death. Walter sounds like a kindred spirit of Charlton Heston, former NRA President and star of Planet of The Apes. In the Context of White Supremacy, termination of black life is always supposed to be a rational, just and non-punishable act. White life, White property and White rule are infinitely, eternally superior to a billion Renisha McBride's or Glenda Moore's.

Syreeta McFadden remarked, "Only in America can a dead black [teen] go on trial for his [or her] own murder." Under the System of White Supremacy, the injustice is that Trayvon Martin and McBride can't be exhumed and convicted for being black and likely thugs. 

Maynard Evans High School: Reinforcing Racism

One of the more subtle - but crippling -  methods Whites use to practice White Supremacy (Racism) is withholding accurate, constructive information. There's frequent discourse on healthcare disparities, employment disparities, wealth disparities. But a key reason Whites continue to dominate and abuse black people is because of an information disparity.

A listener attempted to share a report on a Florida public school being named after a staunch, unapologetic White Terrorist (which is a right common thing in many, many spots on the globe). The niggardly ogres at the Orlando Sentinel revoked access to the content. A core aspect of my counter-racism code demands that non-whites not pay a shilling for White people's publications on Racism. In that spirit, the article in question has been liberated. Enjoy and share: 

Maynard Evans doesn't deserve to have a name on a high school
 - James C. Clark

The debate over where to put Maynard Evans High School has raged for several years, but so far, no one has questioned whether a new school in a new location deserves a new name.

Maynard Evans was a highly respected druggist who served as a member of the School Board and the County Commission during the first half of the 20th century. He died in 1952; the high school opened in 1958, and was named to honor his memory. He was a segregationist [White Supremacist], who helped make sure African-Americans received a second-class education, with shorter school year, teacher salaries far lower than white teachers' and ill-equipped classrooms. As a businessman, he followed both the customs and laws of the time, and made sure African-Americans were not served with whites at his downtown drugstore soda fountains.

Orange County has schools named after one segregationist [White Supremacist] and two men who fought to preserve slavery.

When questions were raised recently about the naming of Fleet Peoples Park after a man who may have been a child molester, Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley and the City Commission moved quickly to rename it. After decades of debate, the School Board in Jacksonville finally changed the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School, named for an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

But the Orange County board seems content to stick with Maynard Evans High School, Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Robert E. Lee Middle School. In the case of Stonewall Jackson, the board uses the nickname Jackson gained while fighting to preserve slavery. The Lee and Jackson schools are not a legacy of the Civil War, but were named after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in 1954 ordering school integration. The Orange County board was trying to show its contempt for the court and signal that it would defy the ruling.

There are two tragedies here. First, the board does not see that it is cruel to send hundreds of [non-white] students to schools named for people who fought to keep them as second-class citizens.

Bu the greater tragedy is that all seven board members and Chairman Bill Sublette have decided to overlook the contributions of local residents who deserve to have a school named for them.

There is Zora Neale Hurston, the world-famous writer who grew up in Eatonville and set many of her books and short stories around Orlando.

A second Eatonville resident, Deacon Jones, became one of the greatest football players in the National Football League - he was named one of the 100 greatest by the league. One of his earliest memories was seeing a group of white kids laugh while throwing a watermelon at an elderly black woman in Eatonville. The woman later died. Jones was thrown out of all-black South Carolina State College and lost his football scholarship when he took part in a civil-rights demonstration in the 1950s.

Musician Ray Charles got his professional start in Orlando, playing in the black clubs in Parramore, for afternoon teas for whites atop the Angebilt Hotel, and even for a country-western band in Kissimmee.

Harry T. Moore was the first civil-rights leader to be assassinated. On Christmas night in 1951, he was killed by members of the Apopka Ku Klux Klan. It was Moore who filed the first lawsuit demanding equal pay for African-American teachers in Florida.

John Ellis, a former Jones High School teacher, forced the county School Board to integrate high schools when he insisted his daughter, Evelyn, be allowed to attend any school she wanted. His suit against the board came eight years after the Supreme Court ordered schools to be integrated.

In the case of Maynard Evans, the school could be named for any of those, or named Pine Hills High School, giving the neighborhood some badly needed identity and a source of pride.

The list is almost endless, with possibilities including actor Buddy Ebsen, Nobel Prize winner Marshall Nirenberg or Congressional Medal of Honor winner Cpl. Larry Smedley.

There is almost no way the board can go wrong, unless it clings to the 19th century.

James C. Clark is a lecturer in the University of Central Florida History Department.

Eric Garner: Breathing Racism

Listen to me standing up on this so-called mountain! Let me tell it as it truly was! His name was Tod Clifton and he was full of illusions. He thought he was a man when he was only Tod Clifton. He was shot for a simple mistake of judgment and he bled and his blood dried and shortly the crowd trampled out the stains. It was a normal mistake of which many are guilty: He thought he was a man and that men were not meant to be pushed around.

Perhaps it’s incongruent to borrow from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man to address the death of Eric Garner. He weighed more than 300 pounds and stood taller than six feet; reports mawkishly reference him as the gentle giant. 

But black people are not gentle. Certainly not to be treated gently. Especially not by officers of the law. 
White cops are afraid of black men. We don’t talk about it, we pretend it doesn’t exist, we claim “color blindness.” We say white officers treat black men the same way they treat white men. But that’s a lie. In fact, the bigger, the darker the black man the greater the fear. Yet, even though it’s a central, if not the defining ingredient in the makeup of police racism, white cops won’t admit it to themselves, or to others. Breaking Rank pg. 92
Those are the words of a White man, Norm Stamper. He’s the former Seattle Police Chief. It's his view that most Whites are aware of his conclusion. Whites cannot be ignorant about Racism (White Supremacy).

A significant portion of Whites claim that police brutality and Racism persist because most Whites are oblivious to this reality. This is a pernicious falsehood from which non-whites should expeditiously divest. Cliven Bundy and the hoards of lawbreaking, White ruffians who've defiantly obstructed Homeland Security employees' efforts to transport undocumented children understand that they will not be body-slammed, sodomized, tased or choked. Even when breaking federal law, they will not be treated like Eric Garner or Marlene Pinnock.

White people are not ignorant about Racism. It can be said that White Supremacy (Racism) is the rhythm to the White lifeforce. Rhythm Helps Your Time Have Meaning - thanks Dr. Gaunt. White infants begin inhaling White Supremacist codes, concepts, and behavior patterns before they have teeth. They're suckled and motivated from birth to burial to dominate and abuse the Eric Garner's of the universe. Waging war against non-white people - especially individuals classified as black - is at the core of every aspect of White culture.

White people just observed the 50 year anniversary of the NYPD's execution of 15-year-old James Powell in Harlem - nearly a half century to the day of Garner's slaying. The slaughter of this unarmed black child ignited six days of upheaval. The commemorations offered few syllables on Powell or his family, why he was killed, or his surviving relatives' reflections. The preponderance of attention focused on lawless black hooliganism, the destruction of White-owned property, and disregard for White law and order. Whites conducted interviews, drafted reports, and continue writing books on this mostly forgotten anecdote. A good deal of New York's 1964 White residents, White politicians, and White entrepreneurs, whom supported any means necessary to restore White order, are still alive. As are many of the White NYPD officers who clubbed, shot, and shackled black citizens. Fogies or not, they'll remember this incident and what it means to be White til their last breath. Whites were not clueless about Racism in 1964, nor are they now.

Generations of Whites have lauded Invisible Man and Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing – the latter marking it’s quarter century anniversary this summer. These works of fiction climax with the NYPD snuffing out black life. Tellingly, many Whites have given identical responses to the deaths of James Powell, Eric Garner, and Radio Raheem (Bill Nunn). Lee recently responded to White film critics:

They never talk about the death of Radio Raheem at the hands of the police. They talk about Mookie smashing the window and the pizzeria burning down. If in a review, a critic discussed how Sal's Famous was burned down but didn't mention anything about Radio Raheem getting killed, it was pretty obvious that he or she valued white-owned property more than the life of this young black hoodlum.
NYPD validated their pursuit of Garner with similar logic, similar (dis)regard for black life.

The cigarette seller and the police were far from strangers: the local officers had tangled with Mr. Garner time and time again, arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes at a price far below what local deli owners could offer.

The New York Times cited local merchants who discontinued their sale of tobacco because unlawful street hawkers like Garner smothered their profit margins. Strangling is for black people, not White-controlled enterprise. 

Apparently, chokeholds aren’t the only thing in the manual.

For years, Mr. Garner chafed at the scrutiny by the police, which he considered harassment. In 2007, he filed a handwritten complaint in federal court accusing a police officer of conducting a cavity search of him on the street, “digging his fingers in my rectum in the middle of the street” while people passed by.

Abner Louima was supposed to be a teachable moment, a clarion decree that White officers desist from behaving life homoerotic barbarians with badges. It’s naive to think the lesson was not learned. To the contrary, Whites have advanced degrees in the science of Terrorizing black people.

The university of the world instructs White children, White Women and White Men that black people are not human beings, but rather, creatures worthy of sadistic cruelty. Arizona State University’s Dr. Ersula J. Ore was savagely reminded that her doctorate and masters degrees fail to protect her from White brutes with a remedial understanding of how Whites think of and treat black people. Big Apple residents young and old, White and non-white should recall a bevy names, extinguished non-white lives which illustrate this point. Reaching for a wallet. Celebrating a wedding. Tossing a football. Selling cigarettes.
As long as the System of White Supremacy exists, make room for the next name on that shirt of death. White dedication to  – not ignorance of – Racism demands that the ledger of slaughtered non-white lives expands infinitely.

Electing a White mayor with a black wife and non-white afro-sporting children will have the same impact as a departmental review of the officers responsible for Mr. Garner’s death. 

In 9 Cases of Police Chokeholds, Punishment Was Rare, Review Board Says

2.) Wouldn't want anyone to think this problem is exclusive to the United States.

Elliot Rodger: Victim Of Racism

I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allen Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids – and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination – indeed, everything, and anything except me. - Invisible Man Ralph Ellison

The manifesto attributed to Elliot Rodger contains the word “invisible” 22 times. The Isla Vista massacre has been widely reported, and Rodger’s digital fingerprints – videos and postings – have been dissected, redacted, and politicized. Feeble victims sob for gun control and again fail to loosen the grip of my cold dead hand. The most prominent talking point from this tragedy being that Rodger was a mentally disturbed misogynist. White-dominated media outlets have framed the murder of 2 White Women and 4 males (of which 3 were Asian) as a “hate crime” against Women. In death as in life, the perception of Elliot Rodger remains distorted; Whites refuse to accurately view and interpret these events.

This is not an exoneration of Rodger’s alleged crimes, but a commitment to truth - and a special duty to accurately understand any events that involve the loss of life.

One of the single most important questions when dealing with people on a planet dominated by Racism (White Supremacy) is: What is the racial classification of the person(s)?

As my fourth grade year approached its end, my little nine-year-old self had another revelation about how the world works. I realized that there were hierarchies, that some people were better than others. Of course I was subconsciously aware of this in the past, but it was at this time of my life – at nine years old – that I started to give it a lot of thought and importance.
I started to see this at school. At school, there were always the “cool kids” who seemed to be more admirable than everyone else. The peaceful and innocent environment of childhood where everyone had an equal footing was all over. The time of fair play was at its end. Life is a competition and a struggle, and I was slowly starting to realize it.
When I became aware of this common social structure at my school, I also started to examine myself and compare myself to these “cool kids”. I realized, with some horror, that I wasn’t “cool” at all. I had a dorky hairstyle, I wore plain and uncool clothing, and I was shy and unpopular. I was always described as the shy boy in the past, but I never really thought my shyness would affect me in a negative way, until this point.
This revelation about the world, and about myself, really decreased my self-esteem. On top of this was the feeling that I was different because I am of mixed race. I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with.
I envied the cool kids, and I wanted to be one of them. My first act was to ask my parents to allow me to bleach my hair blonde. I always envied and admired blonde-haired people, they always seemed so much more beautiful.
This is the most essential piece of Rodger’s 137-page diatribe. There’s no reason to doubt the veracity of his childhood epiphany because there are too many examples of non-white children grasping that the world thinks less of everyone not White. This common and devastating realization galvanized scores of Birmingham black children to confront Bull Connor. Conversely, this very same awareness has led millions of melanated children to avoid the sun, chemically mutilate their dark skin with bleaching concoctions, and a myriad of other behaviors reflecting impaled self-worth.

White people did not accept Elliot Rodger as White. Many reports have processed Rodger as the latest illustration of White male pathology – the brotherhood of Norway Terrorist Anders Breivik, Sandy Hook Terrorist Adam Lanza, and White Supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller. Rodger’s mental illness is self-evident, but there’s nothing to verify his membership in the ultimate criminal organization - the White Race.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and other outlets latched on to Rodger’s denigratory remarks about blacks and Asians:
Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.
Non-white self-hate is a primary result of White Supremacy. Countless Victims of Racism believe (hope) that by imbibing Racist concepts, performing Racist culture, rebuffing all representations of non-white people, they will be received as White. Most often, this ends in tragic repudiation.

Take Leo Felton - non-white male with one White parent, one black parent. After spending time in prison, he attempts to “pass” as White, facilitates a neo-Nazi reading group, and eventually plans to ignite a “race war.” But...
The media broke the news that Felton had one black parent and one white one. It was a delicious story for the Boston papers -- the biracial race terrorist -- but Felton's racial unmasking was his worst nightmare come true. The week the story broke, he tried to commit suicide by slicing his own jugular vein.
Like Felton, Rodger’s father [Peter Roger] is White. His mother [Li Chin] is non-white. He consistently self-identifies as “half-white,” “half-asian,” “Eurasian,” and “mixed-race”. For Rodger, Felton and most non-white people the idea of white culture [becomes] symbolic. Blue eyes, blond hair, and paleness represent our desires, deficiencies and denied dreams.

It’s been my life struggle to get a beautiful, white girl.
-       Elliot Rodger

The #YesAllWomen campaign has sited this slaying as another illustration of patriarchal violence that degrades, objectifies, and all too frequently butchers women.  Unjust and indefensible male-abuse of females is a serious problem. But to depict Rodger as an embittered sexist, driven to murder when his male entitlement to female subjugation was denied, misconstrues what produced the May 23rd tragedy. Rodger was obsessed and irate with a small segment of women. White women. Blond White women to be specific. This is a rare occasion when the White feminist crusade should follow their usual modus operandi and ignore non-white females; this is strictly about White women.

Out of the blackest part of my soul, across the zebra striping of my mind, surges this desire to be suddenly white. I wish to be acknowledged not as black but as white. Now who but a white woman can do this for me? By loving me she proves that I am worthy of white love. I am loved like a white man. I am a white man. Her love takes me onto the noble road that leads to total realization.... I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands caress those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine.
Franz Fanon
Black Skin, White Mask

Rodger craved acknowledgement and validation from White women and White men and was consistently denied. Dexter Thomas, Jr.’s marvelous analysis calls attention to the emphasis Rodger placed on being spurned by White males.  Rodger recounts a bevy of anecdotes where White males exclude and deny him access to White male bonding, White masculinity. Being discarded by White males and White females is the dominant theme of his manifesto, an essential source of his self-hate and contempt for all non-white people, and the core of the trauma that spurred him to mass murder.

Television and movies were our biggest teachers. Asian men, particularly, were either small, ineffective or they were evil. And those messages were deeply, deeply embedded in me for many years. – Alex Tizon

Rodger identified as “half-asian” but felt the undiluted intensity of Racist propaganda. The System of White Supremacy necessitates that non-white people feel inadequate, insufficient. Rodger groped to be recognized and loved by Whites. Disallowed, he succumbed to the Racist disfigurement that he was niggardly, impotent, and in a self-fulfilling manner, dangerous. Rodger’s final hours reveal his value of Asian (non-white) life; 4 of the 7 people killed were Asian males (he committed suicide).

His father, Peter Rodger, is the most important symbol of White masculinity in Rodger’s life; the tropes of approval, dismissal, and "invisibility" dominate Rodger’s commentary on his paternal relationship.
My father thought that all was well with me. How could he be so blind? He was so caught up in his failing work that he didn’t care about how my life was turning out. I cursed him for it. My father never made any effort to prepare me for facing such a cruel world. He never taught me how to attract girls. He never warned me that if I didn’t attract girls at an early age, my life would fall into a miserable pit of despair! Again... How could he be so blind?
Rodger’s manifesto suggests a distance between he and his White father, that Peter Rodger had less time for his non-white son and even restricted Elliot’s access to his residence. This is significant and not surprising. Although many Whites promote “interracial relationships” as a harbinger of Racism’s conquest, these Tragic Arrangements typically reveal the depths of White commitment to Racism. Minister Malcolm X opined on “bi-racial” children: If you notice the White man always rejects children of mixed marriage. When you become of mixed blood, you’re never White. You’re always non-white.
Racists are fond of mocking black males as incapable, lackadaisical fathers. This tends to be a redundant refrain when addressing black problems – which are all a result of Racism/White people. The spotlight rarely shifts to the negligent, nonexistent White daddies who produce offspring with non-white females. From raping enslavers, to South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond, to the staggering number of Amerasians abandoned during the conflicts in Vietnam and Korea, White males’ embarrassing – perhaps criminal – record of deserting their “mixed-raced” babies is undeniable, global.
This has an enormous and non-constructive impact on the child. These youngsters frequently exhibit all the typical indicators of father-hunger; in addition, they have the onerous burden of understanding their ambiguous racial status – which can often include the sort of isolation Elliot Rodger recorded.
Rodger’s White father could have helped him develop a healthy concept of manhood and identity by speaking to him about Racism. White parents’ dedication to White Supremacy is evidenced by their standard silence on Racism with their “mixed-race” offspring. White Supremacy warped Elliot Rodger’s assessment of himself and the world. Perhaps if his parents, therapists, or life coaches offered Rodger candid conversation on Racism, Isla Vista may have enjoyed a May 23rd without carnage.
Peter Rodger could have simply talked to his son about his Hollywood career. The elder Rodger was an assistant director for the 2012 nuclear hit The Hunger Games. A global audience celebrated a film where children slaughter children for entertainment. Like Elliot Rodger, hordes ogled pale star Jennifer Lawrence and her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen. Lawrence’s character was on the verge of being killed until Rue (Amandla Stenberg, non-white female) saved her White life. But a sizable chunk of White viewers focused on one thing… Stenberg is not White.
Never mind that Stenberg – like Elliot Rodger – has one White parent. She’s not White, and for many Whites, this ruined the film. Stenberg was branded a nigger, and some Whites publicly celebrated her non-white character’s death.
This would have resonated with Elliot Rodger for a myriad of reasons. It’s unlikely that Peter Rodger was ignorant of the Racist controversy targeting Stenberg. This tacky episode could have been used as a teachable moment to explain the depths of Racism, the pattern of White rejection and persecution of non-white people. It seems unlikely this happened.
Predictably, Whites do not honestly address their ongoing Racist behavior and how their pathologies disrupt the lives and conduct of non-white people globally. Elliot Rodger like Seung-Hui Cho, Assata Shakur, and Christopher Dorner are stripped of context. They’re debunked by titles that remove their humanity and reduce them to loony brutes undeserving of life. White Supremacy is methodically engineered insanity. It is a final act of Racist vulgarity to traumatize humans to madness and then feign ignorance about what caused such “craziness.”

Whites gaze unobstructed from the privileged penthouse, boast of their pursuit of all-seeing, supreme surveillance - satellite images, behind-the-scenes and closed-circuit footage of Saturn, Jennifer Lawrence's backstage blunders, and the last seconds of those killed in Isla Vista. But counterfeit blindness when asked to see Racism - themselves.