Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dukes Of Hazzard Canceled (Again), Empire Returns In September

I’ve seen more episodes of Dukes of Hazzard than Empire

One of these programs encourages antiblack violence in support of White Supremacy and will remain on the air for the foreseeable future. 

The Dukes of Hazzard, which was canceled when Madiba was still in prison and before Dylann Storm Roof existed, has been expunged from the TV Land lineup. No reason was given, but it's suspected that the Confederate flag dispute prompted the removal.The show's featured getaway ride is named “General Lee” and brandishes a Confederate flag. 

Much like Ferguson 2014, White Supremacists have done a masterful job framing our understanding of the most recent illustration of white pathology. We’re groomed to accept Roof as a “unique” White man. Told Racism will be stifled by removing a symbol of “turmoil for African Americans.” 

They were referencing the Confederate battle flag, but… black people are being EricGarnered with shrines to Racism and White killers. 

The removal of Dukes creates space for an infinite number of viewing options that invariably sanctify identical concepts of white power that guarantee American Snipers like Roof. 

The manifesto attributed to the Charleston Terrorist quotes a
pivotal scene from the 1998 film, American History X
I see all this stuff going on, and I don’t see anyone doing anything about it. And it pisses me off. 
This is part of the Hitleresque tirade Derek Vineyard presents to a troop of White Supremacists before a Roof-like assault on a non-white business. Edward Norton earned an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Vineyard. Roof’s muse goes on to kill two black people, rejoices after stomping through a black male’s skull. 

This film – and Empire – will have more broadcast time now that Dukes has been banished. 

Many reports acknowledge that the former CBS series was "one of television’s highest rated shows" in the early 80’s. They do not suggest that flagrant appeals to white power were an integral aspect of the show’s charm. In edition to invoking the Confederate general's spirit and the flag of white defenders of black enslavement and treason, they made “Dixie” a hallmark element of the production. 

The song's opening verse tells all: I wish I was in the land of cotton. The theme song of the Confederacy, "Dixie" has become an exalted white power hymn that Whites defend and coalesce to sing on campuses and sporting events across the land. Campuses including the University of Mississippi and South Carolina's The Citadel.

"Norman Seabrooks, The Citadel's first African American scholarship athlete, disliked hearing 'Dixie' as a fight song, and he would sit down or walk away when he heard the tune. As captain of the football team, he would leave the locker room early and step on the field before the band started playing. Other black cadets exhibited similar protests, and Seabrooks' classmate Larry Ferguson faced a severe backlash for refusing to play the song as a member of the Regimental Band. Ferguson's academic scholarship was threatened and one night, he and his roommate returned to the barracks to find their room trashed, racial threats painted on the walls, their books shredded, and a doll hung from the ceiling by a noose."

The stars of Dukes are white delinquents who habitually #CrimeWhileWhite. The show’s signature moment features “General Lee” and the Dukes evading authorities while the car horn blares the secessionist ditty that yearns for the "bondage, beatings and rape" of the plantation phase of White Supremacy. 

In 2015 Washington state, one of my White “neighbors” has the very same Dukes Of Hazzard, “Dixie” melody for his car horn. White Supremacy memorabilia transcends region and time because collective devotion to White Terrorism is unbounded. 

Irrespective of recent events, it’s unlikely my “neighbor's” car horn will be prohibited. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gregory Johnson, Jr. Died In A White Fraternity Like SAE

This is how a public university defends its values? By effectively evicting and contemplating expulsion for those who express hate for others based on their race? Is sending the white students packing even responsible? Is it educational?  Whatever happened to the adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?  And what about the principle of passionately rebutting outbursts of racism with speech of one’s own, while loving the racists? It’s that value to which Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. subscribed.
Michael Meyers of the NY Daily News bemoaned the University of Oklahoma's decision to hold it's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter accountable for their Racist conduct. If Darren Wilson isn't punished for killing a black teen, who could justify or stomach White juveniles being reprimanded for singing about lynching a nigger?

Astonishingly, Meyers' plea for tolerance and mercy for the Sooner transgressors is not widespread. All members of the Oklahoma SAE chapter were suspended by their national organization, the chapter is banned from campus, the White students ordered to vacate their frat house, and two members (Levi Pettit, Parker Rice) have been expelled.

My counter-racist code demands that I not help Whites/Racists to the best of my ability. But the rampant, shameless White hypocrisy this incident has unleashed requires me to briefly channel Annalise Keating/Aibileen Clark and help the pounced upon SAE brotherhood.

Ann Telnaes, the president of the Univ. of Oklahoma David Boren and a host of others grabbed their rocks and commenced to throwing as if their house wasn't glass. As if they weren't members of the same White brotherhood/sisterhood that birthed, nourished, groomed, protected and instructed SAE. As if they weren't Racist.

As if SAE's Racist spectacle is an oddity, a deviation from the global White Supremacy norm.
A party at Clemson University has some of the student body upset. The party, held on Martin Luther King Junior day, poked fun at racial stereotypes with partygoers dressed in blackface and other offensive gear. Pictures from the event show one man who'd painted himself black, and other students gripping bottles of malt liquor with their hands duct-taped to the bottles. The theme of the party was 'Living the Dream.' Jan. 2007
Some Arizona State University fraternity students posted horrendously offensive photos of themselves dressed in basketball jerseys, bandanas, drinking out of watermelons and throwing gang signs in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., Day. Jan. 2014
An incident involving Wheaton College football players who dressed up in Ku Klux Klan robes as part of a parody of the Will Smith film "Bad Boys II" has rocked the college's campus, which already has been reeling from two other recent high-profile incidents. March 2015
A white student walking down the hall of her dormitory at Wheaton College found a noose hanging near the door of a black dormmate three weeks ago. It was the sixth apparently racist incident to occur at the college in the last two years. Nov. 1983
Two student associations at Lund University in southern Sweden have been reported for hate speech after a party featuring the sale of "slaves" complete with blackened faces and ropes around their necks. April 2011
It's a grotesque lie to trivialize the SAE footagee as youthful tomfoolery, a tragic mixture of booze and naivete, or a lone blemish to otherwise burgeoning race relations. White elders brazenly, perpetually carry out identical Racist rituals. Andrea Shea King announced to a live radio audience that Congressional Black Caucus members should be lynched in front of the US Capitol Building for opposing Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to congress. Kelly Tilghman told a live television audience that uppity Tiger Woods should be hung from a tree. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department (Ohio) investigated five deputies (two were fired) for sending racist text messages for years. Those texts included - but were not limited to: “I hate Niggers. That is all.”  “What do apples and black people have in common? They both hang from trees." And according to the Department of Justice investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, Darren Wilson's former colleagues have a lot in common with the boys of SAE.

This video is just the latest illustration of White Culture. The most recent reminder of what it means to be White. Hopefully, the straw that permanently cracks the spine of the cock-and-bull notion that young Whites are rehabilitated, not Racist.

One of the few things worse than the faux White outrage directed at Oklahoma is the repulsive, bogus spectacle of Senators Jeff Sessions, Rob Portman, former president George "doesn't-care-about-black-people" Bush and the White occupation of Selma. Whites invest enormous sums of time and energy creating photo ops that suggest a sizable portion of Whites are not racist and value black lives. Whites allocated more resources to parade across a bridge named after a KKK member, than to earnestly examine and report the death of Gregory Johnson, Jr.

Mr. Johnson was a 20-year-old student at San Jose State University in 2008. He made the unfortunate decision to reside in the all White Sigma Chi Fraternity House; he was the sole black resident. He was found dead in the Sigma Chi basement on November 22, 2008. Much like LaVena Johnson, Kendrea Johnson, Khalid Flimban and Lennon Lacy... Mr. Johnson's death was deemed a suicide. To quote Quentin Tarantino, "No one who'll be missed."

The Johnson family was justifiably unsatisfied with the suspicious death of Gregory. They've resiliently pursued the truth, and their examination lead them to query the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI officials reportedly denied them further information on the death of Gregory Johnson, Jr. on the grounds that it was "a matter of national security." Consequently, the Johnsons filed a $520 million federal lawsuit against SJSU, the University police and Sigma Chi Fraternity. SJSU is also facing a $5 million suit from Donald Williams. In 2013 Williams was an 18-year-old black freshman subjected to ongoing and unpunished White Terrorism from his roommates; they violently assaulted him and called him "3/5" and fraction.

The election of President Obama preceded both occurrences; neither incident provoked the tsunami of finger-wagging and White hand-wringing elicited by SAE's tacky ditty. Gregory Johnson, Jr.'s family could have benefited from the national wrath and expedience demonstrated in Norman, Oklahoma. If #BlackLivesMatter, Denise Johnson might have a more accurate understanding of why her child is dead. In fact, she'd still have her son.
Founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, SAE has its roots in the antebellum South. When the Civil War began, almost all its members fought for the Confederacy.
Tuscaloosa is approximately 76 miles from Selma. It seems reasonable that some of the White brutes who murdered Jimmie Lee Jackson and sadistically mauled Congressman John Lewis and dozens more might be descendants of SAE architects.

Norman is 122 miles from Tulsa. It seems equally possible that some of the SAE members or general students compromising a University of Oklahoma enrollment topping 30,000 carry the genetic memory of White ancestors who slaughtered and plundered citizens of Black Wall Street.

The irredeemable Whites who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of White lives in defense of enslaving black people are the irredeemable White Terrorists documented in the 2015 report on the "egregiously underreported" lynchings of black people. This is the stock, the lineage, the foundation of the 21st century, global White collective. To restrict this pathology to SAE offers a disingenuous, inaccurate presentation of Whitefolks, Racism.

The White parents of the expelled kids insist their boys are good, got black friends, and are most certainly not Racist.

Apples and Racists don't fall far from the tree.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Study In Racism

Tom Brady celebrates with Convicted Racist Mark Wahlberg

In 36hrs. my counter-racist evaluation of Super Bowl 49 became this blog's most popular entry ever. The most watched show in television history has continued to captivate long after the final whistle. New England's conquest of Richard Sherman, Marshawn "BeastMode" Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks illustrates many elements of the ubiquitous, corrosive and all-encompassing nature of White Supremacy. Numerous Suspected Race Soldiers filled the comment section of my post-game dissection. Predictably, they insist the outcome of Super Bowl 49 - much like Tasha Thomas' (John Crawford, III's girlfriend) fatal car crash, Timothy Loehmann being hired and authorized to kill murder Tamir Rice, and the North Miami Beach Police Department using photographs of black males for target practice - had nothing to do with White Supremacy (Racism).

Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. says, "White people can show you better than I can tell you."

More where this came from.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Castrating A Beast

The most important message in this essay is that in the last 100 years, the white collective simply has moved from the overt sport and entertainment of lynching and castrating Black men (removing their testicles), thereby controlling their “balls,” to a more highly refined series of symbolic representations of the same act…
                         The Isis Papers Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Buck Nigger

5 Time Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch was one yard from brandishing back-to-back Super Bowl titles and MVP hardware to match his gold fronts and African medallions. Three feet. The Seattle Seahawks inexplicably faltered 36 inches from triumph. With a first and goal on the 1-yard line, Lynch wasn’t allowed to touch the ball - or his balls.

Absent a reasonable explanation, it's logical to suspect that powerful Whites may have decided that an obstinate black beast would not be permitted a super-bowl-winning touchdown and the requisite temptation for the most defiant end zone celebration in NFL history. A black male palming three balls.

Fans, players and analysts will offer a wealth of interpretations and a more cogent, transparent investigation of the decisive moments of Super Bowl 49 than the Ferguson grand jury proceedings.

Most of that discourse won’t suggest that another demon(ized) black male was subjected to Racism. If the Empire of White Supremacy obstructs and contaminates grand juries, police departments, McDonalds, and enlisted black female’s ability to maintain healthy, natural hair, why wouldn’t Whites thwart the success of uppity thugs niggers like Lynch and Richard Sherman?

White contempt for Lynch has been thinly veiled, crude, and pervasive. The New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch branded Lynch an “unprofessional dick” and a “childish jerk.” The New York TimesJuliet Macur channeled her Willie Horton, Central Park Five and George Stinney White angst to indict Lynch as a sexual beast.

He flashed that grin when the gymnast Shawn Johnson — the [White,] tiny and eternally adorable gold medalist from the 2008 Olympics — threw him a bag of Skittles as part of her gig with “Inside Edition.” Lynch blew her a kiss and told her, “You’re sexy, too.” She ran off, blushing. (I cringed, only because I first wrote about Johnson when she was 15 — and she is 23 now, but still looks 15.) 

A sabotaged ball game hardly registers when juxtaposed against the macabre mountain of lynched black males and razed black towns Whites have justified (celebrated) in the name of avenging an allegedly defiled pale woman. Lynch had the audacity to munch Skittles and live. The cockiness to disobey master, not speak on command. The Orenthal-James-Simpson-gall to get fresh with a White Woman.

Whites scripted Lynch as a petulant child rejecting White paternal authority by refusing to showcase a golden grin polished with White gratitude. A sassy nigger who needs reminding that his place is with the likes of Bay Area residents Bobby Hutton, Oscar Grant and Nubia Bowe. Whites provided him a plantation of dreams to escape the horrors of Oakland White Supremacy. And now he thinks he can defy White authority and keep his balls?

Black children like Darrin Manning had their balls taken for less: 
On January 7th, 2014 Darrin Manning, a 16 year old Black boy, was castrated by a female police officer that found him suspicious. Mr. Manning was a child, a straight “A” student, he was searched, patted down, and then his testicles were squeezed by this woman of the state so hard that they ruptured as indicated by an audible popping.
Maggie Rhodes’ black son Ashton had his genitals mutilated for less. 
When he was in the room, he was screaming like life and death like, like there wasn’t no tomorrow,” she said. “When she pulled back the cloth, like [Ashton’s penis] was like gone. She cut up instead of down, instead of cutting around the top of the penis.
White ball games should not be a priority for sane black people. No Super Bowl triumph or athletic achievement will provide permanent or even temporary solutions to black people’s problems with Racism (Whites). At best these institutions reify and reflect the White Supremacy values that make #BlackLivesMatter a hope or a hashtag, not reality.

Racist projections of demon, black beasts (not humans) that White and courageous Tom Bradys and Darren Wilsons must vanquish. Fairy Tale Racist Endings where brash, recalcitrant niggers are neutered by upstanding, hardworking Whites. White Supremacy could not reward Lynch’s weeks of supposed insubordination and genital flouting with an NFL crown. The core aspects of White culture that required the whipping of unruly Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks fuel the ongoing molestation of Assata Shakur. The rebellious, “buck nigger” is insufferable and must be broken. Broken in a manner that exemplifies how black defiance concludes. White conquest over – often holding – black balls.

William Rhoden master crafted $40 Million Slave and an interesting prelude to New England’s return to glory. He hinted that “by hook or by crook,” Patriot success seemed likely. Maybe he sensed the Arizona showdown was more plantation than coronation of “black heroes.” With Serena Williams confiscating her 19th major championship at the Australian Open a day before the gridiron battle, Whites had already surpassed their tolerance for celebrating melanin accomplishment.
Entire cross-sections of the country prayed for a “white hope” to rescue the title from the “beast” who had stolen it.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wishing For White Protesters Like Cliven Bundy

What we have foremost in common is that enemy. The White Man [and White Woman]. [They are] enemies to all of us. I know some of you think that some of them aren't enemies. Time will tell. - Minister Malcolm X
Dr. Baz Dreisinger was the first White guest on The Context of White Supremacy for 2015. She is the second Racist Suspect asked about the validity of Ta-Nehisi Coates assertion that, "White people are often sincerely and greatly pained by racism." [Incidentally, Gus asked Mr. Coates directly about this conclusion; he declined to comment.] Dr. Dreisinger declared that Coates speaks the truth; she and the White community are authentically anguished about the terrorism they have inflicted upon black people. She cited the recent infestation of Whites that have marched, held signs and die-ins for Michael Brown, Jr. and Eric Garner.
LMBAO was my initial response to Dr. Dreisinger's commentary as well as the photographic illustration of a sincerely and greatly pained White Man. But ROTF isn't a codified counter-racist response. A serious investigation of the latest swarm of White participation in black liberation reveals no altruism, no potency, no humor.

Where is the Well Meaning White Militia?
When Whites become earnestly committed to a cause, military might typically authenticates their sincerity. John Brown drenched the earth in blood to evidence his loyalty to ending black enslavement (so I been told). New millennium Whites claim his lineage - descendants with a birth right to complete his divine mission. But they're not strapped. "Anti-Racists" are not Cliven Bundy - armed, resolute Whites who contest unjust behavior and are willing to give or take a Racist life to produce Justice. Armed Whites publicly demonstrated their fury during the healthcare town hall meetings of 2009. Pale folks have continued packing in support of open-carry laws and in protest of possible firearm restrictions (symbolic White castration). One would think Whites who invest themselves in defending the 2nd Amendment would launch a siege on Ohio - an open-carry state; John Crawford, III and Tamir Rice were gunned down in Buckeye territory for holding toy guns. White gun enthusiasts didn't process these events as unconstitutional assaults on citizens' rights to arms. Apparently, it was just two niggers killed. No one who'll be missed. Black people are targeted for systemic, perpetual violence globally. Whites who allege to be against Racism are predictably lame, impotent and unable to adequately defend black life or rebuff White Terrorism.

"They Didn't Integrate It, They Infiltrated It."
Dear white protestors, this is NOT about you. 
Stop cannibalizing our movements with hashtags about every other life but ours. Stop plagiarizing Black people’s actual struggles for fictionalized white pain (I’m looking at you Hunger Games, with your whitewashed protagonist. “The Hanging Tree?” For real?). Stop scrambling to stand atop the growing pile of dead Black bodies to use it as your makeshift platform to secure more privileges and status for yourself. Stop using protests that should be about Black lives to exercise your white angst, break shit under the cover of darkness, and then bask in the bright light of white privilege while Black lives are declared to be worth less than the windows you broke.
An indispensable component of the System of White Supremacy is the concept of a White person that is not Racist. Victims of Racism are contaminated, Stockholm-Syndromed to yearn for White validation, White acceptance. It can be petrifying to think that every individual classified as White is a willing combatant in the army of White Terrorism. Invoking the name of John Brown or photos of Anne Braden or the presence of a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ferguson is a tactic of White military science (White Supremacy PsyOps); "White allies" disarm black self preservation and accurate perception of Whites as enemies.

Frequently, these benign Whites have at least one commonality with Cliven Bundy, a focus on studying "the negro." Many Whites produced biographies, documentaries, dissertations and careers from their Civil Rights days of yore. Yet Racism remains. Minister Malcolm X and others have noted that White presence functions as a governor and surveyor of black efforts to counter-racism. The 1963 March on Washington, the film Selma or The Obama Presidency would not be possible or celebrated without direct White infiltration, domination. Whites are allies to White Supremacy, not black people; their attendance should always signal an attempt to control, corrode, and impede black liberation.

The C.O.W.S. was fortunate to feature a black activist from Toronto; she and her black comrades recognized the predictable ways that Whites practice Racism when they invade black counter-racism efforts. Consequently, they implemented a code to limit Whites' ability to remove focus from Whites practicing Racism against black people or divert attention away from black protesters to White participants. They didn't deviate from their code, and a sizable portion of Whites seethed, accused the black organizers of "reverse racism."

What Does It Mean To Be White?

This is one of Melissa Harris-Perry's first offerings of the year, and this Sunday broadcast was a revival for Viola Liuzzo, those two White boys killed with James Chaney, and James Reeb. Four Whites who've been dead a half century must be sanctified and acknowledged as sterling rebukes to any suggestion that all Whites are irredeemably Racist. Few question why the community of sincerely and greatly pained Whites has produced so few 'allies" willing to battle and die to end Racism or brand the puny crew of Benjamin Perry, Rev. Renita Lamkin, William Lloyd Garrison, and other "good" Whitefolks as statistically insignificant. At best, these are anomalies, White outliers that obfuscate the meaning of White Identity.

If anything, the dead bodies of Liuzzo, Reeb and James Chaney's White companions illustrate the "White" classification assumes unwavering devotion to White Supremacy and failure to comply can result in expulsion from the group and forfeiture of life.

Within days of Brown's shooting, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal remarked:
The folks who were out last night, black and white. And when I kept saying the black community, you had a White couple to put up the black power sign up last night. That is an example of the community I represent. It was beautiful.
Following the the announcement that Eric Garner's killer would not be indicted, Spike Lee wanted to stress that a diverse New York collective assembled to object to the decision - which "has nothing to do with black and white." This is a predictable product of White Terrorism. White's have inflicted ceaseless, unpunished, White torture against black people; their mere presence makes many non-whites fearful, reluctant, or unable to communicate honestly about Racism - how Whites have and are tormenting us.
A White Man in a hoodie, brandishing an inadequately sized protest poster is a woeful expression of the power of White allies, rehabilitated race traitors who understand that the most they can do is the least they can do to end a Racist Empire that nourishes them.

This White lad's ability and will to vanquish Racism equal the likelihood of Cliven Bundy insisting that black  #NegroLivesMatter. No disrespect to the Garner family, but don't hold your breath waiting on Whites that are not Racist.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ismaaiyl Brinsley: The Black John Brown?

(Author's note: Brinsley is alleged to have shot his black ex-girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, before his reported shooting of two NYPD officers. If true, this is supremely incorrect behavior and should be unanimously condemned. Ironically, the first casualty of John Brown's botched insurrection was also a black person, Heyward Shepherd.)

Ismaaiyl Brinsley couldn’t be the black John Brown? So called anti-racists Whites like Timothy Wise proudly align themselves with the legacy of a 19th century murderer; a White man who concluded the destruction of black enslavement would require White death. Brown hacked Whites to bits in Kansas and led an unsuccessful attack on Harpers Ferry in Virginia. He’s credited with sparking the Civil War and the end of the plantation phase of White Supremacy. Dick Gregory and legions of Whites and non-whites literally sing hymns of praise for this White killer.

But Ismaaiyl Brinsley? A black male who is alleged to have killed two of New York City’s finest in retaliation for the unjust deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Jr. He’s immediately branded a “crazy” nigger.

Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites.
- Dr. Bobby E. Wright

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani justified police terrorism in predominantly black areas because of the scourge of black hooliganism. The red herring of “black on black crime” absolves Whites of their unrelenting Racist abuses and implies black defectiveness, which would require White Domination to maintain a semblance of order amongst dark people.

Contrary to en vogue hashtags, black lives do not matter. Whites recognized the twenty-year anniversary of the Rwanda massacre this year; they briefly acknowledged that President Clinton and the White collective were unconcerned with approximately a million black deaths. The reminiscing was a few months before the Ebola epidemic began throttling northwest Africa; Whites displayed the same Racist indifference until White lives were threatened.

Perpetual White Terrorism, black suffering with no foreseeable conclusion is the context of “black on black crime,” black crazy.
The [black] boy submitted until maddened at such injustice, and insane with pain, he sprang to his feet, and seizing an axe, literally chopped the [White] overseer in pieces. He made no attempt whatever at concealment, but hastening to his master, related the whole affair, and declared himself ready to expiate the wrong by the sacrifice of his life. – Twelve Years A Slave pg. 327
It is a colossal act of White Supremacy to classify black retaliation, black rage as insane. It is a testament to the effectiveness of White braintrashing that there are not more instances of what Ismaaiyl Brinsley is accused of doing.

Dr. Kamau Kambon remarked that Colin FERGUSON's self-hate button became deactivated on the Long Island Rail Road. Black people are in a perpetual state of rage and frustration. Whites groom us to direct our anger inward, toward ourselves and other black people (Shaneka Thompson). White Supremacy programming is engineered to ensure that we never train our attention and anger on those responsible for our wretched condition, White Women, White Men and White Children.

On December 25th, 2012, Whites clamored to theaters to celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s cartoonish black rebellion (Django Unchained) – which was managed by an Oscar winning White man. Their sense of humor abated when Maurice Clemmons, Nkosi Thandiwe, Lovelle Mixon, Joan Little, and Mark Essex deviated from the script, correctly recognized Whites as enemies to black people and responded accordingly.

Many Whites are castigating President Obama, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (Racist Suspect) and Rev. Al Sharpton for igniting a “Race War.” Racism (White Supremacy) Is War. White C.O.W.S. guests have acknowledged that they know Whites deserve to be slaughtered for what they’ve done to black and non-white people; they understand it’s logical – not crazy – for their barbaric system to produce Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s sooner or later.

Dr. Samuel Cartwright and other sacred Racists achieved distinction insisting that black freedom fighters like Minister Nat Turner and journalist Ida B. Wells were afflicted with Drapetomia (absconding from service to Whites).  Jonathan Metzl's The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease documents how Whites began condemning black people as deranged for opposing Racism.

One does not have to endorse or glorify Brinsley’s purported acts. But we’re days away from the December 25th release of the film adaption of the Chris Kyle’s American Sniper; a deceased White killer is memorialized for being “the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.” It is maximum White hypocrisy to dismiss black counter-violence as a moment of lunacy. Brinsley may have been inspired by and continuing Kyle’s and Brown’s sanctified legacies of righteous bloodshed.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Rosa Parks > Ellen DeGeneres + Chris Rock

... And Harriet Tubman, where now the hip-hop people have now put on a pornographic movie about her. And this guy—I forgot his name, [James] McBride or something, The New York Times is in there with this glowing two-page review of his book, talking about Frederick Douglass was a drunk... and isn’t that funny? So, I think now there’s some kind of concerted effort in the cultural environment to make fun of anything that historically would give people any kind of courage or nerve or desire to fight. I don’t think it’s accidental. - Gloria Richardson
The New York Magazine features a lengthy interview with actor, comedian and Victim of Racism, Chris Rock. The Saturday Night Live alumnus and creator of Good Hair (2009) reflected on Ferguson, Bill Cosby, the notion of "progress" as it relates to Racism, and raising black girls while Sasha and Malia Obama reside in The White House.

Rock's profession and body of work inform what one can realistically expect him to say about black people, Racism in general. Mychal Denzel Smith submitted a spectacular assessment of how Whites have enthusiastically rewarded Rock and many other Victims of Racism for disparaging melanin-rich humans. Bring The Pain. Abandon #BlackSelfRespect, mock collective black trauma for White entertainment, and your bank balance will never be niggardly.

This verbose exchange has agendas. Promoting Rock's new film (Top Five) is a key objective, but the primary aim is to appease, reassure and glorify Whites. There is more White flattery than excuses and donations for the White killers of Michael Brown, Jr. and Eric Garner. Joan Rivers is a "great person, underrated comedian." Rock declares his "love" for Bill Maher, and can't deny that Top Five "is almost like an homage to Woody Allen."

The White collective dominates the globe, and a sizable portion of dark folks are required to brown-nose and pay tributes to pale folks for fewer nickles thank Mr. Rock. That's White Power, Racism.

White Power also dictates that two individuals named in this report have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct, but only one is recognized as a suspected predator. Bill Cosby is practically declared deceased alongside Rivers and Robin Williams. Stick a pitchfork in his career. The best we can do is hope the allegations aren't true. The cinema and career of Woody Allen are celebrated with no regard for the lingering allegations of pedophilia.

Fawning aside, Rock slips in profound reflections on Racist White Pathology:

My mother tells stories of growing up in Andrews, South Carolina, and the black people had to go to the vet to get their teeth pulled out. And you still had to go to the back door, because if the white people knew the vet had used his instruments on black people, they wouldn’t take their pets to the vet. This is not some person I read about. This is my mother.
Pause for Dr. Maya Angelou (I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings).

Boomerang's (1992) Bony T states that "progress" has allowed for "the nicest white people that America has ever produced." Ostensibly, millennial Whites - like his daughters' classmates - have greater immunity to the "disease" of Racism that infected previous eras when "We [WHITES] were hanging black people." [Lennon Lacy? Frederick Jermaine Carter? Khalid Flimban?] However, Rock is still black, and, apparently, justifiably fearful that even Whites raised on Madagascar (2005) might be the new millennium Mistress Epps or Bull Connor.

I almost cry every day. I drop my kids off and watch them in the school with all these mostly white kids, and I got to tell you, I drill them every day: Did anything happen today? Did anybody say anything? They look at me like I am crazy.
Perhaps Mr. Rock and his daughters should peruse Lawrence Otis Graham's recent disclosure that cocooning his black offspring in prestigious White academies did not shield them from White Terrorism and it made them reluctant to discuss or acknowledge the reality - and pain - of Racism.

Truth being that Whites have complete, unadulterated contempt for black people, dead or alive. NPR's Allison Keyes produced a 2013 report on efforts to preserve African American burial grounds:

A lot of other African-American cemeteries in D.C. today are under parking lots. They're under buildings, they're under schools. They'll never be remembered or found. William and Mary anthropology professor Michael Blakey is one of the leading experts on African and African-American burial grounds in the country. He says the ritual treatment of the dead is one of the fundamental definitions of humankind.
Four and a half hours.

Counter-Racist soldier Gloria Richardson charged that there is a concerted, methodical effort to eviscerate black history. Laying waste to black cemeteries and maligning black ancestors is a part of this campaign. Chris Rock's analogy of Rosa Parks is another illustration of this disgraceful barrage.

I always call Ellen DeGeneres the gay Rosa Parks. If Rosa Parks had one of the most popular daytime TV shows, I’m sure the civil-rights movement would’ve moved a little bit faster too.
Rock's commentary is glaringly inconsistent with the proclamations of his Everybody Hates Chris co-star, Tyler James Williams; he recently declared that "the African American community is notoriously homophobic."

But black is gay. That concept and image has been promoted ad nauseam and with tremendous enthusiasm. During the summer of 2014, PBS released The New Black, which sustained the attack on black people as the greatest homophobes to ever breath while simultaneously perpetuating the equation of black and gay. Time magazine showcased Laverne Cox to poignantly make LGBT Rights synonymous with black people, Civil Rights. Cox has been the centerpiece of Netflix's juggernaut, Orange Is The New Black - where black people are again connected to crime and incarceration as well as "homosexual" and "transgender" behavior.

This is one aspect of the White Supremacist offensive. Victims of Racism are being used to advance and nurture this objective. Consciously or subconsciously some black people have deduced that Whites will be less hostile and/or more generous with resources if they shill for gay issues. That's White Power, Racism.

But Rosa Parks? Rosa Parks who battled to free the Scottsboro Boys? Rosa Parks who married, lived with, and was part of a black collective committed to armed self defense and the preservation of black life? Rosa Parks who ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott being emulated in Ferguson, Missouri? Rosa Parks who risked her life to defend black females who were raped by White brutes because "she knew [White] sexual violence sat at the core of white supremacy." [Danielle McGuire, At The Dark End Of The Street pg. 56]  Rosa Parks who fought off a White Rapist as a teen? Rosa Parks who was forced to flee Alabama because of White Terrorists' relentless threats to assassinate her?

Rosa Parks, for example, constantly received calls from angry whites who yelled "Die, nigger!" whenever she or her husband picked up the phone. Like other blacks committed to the freedom struggle, Rosa Parks lost her job and was blacklisted in Montgomery, as were her husband and mother. After an especially vicious death threat in the summer of 1957, Parks called her cousin in Detroit sobbing. "Rosie, get the hell out of Montgomery," he urged. "Raymond's right; Whitey is going to kill you." (McGuire, pg. 120)
This legacy is equal to Ellen DeGeneres? The White woman who peeled off $39 million for a California palace? Ellen DeGeneres who was just accused of practicing Racism during the 2014 World Cup? She joked about being ignorant of Ghana's geographic location. All of Africa is "3rd World," so Ghana might not even be on the same planet with Whitefolks.

Rock's comparison is inaccurate, untenable, and should guarantee that he does not have a black patron for the remainder of his Hollywood career. It's likely that Whites encouraged and/or applauded Russell Simmons mocking Harriet Tubman as a whore. James McBride penned Frederick Douglass as a boozehound in The Good Lord Bird, and Whites lionized his effort with the 2013 National Book Award; the bestseller is scheduled to be adapted to the big screen starring Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's son, Jaden. Whites might have similar laurels for Rock, but nothing Whites offer trumps #BlackSelfRespect.

An audience that’s not laughing is the biggest indictment that something’s too far. No comedian’s ever done a joke that bombs all the time and kept doing it.
Minimizing, obscuring or trivializing the life force of Rosa Parks is a "joke" that bombs eternally. Where is the Sandman when you need him?