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Victim of R/WS: How the white female is marketed to non-whites

When victims of Racism/White Supremacy (racism is white supremacy, and white supremacy is racism) talk about this dominating, subjugating, marginalizing, and abusive worldwide system, they very rarely, or if ever, speak of the white female as a practitioner and maintenance worker in the system.  She is dedicated to keeping it in existence, forever. It is the white male who is seen as the only practitioner of RWS.  The only white entity working to maintain the system of RWS.  Only white people can practice RWS.  

This is the system they created to dominate, and subjugate those that they classify as not white.  The white Female is often marketed as the white male’s victim.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  She is his partner in this inhumane, global wide, planet wide, criminal regime.  Not just the white male, she is one of the main stake holders in their system.

How is it that the white female , whether she is straight, gay, rich, poor, old, young, has been integral in practicing, maintaining, and benefiting from the system of RWS.  How is it that she does not come to mind when RWS is talked about victims of RWS? How is that possible? How is she able to hide in plain sight? How is this instigator and cause of some of the most racist, terroristic acts on the planet still able to remain under the radar of suspicion when it comes to how victims of RWS view her?  It is because of how she is marketed to the world?  White people are in charge of their image, and the image of their non white victims.  They have been able to make an innocent group of people enslaved, marginalized, and subjugated to this day, out to be racists and the problem of the planet.   

A group of people whom white people dominate in all 9 areas of people activity as described by Mr. Nelly Fuller Jr., economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.  White people own, and run all of these areas.  Yet, they’ve been successful at convincing the world that the black male is whom everyone should fear.  Only people in charge can put out such lies, and make them stick even while there are tons and tons of evidence to the contrary.

Margarita Tartokovsky writes about the advertising psychologist, and father of behaviorism in America, John Watson, in her article, “The Psychology of Advertising.”  She says, “He believed that in order for advertising to be effective, it should appeal to three innate emotions:  love, fear, and rage.”   In 1930,   Watson is also quoted as saying, “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-informed, and my own specified world to bring them up in,  and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select—doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even begger-man, and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his  ancestors.”

Behaviorism, this method of psychology, is to provoke and manipulate impulses and passions, and study the effect upon behavior.  The white female’s marketing  seduces her victims into thinking she can be trusted, and that she is good, whereas the White male is evil.  She is the  “fairest’ of the two.  White people’s dictionary defines fair as, “Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice, marked for favoring conditions. Archaic. Something that is fair, a.  a woman, b. a beloved woman.”  The only woman who has ever been called fair is the white woman.  See, she is defined as beloved, free from bias, free from dishonesty, free from injustice.  Some of the related words to fair, on white people’s dictionary.com website are, blonde, Caucasian, and economic value.  This is exactly how the White female is marketed to her victims.  Who is the fairest of them all?  The white female.

The white female’s nude, and semi-nude body is paraded worldwide as every man’s desire.  Playboy magazine is in most of the world where non white people reside.  Young, non white males see her naked before they see the females in their own “race” naked in a sexual way.  It is her image that most non white males are seduced into fantasizing about throughout their lives because of the non stop, 24/7 marketing campaign that goes on about her throughout their lives?  She is the most seen female in movies, TV, DVD's, videos, etcetera.  This is by design.  countless non white females are compared to the white female. She is called beautiful, gorgeous, etc. all the time on TV, and in magazines regardless of how she looks. A Study showed that white males receive the highest esteem boost when watching television. It said that white females do not. Again, making the white female a victim of the white male, and a victim in general. We all work around whit females, they know they dominate all non white people. It is her looks that non-white females are constantly compared to - especially high-melanin females classified as black.

The cosmetic industry was made for the white female to better her looks in a world dominated by melanin women.  However, that gets lost on her victims because of psychological advertising aimed at them.  She is not marketed as needing help to become beautiful. She is marketed as the source, the definition of beauty.  The one that all non white females should look like.   Even in an all non white community, most victims of RWS have white, female teachers.  She is marketed as the very definition of  motherhood, womanhood, the perfect wife and girlfriend, the ultimate sex partner, color blind, and wielding justice and ‘fairness” where the white male won’t.

We know this mind control is a con job because white men and women have the highest divorce rates.  The marketing of the white female is for the victims of the worldwide system of Racism/White Supremacy.  White men know the truth.  They know it is one big, fat, Wizard of Oz, lie.  It’s not about truth, it is about maintaining, RWS.   Corporations spend millions on a thirty second ad because it works.  In her article, ‘Why we spent millions on a 30-second superbowl ad-twice, Lindsey Blakely writes, “More than 1 million people visited HomeAway.com in the 24-hour period after the Super Bowl and traffic remained up for the following two months.”

The white female is marketed the way she is because that’s the role she plays in her system of RWS.  She’s good at it.  She is dedicated to practicing and maintaining the system of RWS.  She is dedicated to her posterity practicing and maintaining the global wide, multiple continent wide, family business-RWS.

A jury of 5 out of 6 white females (83%) found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering, unarmed, non white, teen, Trayvon Martin.  In a , 2012,  study led by Duke University researchers, it was found that , in Florida, where there was an all white jury, the black defendant was convicted 81% of the time, and whites, 66% of the time. The study did not say an all white, male jury. It says an all white jury.  These white female jurors followed the standard operating procedure of WP in Florida, and all over the world as a matter of fact.  They did nothing different than when all white male jurors would convict black males during the Jim Crow era. Usually, accused of crimes against the white female. Unlike White males, she is marketed as fair.  White females terrorized the Little Rock 9.  White females were integral in shutting down the school system in Virginia for five years just so that black children could not attend better schools.

Part of white people’s long success of maintaining the system of RWS is not just their aggressive, in-your-face, overt inhumane, terroristic acts, but their tender, refined acts of so called kindness, sympathy, and empathy towards their victims.  White people cause the famine, drought, war, despair, poverty, anti-non-white sentiments - especially anti-black - then come in with the cornbread, water, job, a place to sleep, smile an affirming nod, a validating compliment etcetera.  They cause the problems of their victims then come in as hero, heroin, and solvers of the problem. What better way to confuse your victims in to thinking that you are good? After the first gang of soldiers dropped the atom bomb on  their victims of RWS in  Japan, the second leg of their racist gang members came in to “heal’ their wounds.  This is to confuse their victims, and make them think that there are some good white people.  White people must have their victims believing that not all white people are Racist/white supremacists - just those sad, uneducated, ignorant, crazy Ku Klux Klan members. The Ku Klux Klan has never just been made up of uneducated, ignorant white people.  The Klan members were/are senators, mayors, governors, sheriffs, judges, county clerks, etcetera. See, white people are now marketing the Klan as backward, harmless, loud mouths who are harmless. They have been scapegoated as the ONLY white supremacists. No white person is harmless. This white female is the greatest beneficiary of this belief.

The white female is marketed as weak, powerless, a victim of the white male. She is often mentioned alongside of her victims of  RWS when speaking about injustice around the world to various groups. Whenever you hear the word, woman or women, it is referring only to the white female.

Powerless?  White females always say they are less powerful even in comparison to her male victims of RWS.  Another con.  One of the most powerful people on the planet is Queen Elizabeth, a white female.  It is reported that she owns one sixth of the world’s non ocean surface, or 6,600 million acres, 31 countries, many of which, non white people reside.  This white woman has been queen for over 60 years.  I am sure she has say in how the plantation, also known as earth, operates.  It can be argued that she is the richest person on earth. She holds massive, global power. Again, white people even market this white female ruler as not really in charge. Just someone in authority whom no one fears. She doesn't use it, etcetera. Just sitting on power - clueless as to how or if to use it. She has already been using it. The fact that she is old really plays to the white female's marketing as harmless and gentle.  Read up on all that she has the power to enact if she wants to.  It is she who white male US Presidents have come to get the once over when they got elected over the many years she has been ruling.

The white female's words caries a lot of weight on their world wide plantation.  They have caused lives, and careers to end, and towns with thousands of non white people to be burned.  Her powerful, lying lips caused black wall street to be burned down and black people murdered,  Rosewood, Fl. to be razed  and black people slaughtered, Emmett Till to be murdered. White historians have documented hundreds of similar outbursts of White Terror. Susan Smith falsely accused black males of killing her sons, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood to specifically cut down on the birth rate of BP-genocide, a white woman ended  Herman Cain’s run for President by saying he, of course, sexually assaulted her, over a dozen white women, with no proof, just their words,  came out and said that Tiger Woods slept with them, and they were believed.  White women were caught kidnapping Haitian children during the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, and they were not sent to jail. 

If an infertile or fertile white woman wants to take her non white victim’s children, and “raise” them in her home, it gets done.  See, white people cause all of the conditions that put their non white victims in impotent, pitiful predicaments. Then white people come in as the hero/heroin. Another way for their non white victims to grow up thinking of white people as good, rescuers, mother, father.   This way  they don’t have to worry with too many uprisings from their victims.  Keep them confused as to who white people really are.  White people are  fed up with this  Affirmative Action, B.S.  Who do they send out to lead the dismantling of it?  A white female.  The dismantler in-chief, herself.  She takes down communities, towns, countries, and legislative acts.  White people give it, and the white female taketh away.   She rules over her victims of RWS with her power.   She is the very definition of the idiom, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Another white woman, and Australian mining mogul, Gina Rinheart, in 2012, said that Africans would work for less than $2 per day in her mines, or look for other work.  Forbes estimates Rinheart to be worth $18 Billion. White female, Queen Victoria, was one of the world’s biggest drug dealers.  She ordered the overthrow of India, and flooded China with opium causing its citizens to become addicted. 

The white female is not the white male’s victim, she is his partner in the crime against humanity-RWS.  The organized, criminal regime that they call , RWS.  They have squabbles, and spats over  the tactics and strategies to use to practice RWS.  They do not argue over if they should practice RWS.   All white people believe that white people should  dominate all non white people on the planet.  This is evidenced by the fact that white people continue to  dominate, subjugate, marginalize, every group on the planet whom they classify as not white.  They rule, and reign in all nine areas of  people activity as described by Mr. Nelly Fuller Jr., economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

White people aren’t coincidentally ruling in all of these areas.  It is  deliberate, purposeful, willful, and shows a dedication to making sure that white people dominate non white people worldwide.  The white female is white.  Just like white people constantly tell themselves, and their victims that they are the best things that ever happened to the earth.  Though,  we see that they’ve caused global warming, polluted water,  over growth of crops to keep their capitalism going, polluted air with their industrial and technical revolution, they’ve caused obesity to be on this planet like never before with their junk food, fast food, pre packaged foods, and fake foods.

They’ve caused harm, death, and destruction to all inhabitants of the planet, great and small, fowl of the air, beast of the field, fish of the sea, plant life, and the eco-system.  We see their handy work, their destruction.  Yet, they’ve been able to convince their victims that they’ve improved their quality of life.  That before them, everyone was living the worst kind of existence.  This coming from a people who didn’t even have a hygiene system in Europe.  This coming from a people whose feces infested streets of Europe almost wiped them off the planet.  Not to mention their  2 world wars that almost wiped them off the planet. Yes, they are exceptional.  Exceptionally bad for non white people.   WP are notorious for their biological weapons, and diseases.  Yet, when we think of them, only smart, forward thinking, exceptional comes to mind.  Why?  They are in charge of their image unlike their victims. They market themselves through psychological advertising as such.  Not to mention, they are war mongers, who kill for fun.

The white female is not working against or countering the system of RWS.  She works to make sure that her white children understand, practice, maintain, and benefit from the long lasting , been here too long , global wide, family business, RWS.  In the words of Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr., “Follow the logic and the evidence.”

John B. Watson
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ARW said...

This the main reason why I'm not friends with them goddamn kkkrackas! I have been around them growing up & I know how evil they are, they should have destroyed that ugly ass bitch!

Anonymous said...

Great post that speaks volumes and makes one think, re-think and contemplate upon all that is happening in the world today regarding the involvement, compliance and activities initiated by white female. She is not, I repeat, not a victim of RWS but a full-time perpetrator and beneficiary of RWS to the fullest extent. We have been bamboozled and hook-winked into thinking otherwise all of these years. Not much we can do about that. But with the correct knowledge and re-examination of this creature, we can see white females for who they really are.

0malone1 said...

yikes, quite informative; liked the part about snowflake being marketed as being weak, and innocent; after nonwhites are berated by their females,i suppose they need those sooth thin hips, and miniature bums to console them and make them feel in charge, and whole, once again

*just earlier a wog said he was really into whites and Indians... jungle fever really big in London!

Anonymous said...

Well said and I would agree. I am so happy you have explained this so well because I am tired of people talking about the racist white man as if white women are so innocent. There have been a many of white women smiling in the cameras as Black men, Black women,and Black children were lynched. Looking like devils while doing so. Thanks for the post