Friday, February 20, 2009

A for real diary entry

This post actually resembles a diary. Just sharing a few thoughts.

The non-white people of the known universe seem vested in a plethora of activities... least of which is the System of White Supremacy. The Racists have refined their craft, so that their System of domination is intangible, beyond detection.

Victims fails to recognize their own victimization... or feel that their is no recourse, no means to Replace White Supremacy With Justice. So the non-white people resign themselves to being subject to and mistreated by White people for eternity.

Maybe I'm crazy. But I believe all things fall apart. I've seen White people become anxious in response to things I said. I'm no one. a black male, wretched of the earth. No family. No friends. Can't name 5 people who have regard for my thoughts or feelings. But I have seen White people look far from invincible.

No, I ain't figured out how to destroy the matrix. I got 4 suggestions though:

  • Become precision crafted with words. Think and re-think each word and definition you use when discussing Racism/White Supremacy. Constantly refine your speech for clarity and accuracy.
  • Remain suspicious of ALL White people as long as the System of White Supremacy exists. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • DO NOT MISTREAT ANY NON-WHITE PERSON FOR ANY REASON.[Except in self defense of life or major property.]

If a significant number of Victims of Racism dedicated themselves to these four suggestions, White Supremacy would be gone with the wind.

But it don't like we goin' do this today. And next month ain't looking too good either. "Give up these luscious White women... you must be trippin', nigga." I may be.

And I may not live to see non-whites focused on putting the Racists out of business. As such... this blog may serve as my posthumous thoughts and ideas on the System of Racism and what the Victims can do to topple this tower of injustice. I wouldn't be the first to have come and gone while the White Supremacy juggernaut can't stop, won't stop.

But whether I see it or not... this is going to end. I may not see the day, but that day is approaching. I'm investing my life in making that day arrive sooner. Cause it's already been too damn long.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Counter Racist Investments

If you feel that this blog and/or The C.O.W.S. Talk Radio Program are constructive attempts to Replace White Supremacy With Justice, or if you simply wish to aid a Victim of White Supremacy, please, make an investment.

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