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Christopher Dorner, Counter-Racism Code

Neely Fuller, Jr. once shared with me about the 1960’s riots. He recalled a black male who expressed his frustrations with being terrorized by Whites by incinerating White owned property. He shouted triumphantly, the block ablaze. Characteristically, Whites fabricated stories of black people shooting at firefighters; they refused to extinguish the fires. What started as a revolutionary spark against YT, resulted in an elderly black male being burned to death. The black male who ignited the blaze was left houseless after his grandmother’s residence was scorched; he was fortunate to rescue her from the flames. Fuller remarked:
"Even when we call ourselves getting at White folks,
we do a job on black people."

This wasn’t the only concept of Neely Fuller, Jr. that came to mind when I began reading about murder suspect and Victim of White Supremacy, Christopher Dorner. Whites have narrated that Mr. Dorner is a former enforcement officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and a decorated former Navy Lieutenant with ten years of service. He’s the primary suspect for the murder of Monica Quan (Non-white female) and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence (black male). He’s also described as the suspect in the shooting of two Riverside, California police officers – one of the officers was terminated.

What’s been reported as of February 8, 2013 does not provide all necessary details and may not be true. Mr. Dorner may not have committed any of these crimes. Whites falsely accuse black people for kicks – I’m surprised Pres. Obama hasn’t been implicated as a Dorner accomplice (may be coming).

Unfortunately, I was reminded of Mr. Fuller when I realized that some non-white people seemed excited or pleased with Mr. Dorner's alleged bloodletting It’s also been reported that Mr. Dorner wrote a manifesto detailing his experiences as a Victim of Racism. He described White coworkers/enforcement officers – other then Stacey Koon – calling black people Niggers. Dorner spoke with pride about physically assaulting Whites who said Nigger in his presence throughout his life. Part of his vendetta with the LAPD surrounds allegations that a White police officer kicked a prone civilian in the face without cause. To non-white people less confused about Racism, this sounds like routine operating procedure for White police officers around the world. See Stuart Lawrence, Sean Bell, Tyisha Miller, Tawana Brawley, Aiyana Jones, Rekia Boyd, Ramarley Graham, Mark Duggan, Oscar Grant, Abner Louima

For some non-white people, Mr. Dorner’s military training, and willingness to openly wage war against a Racist White Police System, might engender comparisons to a 21st century Nat Turner, or the reincarnation of Mark Essex. As we just concluded our study session on George Orwell’s 1984, Gus T. Renegade is highly skeptical. The context of these events demands a fine-toothed inspection.

  • A seamless stream of public shootings over the past eight months.
  • White-knuckle hysteria that the Nigger in the White House will confiscate the manhood assault rifles of White Men.
  • Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were slain in Orange County, where in December 2012 a White man opened fire at a mall - unloading more then 40 shots and injuring one. The county also had a recent string of publicized acts of White Terrorism – including the suspicious death of Khalid Flimban {black male}.
  • A $160,000,000+ box office smash depicting a gun-toting, Django Unchained killing Whites.
  • And less then seven days earlier, one of the most celebrated killers of recent years was publicly executed at a gun range - former Navy Seal, Sniper, New York Times bestseller, and Racist Suspect, Chris Kyle (American Sniper).
But beyond these concurrent events, nothing about this story supports Justice. Nothing about this incident helps to eliminate Racism. Nothing about what’s been reported will improve the lives of black people. To the contrary, this could possibly make things worse – already has for a few. I’ll outline a few key aspects of what has been reported thus far that violate major counter-racist objectives and bare the fingerprints and worldview of Racists/White people.

Whites derive an abundance of pleasure insulting black people. It boosts their morale to see us “chimpout,” become irrational, raging lunatics on their cue. Like Pavlov’s obedient pups, Whites provide us with auditory stimulus: NIGGER; we respond according to our training. Allen Iverson and countless others have had life changing altercations responding to the grade school insults of Racists. It never benefits black people to allow Whites to provoke us to substitute rage (even when justified) for reason. Mr. Dorner’s alleged manifesto describes him choking a White police officer for saying Nigger. Only Racists would appreciate this response. It eternally benefits Whites when we fail to remain codified, professional soldiers who understand and expect trifling, Racist behavior from any and all White people. Codified, professional warriors do not respond to name calling from their adversary. Successful combatants consistently respond to their enemies in the best manner possible. White people consciously and or subconsciously think of all black people as Niggers. Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. – founder of the White Privilege Conference – has produced children with more then one White Woman, and even he publicly acknowledges this fact. Our enemies openly identifying themselves as such should never offend us.

Under the System of Racism (White Supremacy), all non-white people are being violently harmed. Any Victim of Racism can respond with counter-violence to White individuals they suspect of being Racist. But under no circumstances should ANY other non-white person be harmed during the use of counter-violence. Non-white people are terrorised; it makes no sense and is intolerable to add additional injury to an already battered people. The initial two victims Mr. Dorner is suspected of killing were non-white. The photographs of the slain engaged couple illustrate the extraordinary incorrectness of this act. It is total insanity for a non-white person to respond to Whites practicing Racism by murdering innocent non-white people. It’s as sensible as a slave of Thomas Jefferson attacking his Racist owner by decapitating Sally Hemings. Any act that is supposed to be against Racism cannot produce the same result as Racism. The essence of any counter-racist act should be affirming, saving and improving the lives of melanated people. Any act that violates this essential counter-racist code, should be forcefully rejected.

Mr. Fuller began construction of a meticulous counter-racist code. If the reports are true, Mr. Dorner has violated a key aspect of codification. Stand By Your Work. Mr. Dorner is alleged to have declared “asymmetrical warfare” on the LAPD. But he’s on the run. White people have launched a colossal hunt for this black male, and they’ve endangered and shot innocent non-white people in the process. White people enjoy fox hunts, nigger tracking. Black Boston residents, who recall Charles Stuart and the orchestrated response to tales of murdering black males, can bare witness. Whites have no compunction about harming innocent black people in pursuit of a perceived - fabricated – threat of a rogue darkie.

White people have purchased historic amounts of firearms since the 2008 election of Barack Obama. The given narrative on Mr. Dorner offers them a chance to try out their new toys.

I strongly encourage non-white people to research this incident with a high level of cynicism. Mr. Dorner has extensive military training – including awards for his efforts in the “War on Terrorism” and skilled marksmanship. It’s been reported that he left the Navy less then a week before the murder of Quan and Lawrence. It is possible that Dorner remains a dutiful soldier in the White Supremacist armed services.

Either way, these acts should not be celebrated, condoned or supported. They are disgraceful. Nonconstructive. Innocent Victims of Racism have been harmed and even killed. This is not the handy work of a courageous, counter-racist soldier. When you strike out against the plantation, you do not target the slaves.  

A Suspected Racist reporter compared these events to a Hollywood flick. Only the psychopathic Racist is entertained by the prospect of a brawny, black cop-killer on the loose. Two non-whites killed. And a call for more blood. 

"White People Kill For Fun.- Mr. Nero

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**Neely Fuller, Jr. on Christopher Dorner**
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