Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The C.O.W.S. T-Shirt Experiment

Greetings Victims! This is the long awaited, much ballyhooed counter-racist t-shirt experiment. I'm not for certain how Racist Woman, Racist Man and Racist Child will respond to Victims sporting such a garment. Not sure how other Victims will react either.

But I'm anxious to find out. If you're interested in promoting The C.O.W.S. and challenging the default condemnation of dark people, purchase a shirt - or three. The price is $20. Cost includes shipping. Use the Pay Pal link above to make a purchase - be sure to designate that your funds are for a t-shirt. Shirts will be ordered on March 30th, and shipped within 2 weeks. Please, email Gus with further questions.
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Anonymous said...

I would love to try this!!!

I'm sure there will be alot of interesting responses by both white people and non-white people.

Scott Smith said...

In my hometown of LaGrange, GA (where we still had a "no blacks allowed" library and swimming pool until 1993!), there is a school board member, a white woman, who promotes child literacy by dressing as an African caricature called "Mama Jama." "Mama Jama" also has a TV show on our local government channel. Please see the "petition letter" tab on the following page for more details, and please help spread the word about this:​petitions/​city-of-lagrange-georgia-remove​-mama-jama-from-tv

Anonymous said...

Neely Fuller, Jr. says "Never ask anyone to "love" you or "respect" you.

W. Lacey said...

Are these still for sale Gus?

Unknown said...

How do I buy one ???