Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interracial Relationships are SADD

The author of this blog does not support the popular belief that interracial relationships represent progress, the demise of Racism. White Supremacists/Slave Masters/Segregationists have been sexually engaged with non-white people for centuries. Miscegenation and White Supremacy are compatible; history reveals them to be frequent companions. Gus has invested a significant amount of time and energy studying these tragic arrangements; his conclusion is that sexual intercourse with a White person/Racist Suspect has disastrous ramifications for the non-white person involved - and a substantial number of non-white people who have a good deal of contact with either members of the interracial tandem. Integrated bedrooms/back seats have delivered us a menagerie of fascinating terms(Octoroon), exotic looking people (Jennifer Beals), interesting flicks (Watermelon Man) and a White House full of Obamas. Sadly, Injustice, White Supremacy remains. And the non-white people who get it on with White people, are especially SADD.

SPACE for Non-Racist White people. Sexual intercourse symbolizes an intimate bond between two individuals. People naturally tend to develop a greater awareness and consideration for the person whom shares their bed. For non-white people with a White sex partner, this mandates that they conceptualize Racism in a manner that allows for Good White Folks. That is, White people who definitely don't do anything to participate in the System of White Supremacy. As with snack chips, it's generally difficult to stop at one. The non-white person who has convinced themselves that there is at least one White person who is not complicit with Racism/White Supremacy, tends to find other such White people. As their White sex partner will come to represent their most penetrating and trusted relationship to White people, this Suspected Racist will profoundly shape how this Victim perceives White people at large. Ramifications? These non-white people will be intolerant of any analysis of Racism which assumes or suggests that every White person is a participant in the System of White Supremacy. All White people would mean that their White partner is no exception; this is unacceptable for the maintenance of the non-white person's integrated relationship as well as their sanity.
Illustration: The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr (May 2009).

Racism becomes ABSTRACT.
ABSTRACT: [adjective] A) thought apart from concrete realities, specific objects, [PEOPLE] or actual instances. B) expressing a quality or characteristic apart from any specific object, [PERSON] or instance. C) difficult to understand.
ABSTRACT: [verb]  A) to divert or draw away the attention of. B) to consider as a general quality or characteristic apart from specific objects, [PEOPLE] or instances.
The System of White Supremacy is designed to befuddle non-white people. Our continued subjugation is the supreme evidence of our counter-racist deficiencies. Engaging in sexual intercourse with a Racist severely hampers the ability of non-white people to remember that Racism is a product of White behavior. "The Problem is White People." Non-white people with a White partner are frequently able to admit that Racism persists. However, they will posit that Racism exists because of laws, statues, codes, customs, chance... anything, anyone but the White people they're seated with and smooching. When White people address terrorism and crime, they make certain that everyone remembers that there are specific individuals to blame. Terrorists create Terrorism. Criminals create Crime. This flawless logic dictates that if Racism/White Supremacy endures, living, breathing Racists/White Supremacists (White People) are responsible. Sexual intercourse with a White person demands that the non-white person reject any discussion of Racism that implicates White folks - especially the White person who sees them naked.
Illustration: The C.O.W.S. w/ The Oreo Experience (January 2010).

DEFENDING White people. Chancellor L. Williams' Destruction of Black Civilization offers a phenomenal dissection of how White Supremacists have used miscegenation to establish a Buffer Group. This non-white Buffer can be used to protect White Supremacists and their interests. Non-white people with a White sex partner, White baby momma/daddy or White mother and father are directly related to Suspected Racists; that is, they cherish an intense emotional bond with a White person whom has been trained to perceive and relate to non-whites as inferior. Conversely, non-white people are conditioned to cater to and comfort White people. Engaging in sexual intercourse with a White person, conjoins the non-white person's interests with a representative of the global network of White Domination. Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Audre Lorde, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Alice Walker, Frantz Fanon, Lorraine Hansberry and James Brown have talked about, worked against and suffered from Racism. But will they indict their White sex partners and/or spouses? It has been this author's observation that such Victims staunchly oppose any non-white person who suggests that all White people are culpable, at minimum, Racist Suspects. The Victim's tireless defense is motivated to preserve White Innocence. Their indefatigable effort must simultaneously vindicate their own intelligence and ability to accurately understand and function on a planet dominated by White Supremacy... while bedding down with a Racist Suspect. 
Illustration: The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Nell Irvin Painter (June 2010). 

"DIVIDED loyalties". Those two words came directly from a Victim of Racism who has a White spouse. This Victim indicated that having a White spouse restricted her attempts to counter-racism. Divided Loyalties. Meaning the non-white person has an allegiance to a White person whom is most likely a Racist. This erodes the non-white person's ability to accurately assess the System of White Supremacy. This author has observed these non-white people minimize the impact and pervasive nature of Racism/White Supremacy. They will remind other Victims that: Slavery was over 100 years ago. You can't blame all White people. And that Racism is not the only form of abuse in the universe. Gus has witnessed this degenerate to where the non-white person with a White sex partner is accusing other non-white people of being Racist; they contend that suggesting that White people be regarded as Racist Suspects is comparable to the KKK and segregationist. This author can only surmise that the intimate and emotional bond of sexual intercourse has infected the reasoning of these Victims, rendering them acutely sensitive to anything that sounds like an indictment - or less than perfumed commentary - concerning White people in general or their White partner specifically. Conquest often accompanies division.
Illustration: The C.O.W.S. w/ Cheryl Judice (February 2010). 

If the reader took in Lakeview Terrace, this author may sound like the reincarnation of Abel Turner - Gus suspects that was one of the main objectives of the film. SADD has far reaching implications, should not be accepted without serious investigation and could be incorrect. However, I challenge the reader. Scrutinize non-white people who are sexually involved with White people. For starters, access their willingness to admit and dialog about Racism. Evaluate their understanding of the System of White Supremacy and what - if anything - they are doing to earnestly challenge it. Make your own conclusions. 

Extra Credit: The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Mwalimu K. Baruti Part II (April 2010).

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Anonymous said...


Ebby said...

Excellent, Constructive post.. Perhaps a video should be made of it.
Apparently TRUTH upsets the white supremacists (RACISTS) AS EVIDENCE by the semi-literate, challenged for eloquence comment left by an anonymous Racist(White Supremacist)...war on!

ErzulieRedEyes said...

Hi there, don't trouble yourself worrying about other people's relationships and other people's lives, just try to be happy with your own.
Some people are happy and do well with their relationships and some don't, that's life not color.

I know racism and white supremacy is so strong and problematic for all of us, and we can't escape it.
BUT remember you can't make people like you and you can't stop other people from being racist, they will ultimately do whatever they want to do.
Just be happy with your life and yourself and don't let racists get you down.

Ebby said...

@ ErzulieRedEyes ----->>>LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Renegade, I hope you develop a sound effect for SADD on the C.O.W.S.

Mr. Nero

Anonymous said...

Great article! Very well though out. Everything you mentioned, I've theorized myself.

LittleMissPluto said...

Interracial relationships involving white people are not progress, I agree on this point.

While I think it is an observable fact that internalized racism, colonization of the mind, and self-hate are major causes of interracial relationships with white folks, I wouldn't be so quick to assume the reasons for any particular relationship or assume that the persyn of color in the relationship is not aware and willing to confront white supremacy.

I for example am in a "partnership" with a white persyn, but my reasons are complex and are not primarily motivated by self-hate etc... I am a (gender)queer womyn of color, trans, homeless, and categorizable as mentally disabled. Given these identities, while my allegiance is with people of color, I am in need of an incredible amount of support. Because of the alienation I experience from my own people, it is not easy for me to get the support I need nor would I demand it from any persyn of color anyway. Where does this leave me? Also, some of the psychological support I need relates directly to things done to me by white folks in such a way that it can not be provided by my own people. I also believe strongly that white people owe me, so any opportunity to get paid back what I'm owed I will grab a hold of. My white partner is responsible to me to support me in all ways possible and quite the opposite of what you're saying I do not defend or overlook their participation in white supremacy but I confront it on an intimate daily basis and I demand that they pay back for the harm they have caused (and cause).

It seems that your analysis does not allow for this kind of interracial relationship. I understand that this relationship is rare but I also think that we should not be so quick to assume we know any individual persyn of color's reasons for being with a white persyn. I know others who are with white people out of need and I would never dismiss the reality of economic AND psychological desperation that we find ourselves in as persyns of color, especially those of us who are queer and/or mentally and physically disabled.

~ Little Miss Pluto

La Reyna said...

Excellent analysis. Let's also add Halle's tragic IR with a racist as an example why People of Color shouldn't engage in IRs with peoples of Euro descent. It's not progress, it's divisive and increase more racism, colorism, sexism, classism, and all the other isms in the world, while the white ruling caste stays pure and insulated, with their women imprisoned in the castle while their men roam the earth sowing destruction with vulnerable men and women of Color.

La Reyna

triumph3000 said...

Informative post...the pattern of non white peoples behavior when sexually involved with a white person is blantant...and seemingly universal. The testimony from the person with the disability even had rid bits that sound quite familiar to me. Great post

Anonymous said...

As a Black female who has unfortunately had sex with 10+ white males while way more confused and is spending time analyzing these past tragic arrangements for what they are versus the delusions I held based on what white supremacy programmed me to believe, I found this post constructive, informative, and familiar.

Westenra said...

you literally posted as anonymous to let out all this racist hate like a child that just discovered the internet. fool.

Anonymous said...

A Black "male" will laugh at his own family attempting to fight white supremacy instead of actually helping, just for the sake of protecting a white slut.

Anonymous said...

This is a constructive post.

I recently engaged in conversation with a non-white female academic that goes hard on racism/white supremacy including white feminism. She had previously been married to a white man and is currently married to a non-white man. Her white male friend was present and when I started talking about white supremacy in a way that included him as a benefactor, she defended her friend. She cited anecdotal evidence from her few interactions with this white male as evidence that he cannot be a racist and, at the least, a racist suspect benefiting from the system of white supremacy.

I gave her a copy of Neely Fuller's code and hope our next conversation is more constructive.

Thank you for all your work.