Friday, February 13, 2009

Counter Racist Investments

If you feel that this blog and/or The C.O.W.S. Talk Radio Program are constructive attempts to Replace White Supremacy With Justice, or if you simply wish to aid a Victim of White Supremacy, please, make an investment.

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Anonymous said...

I do not believe that white supremacy will ever be replaced with justice. Whites and most other 'white-skinned' people have to much invested in this, and would destroy it all before seeing it change to something more egalitarian. After that Oscar Grant verdict,of this, I am convinced. The world system is to dependent on the status quo of African/black beiong subjugated. There will be 'moments' of clarity and reprieve, but, overall, no.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what this anonymous person suggests that victims do since he/she does not ever believe the system of racism will ever be replaced with justice. This is the type of statement I would expect from a racist (white supremacist) with the intention of getting victims to just accept the system like we do gravity.

Anonymous said...

hello Gus, I will leave this comment. I have been listening to your program and I find some of what you and your guests say very constructive.

I have wanted to call into your show but it is hard because of the time difference, so I have mainly been listening to the archives.
I agree that there is a local, national and global system of white supremacy racism and that it needs to be put to an end.
I have incredible respect for Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Dr. Neely Fuller, and I know(not believe) that the majority of what they have been saying is correct. There only two areas I disagree with the brilliant Dr . Welsing about.
1) I agree that non-white people must become educated about racism white supremacy and that learning self-respect is the essence of this. My contention is that Counter racists and those who are slowly becoming aware of the system can not affect any real change unless there are large enough numbers of non-white people globally who are aware and are willing to fight against the system of racism white supremacy, and at the moment the system has most non-white people’s fractured attention and uses this to further confuse them. Lastly there are those whose minds are hopelessly institutionalised by the system thus it is near impossible to educated them or it would take too long. I do not have a solution to this but Dr. Welsing and Dr. Fuller or your listeners may do.
.... continued

Anonymous said...

... continuing

2) Dr. Welsing states that white behavioural scientists must (or eventually will) teach white people about their recessive genetic status and minority status (she does not mention this but Dr. Afrika does,” their traumatic cave syndrome”). We must accept that whites as a group will never want to deal with this ever, and that their maltreatment of Africans will never stop while they have the power to do injury and injustice to Africans. What’s more Africans are an everyday reminder to “whites” of the color they envy so much (saying goes “you destroy what you envy”), plus Africans are a daily reminder of their criminal acts, which they are in denial of but continue to do.

The tag-line of your program says replace white supremacy with justice. I agree with the concept but I think it is not feasible and thus misguided. Lets say we do, somehow break the power of white supremacy... and replace it with "justice", what's to stop whites from trying to re-establish racism white supremacy? Because if it is a system of justice, then in this system it would be wrong to mistreat white people, would it not? Thus the door is open for them to do again, what they did in 1492. On top of that how would it be possible to stop the now almost inevitable yellow supremacy?(In which undoubtedly people with dark skin will be mistreated)

Anonymous said...

I think it is naïve, irresponsible and dangerous on our part as African people to be worried about justice for other people without worrying about justice for ourselves first. Africans can ensure justice for others only when they can ensure justice for themselves.

Every group of people (or race...-which I personally think is a farce) that have come into so called western countries have had to do especially one thing to be treated with some level of respect by the system of white supremacy... namely mistreat African people(in areas like Australia they must mistreat the native population). The Jews, Irish, Italians (all not considered "white" till a few decades ago) all got their badge of whiteness after mistreating African people. Other ethnic groups are following the trend, i.e., Indians, Arabs, Orientals and of course "Negroes".
These other groups hold very negative views of African people because white supremacy has positioned these group's interests against African people and also because they may have prejudices of their own.

The evidence of what I am saying is everywhere... from the draining of African economic resources by other non-white groups in so called western countries , to the wholesale buy-up of African land on the mother continent.

Anonymous said...

Other none-white people are playing the game at African peoples detriment. I think that if you are not telling African people about this then you are doing more harm than good. Your station has listeners of predominately an African audience but also a large number of other non-white people. I think this is the dialogue that is meant to be discussed on the show if we are to really begin to start to solve the problem, instead of talking about movies and trying to interpret them. I think it best to keep our noses to the ground, discuss and come up with ways to get African men out of prison(especially those with non-violent crimes) as well as shutdown the genocidal planned parenthood and get it out of our communities permanently. Otherwise in my humble opinion the show ends up as cult entertainment for individual listeners engaged in mass mental masturbation.

I would be glad if you read this comment out on your show. It is my test to see how genuine your are about ending racism white supremacy's hold on African people and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a victim, like yourself, I believe I am confused. I would like to put a request for you to please do a show on "socialism", parts of it sound good to me but I can not help but think it is some sort of white supremest ruse, or con game. Help a confused victim please. I will be listening to your show as I do find it constructive.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I don't know if anyone will read this, but I just thought of something.

If a white person ever asks what they can do to help counter racism, tell them to give up their white privilege by allowing other white people to treat them as if they were non-white. I'm sure they won't do it, which should confirm that you are dealing with a racist. If they do agree to do it, and actually does so in your presence, then perhaps the white person is still just a suspect.

I hope this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

racism is and has always been and in this world will always be. when you have a enemy you must fight back or the enemy will conquer. It is simply knowing the correct manner in fighting back in order to succeed. one way is having the right mindset to over power the enemy which we all are capable of doing. no one can stop you from thinking. my mind power is unlimited, therefore I let nothing or no one stop me from keeping my focus on whats most important on living on this earth. black people are just as important on this earth as any other race. believe in yourself.

Anonymous said...

cont... my name is Gwendolyn.

freedom when? said...

I love it when Gus calls black people hostile victims and i love when he says the word hostile in regards to these people. I thought black people have earned the right to be hostile if we want. Some of our lives are so ridiculous due to the abuse and poverty we endure. If the white man were attacking you wouldn't you want to be hostile a litte. And I also love it when you say not to criticize other black people. I use to criticize only black people mostly, but upon learning that white people are attacking us to make us sick I don't see white people as innocent anymore. peace

Anonymous said...

Nothing lasts forever; including people, countries, and systems all must end.

Audra Sewell said...

I appreciate having this show to help me counter racism/white supremacy. This is a useful and constructive show.

Geoff Bailey said...

The definition of what a podcast/radio should sound like. Keep it up Gus T.