Monday, January 19, 2009


Los Angeles Times editorial:

Do not point your nose too high.
Do not swell your chest too much.
Do not boast too loudly.
Do not be puffed up.

Let not your ambition be inordinate or take a wrong direction. Let no treasured resentment rise up and spill over. Remember, you have done
nothing at all. You are just the same member of society you were last week. Your place in the world is just what it was. You are on no higher plane, deserve no new consideration and will get NONE.

No man will think a bit higher of you because your complexion is the same as that of the [presidential] victor.

Remember that if it did establish the fact that man for man all through the two races, yours was capable of being wrought into the best [candidate] (which is not the case,) even then there would be no room for becoming swollen with pride. That would not justify your jumping at the very illogical conclusion that you are "on top". You are no nearer that mark than you were before the [election] took place.

This is from the Los Angeles Times July 06, 1910. It is in response to Mr. Jack Johnson - a non-white male - beating the former White heavyweight champion, Jim Jeffries. 100 years later, this warning is necessary.

The convergence of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday with Barak Obama's inauguration has created a global non-white orgasm.

We Have Overcome.
Yes We Did.

Non-Whites are renowned for premature jubilation.

While the eyes of the world converge on the
post-racial mountain top - Washington DC and Mr. Obama laying hands on the bible of the Great Liberator, Abraham Lincoln, let us not forget...
There is a reason Rev. King is not here.
We are in a System of White Supremacy which mandates, encourages and celebrates VIOLENCE against non-whites. Especially those seeking