Monday, September 29, 2008

The Misunderstanding of Racism Part I

If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism) - what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.
- Neely Fuller, Jr.

To clarify, my definition of Racism/White Supremacy is:

A global system of people who classify themselves as "White" and are dedicated to mistreating/subjugating everyone they classify as not "White" for their (White people's) benefit.

I am a miseducated victim of White Supremacy. My ignorance is a principle aspect of my molestation under the system of Racism/White Supremacy. I am neither qualified nor motivated to admonish any non-white individual. I'm on the bottom of the slave ship too.

But acknowledging deficiencies is necessary. My own and those of the non-white collective - of which I am a member.

The non-whites of the known universe have displayed a stripper-skimpy comprehension of Racism/White Supremacy, which we have been subject to, tormented by for some time. Not gonna' waste time defending this statement. I'll just challenge anyone to find a non-white person who can truthfully say that they have never, don't ever encounter mistreatment on the basis of color. Should you find that individual, stop reading and put me and as many non-whites as possible in contact with this most special person.

That's what I thought. Movin' on...

Non-whites - including myself - continually evidence their minuscule grasp of White Supremacy. Por favor, examine the following statement from a victim of racism:

Whites are much smarter than non-whites but that does not mean that every white is smarter than every non-white or that every white is smart.
This statement may be true. However, finding one or eight White people, who happen to be less "intelligent" then a handful of non-whites, in no way negates the universal system of White Domination. In fact, should you find a "not-so-smart" White person, you'll get an opportunity to observe the terrifying brilliance of Racism.

Many White people have voiced
misgivings about the "intellect" of Mr. George W. Bush. I've had my own doubts. But last I checked, Mr. Bush is the forty-third President of the United States. For all his reported cerebral shortcomings, he triumphed in the contested 2000 presidential election, invaded the area of the world known as Iraq and got around to New Orleans when he felt like it. Mr. Bush has shown the ability to do what he wants, and no one has shown themselves capable of stopping him. That's smart.

Mr. Bush's proficiency is very much related to his access to information, individuals, locations... a staggering system of resources.

At its core, White Supremacy is about the White collective's ability to function in an organized, codified manner for the benefit of the entire unit.
White people are effective individually because they are effective collectively; non-white people are ineffective individually because they are ineffective collectively.

Marinate on that last sentence. Let's stick with Mr. Bush to illustrate the logic of this statement. Mr. Bush's grandfather - Prescott Bush - was a US Senator. Mr. Bush's father - George H. W. Bush - was a two term Vice President, a one term President and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, is the former Governor of Florida - remember all those ballot problems in the 2000 election? Mr. Bush's immediate family is a gaudy
global network.

Compare this to a "smart" victim of racism. We'll take Mr. Malcolm X. His father - Earl Little - died under suspicious circumstances when Malcolm was only thirteen. Malcolm's mother - Louise Little - was the offspring of a White man raping a non-white woman; Mrs. Little was later declared insane and institutionalized for twenty-six years. Consequently, Malcolm and his orphaned siblings were parcelled out to various foster homes. This is not a system of resources. This is a menagerie of trauma.

Would a sports metaphor work better? Think Kevin Garnett. Minnesota Timberwolves are the non-white team. Boston Celtics, the White team. In Minnesota, Garnett had no help. Individually, phenomenal player. But the ineptitude of the team retarded Garnett's ability to thrive. But with the Celtics... Paul Pierce and Ray Allen provided the much needed system of resources. When Garnett finally acquired a competent and capable cadre, the collective success amplified Garnett's individual achievement.

It takes a village... Sadly, White Supremacy is the only village, community, co-op or collective in the known universe. The Racists flood, gentrify, deport and Manifest Destiny non-whites at will. And they excel at this because they function as a cohesive network of people, unified around preserving:



Bottom Line? Smart and not-smart White people are the "top of the line". All the non-whites are below the line, back of the bus, bottom of the boat.

Ouch. That smarts.

Part II...

Exactly what do you mean when you say "smart"?

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