Thursday, September 04, 2008

Entry Number One...

Not doing enough propagating of the code The Code has been around since 1969, and the only "popular" names within the Counter Racist Movement are Welsing and Fuller? Every one of us should have (all or at least one of the following) a blog, a book, a workshop, a radio show, a website, CDs, DVDs, newsletters, fliers, stickers, t-shirts, youtube channel, myspace, forums, or anything else that communicates the code to VORS, where ever they are. We need numbers. I suspect that this will spread fast if we use all of the forms of communication available to us. Most blog sites are free. Alot of these other venues are free, also.
Mr. SynQ(also a Victim of Racism)

I don't have a lot of resources - certainly lacking intelligence. But I can write. No reason I shouldn't have a blog. It's free. I'm informed about and pay attention to Racism/White Supremacy. I have time. I could be doing something productive to Replace White Supremacy With Justice.

Since this is my initial posts... I'll share something I've recently observed. I believe that anytime there is a deviation from truth and logic, there tends to be mistreatment. This is a correlation I've noticed. I would be curious if others have observed the same thing. It has been my experience that the individual(s) who are mistreated are typically non-white/Victims of Racism.

I have made it a rigid part of my code to never deviate from truth and logic. This is a challenging tactic - being honest with yourself and everyone else at all times requires discipline and humility. But I have found that this works well to minimize and pinpoint precisely when I suspect someone is mistreating me.

Non-whites I have encountered are generally uncomfortable with being questioned about the accuracy and logic of everything they say - as we tend to say many things that are not accurate or logical, part of our victimization. I make an effort to avoid contact with non-whites to minimize the amount of non-constructive, ineffective contact.

Another observation I have made is that White Supremacists are strategically dishonest. It's not just that they practice deceit - which they do. As Mr. Edward Williams and others point out, the White Supremacists reveal truth as well. However, they are methodical about when they choose to be dishonest and what they choose to be dishonest about. It is my opinion that master deceivers don't utilize many untruths, they maximize the efficiency of a small number of lies.

I am ignorant. And I could be incorrect. But the White Supremacist are to blame for all of this. And for the existence of this blog. I'll be writing - with intentions of being constructive.


"SynQ" said...

Excellent! Nice to see you up. That "COWS" radio show is constructive. Are you one of the commentators on this show? How can I get access to other segmenets of it?

Anonymous said...

This is really sad. I'm researching Discrimination and all I ever find is "how bad white people are", try coming and spending sometime on the streets of London, there are less white people there simply for the fact the "minority" (that it is offically known as but in fact it is the majority) are well known for killing for no reason other than the fact the justice system is screwed and very one side. It IS indeed racist but not in the way you keep ranting about. Look up postive discrimination and face reality.

Anonymous said...

Wassup Renegade. I discoveedd COWS 2 weeks ago. Initially I (a NON white victim of white supremacy) couldn't understand why you were being so harsh on these good white folks that were kind enough to talk about racism.

I listened some more and realized that as a Non white V.O.W.S. I was reacting exactly the way NON white VOWS are conditioned to by the System of White supremacy.

It's amazing to see these so called white anti racist struggle with a simple question posed by (a very intelligent) 10 year old.

The show is VERY constructive.Befire listening I would have never though to question the credulity of a "TIm Wise". I love the shows with Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr. Welsing. Simply OUTSTANDING!

One question. You make the following comment:

"I make an effort to avoid contact with non-whites to minimize the amount of non-constructive, ineffective contact."

I think you could dedicate a show just to that single comment. There is a lot of truth (and controversy) in that statement.

Due to White Supremist conditioning, I initially thought you were pushing an agenda and identified with those nice white folks. Then I realized the truth of it.It was like a light switch flicking on. I took the red pill - from the Matrix.

Still if we are to combat white supremacy how can that be done with limited contact between us?

Shouldn't the strategy be to get more people to take that red pill?