Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Daniel Holtzclaw: The Rape Of Black Bodies Is White Culture

Today is the third day of deliberations at the Oklahoma County District Court. Eight White Men and four White Women have yet to reach a conclusion on the guilt of Racist Suspect and former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw; this suspected predator is charged with 36 counts, including oral sodomy, sexual battery, and six counts of first-degree rape. All thirteen victims are black females. 

OKC Artists For Justice co-founder Candice Liger appraised the closing arguments articulated by White defense attorney Scott Adams. Holtzclaw’s lawyer assessed Oklahoma City’s east side, Holtzclaw’s alleged “hunting ground” and home to a high percentage of the city’s black citizens. Liger reports that Adams told the all white jury that they didn’t know this place. “It’s nothing to see somebody walking at 2:30 in the morning high on pcp, drunk… This is the beacon of criminal behavior.” According to Liger, Adams insisted “people don’t call police on the east side. Not because they fear the police, but because they hate the police.” 

Liger’s evaluation was corroborated by a Jezebel report, which affirms that Adams’ closing argument suggested these black victims are a treacherous syndicate with an “agenda” to railroad and shakedown one of the “finest” officers and the Oklahoma City police department. 

This represents the most recent confirmation of Syreeta McFadden’s premise: only under the System of White Supremacy are dead black boys and violated black females put on trial for their own exploitation. Holtzclaw never testified. Meanwhile, more than a dozen black females where subjected to a month of skepticism and defamation. 

The Interracial Con Game states, “A White male has never been executed for raping a black female in the history of the U. S. – because White males raping black females was not (and still isn’t) considered a crime.” The sexual plunder of black bodies is an essential component of White culture. It’s difficult to conceive of an all White jury convicting Holtzclaw (any White person) for partaking in the ritual rape of black females. A tradition that views black bodies, “the whole world as the White man’s brothel.” 

For the last thirty days, Holtzclaw’s attorney assailed the credibility and humanity of these black females by belaboring the criminal history and substance dependency of several of the victims. Holtzclaw may have used this same reasoning while searching for vulnerable prey. Senior ACLU attorney Sandra Park told RH Reality Check reporter Kanya D’Almeda that officers like Holtzclaw “can use stringent drug laws to help perpetuate or commit sexual assault.” A 2005 ACLU report charges “racially targeted law enforcement practices, prosecutorial decisions, and sentencing policies” have reduced black female bodies to what the African American Policy Forum describes as “vessels for drugs.” 

Easy pickings for police predators. 

Oklahoma’s KOCO describes why one of Holtzclaw’s alleged victims, a 44-year-old black female, declined to report her abduction to police: “‘[I] didn't think anyone would believe me. I'm a drug addict.’ She said she dealt with the trauma by using more drugs. ‘The only way I knew how to deal with it was to get high to block it out.’” 

The Oklahoman’s Kyle Schwab documented a similar response from a different victim during the trial. 

“The defense attorney pointed out during the woman's testimony that she has past felony drug convictions. The attorney also noted the woman's ‘tired’ demeanor, asking if she currently was under the influence of drugs. The woman said she used crack cocaine a few days before Tuesday's testimony. She said she relapsed because the trial has taken a toll on her.” 

It should be noted that while these black females have been stigmatized and discredited for their drug afflictions, there’s a swelling movement for a “gentler war on drugs.” Skyrocketing numbers of White heroin addicts and prescription pill abusers warrant compassion, unlike the decades of “pathologizing of black people” in the name of combating the scourge of narcotics. 

But run-ins with the law and drug usage obfuscate the primary reason why Holtzclaw purportedly terrorized these females and why many are justifiably reluctant to believe that a dozen Whites will deliver a conviction. The rape of black females – black people in general – is a sacred Racist tradition. 

Ned and Constance Sublette’s 2015 publication, The American Slave Coast: A History Of The Slave Breeding Industry, documents that one of the most lucrative institutions of colonial America was the exploitation and desecration of black procreation. Chapter two of the text is titled: “The Capitalized Womb.” Constance explains how “the weight of all this fell upon [black] wombs.” 

There is an explicit, unbroken pattern of commodification and defiling of black females from the antebellum plantation to the fictitious White House of ABC’s hit series, Scandal

“The sexual exploitation of black women by White Men had its roots in slavery and continued throughout the better part of the twentieth century,” writes Danielle McGuire in At The Dark End Of The Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance. “When African Americans tested their freedom during Reconstruction, former slaverholders and their sympathizers used rape as a ‘weapon of terror’ to dominate the bodies and minds of African–American men and women.” 

It’s en vogue for many scholars to name-drop Claudette Colvin as a courageous and ignored precursor to Rosa Parks and the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. Her commentary in Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice was decades before the Holtzclaw trial, but remains depressingly applicable. “Black girls were extremely vulnerable. My mother and my grandmother told me never to go anywhere with a White Man no matter what. I grew up hearing horror story after horror story about black girls who were raped by White Men, and how they never got justice either. When A White Man raped a black girl – something that happened all the time – it was just his word against hers, and no one would ever believe her. The White Man always got off.” 

Holtzclaw has one White parent and one non-white parent. But a black victim testified under oath that he asked her: “Is this the first time you sucked a White cock?” 

Last week marked the 60-year anniversary of Parks’ refusal to forfeit her seat to a White passenger. Presidential hopeful and Racist Suspect Hillary Clinton along with legions of Whites professed their admiration and connection to the tired negro seamstress. But historian Jeanne Theoharis documents that Whites regularly served Parks the same sexualized contempt as Holtzclaw’s alleged victims. In the middle of the Montgomery boycott, a White reporter “peppered her with a series of aggressive questions accusing her of seeking publicity, impugning her morality, and referring to her as a prostitute,” writes Theoharis. 

Because the rape of black bodies is at the core of White culture, the projection and branding of black females as whores and sexual deviants is constant. This is why Kerry Washington’s hit series, Scandal, must depict a black female as the White president’s “sidepiece.” And this show is followed by Viola Davis’ How To Get Away With Murder. Whites honored Davis as the first black actress to receive an Emmy for a lead role in a drama; a role where her White husband describes her as a “disgusting slut” who’s only use is “dirty, rough sex I’m too ashamed to tell anyone about.” 

These depictions of black females are predictable and necessary for a Racist culture founded on the molestation of black bodies. White Supremacy is engineered to produce Holtzclaws and all white juries to exonerate them. A conviction would contradict centuries of White rapist entitlement enjoyed by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Strom Thurmond, Domonique Strauss-Kahn, and now Holtzclaw.


Anonymous said...

I suspect he might walk, typical racist behavior.

Benita Blocker said...

Wow! An all White jury? Really? The jury is going to hang. They should have had at least six Black folks on the jury.

Anonymous said...

Even though Holtzclaw self-identified as white, clearly the all-white jury did not define him as such. Not that he should not have been convicted were he completely white and not bi-racial, but the conviction certainly closed the door on his "Imitation of Life - I am white" attestation.

As tragic as this case was against these Black women, I fear they were not the only ones who were abused. Moreover, Holtzclaw is probably not alone in his mistreatment of Blacks on that police force. Where did the get the idea that raping and abusing Black women was okay? From Daddy who had children by an Asian woman? From his coworkers who may have done no less than he?

Inquiring minds want to know how deep this goes. Although I wholeheartedly agree with Holtzclaw's convictions, I also believe the investigation of the abuse of Black people should not end with him.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Thanks for posting it!

meme said...

It's sad, those women have to be on trail at the same time as this rapist policeman. I have never been raped, and I hope it never happens, because I don't take people for granted and what they may do to me I stay alert at my workplace which is outdoors in the open. I Can imagine being in that position of these women by a person of statue, whom they'd put trust in, and wouldn't tell because of course 'No body would believe a street walker'. What is also unsettling is we have to yet concluded that things have not changed since Ms. Rosa Parks, and sex farms on the plantations.

Pax Humana said...

The left, right, middle, AND fringe are EQUALLY racist. The KKK is, at the end of the day, no different than BLM and BOTH are EQUALLY guilty of peddling racial pride/power/supremacy/separatism/elitism as well as various types of bigotry, and they are not the only groups of people that are guilty of those actions in their lives. Yes, they both have different skin, hair, and eye colors among their members, as well as different colored flags, logos, and symbols, as well as different symbols, logos, and flags, but the end game of BOTH groups is the same, to commit dominance, supremacy, and enslavement, not only of the people that they oppose, but towards ANYONE that would dare to stand up against their wicked ideologies. The reality is that there is only ONE race, which is the HUMAN race, we DID NOT come from Africa, and, in fact, we came from what is most likely either Iraq or Kuwait (or else why would that part of the world STILL be referred to as "the cradle of civilization"), and that the skin, hair, and eye colors of YAHASHUA HA'MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) was NEVER mentioned in the Holy Scriptures because YAHWEH EL ELOHIM (JEHOVAH GOD) forbid such a thing from being mentioned, as he knew that Lucifer and his minions would utilize that to make an already bigoted and intolerant world even more so, plus it would also take away from the power of the Holy Scriptures as well, as it would cause people to nitpick at such things instead of following the Laws and Statues that YAHWEH EL ELOHIM had ordered humans to follow in their lives. The Illuminati also not only control the left, but also the right, as well as the middle AND the fringe, which are the mentally dysfunctional brats of the first two groups. Also, even Atheism and its related ilk are under the power of the Illuminati, as well as all corrupted forms of Christianity and Judaism, i.e., Satanic counterfeit versions of "Christianity" and "Judaism" that focus on a myriad of false doctrines, and ALL religions, as well as forms of government, yes, even Anarchism.

Now with that being said, I have a few questions for the people that support these groups of people, as well as other similar groups of people.

1. Why are you following ideologies that are driving the HUMAN race apart instead of practicing what you are preaching when it comes to what you claim to promote in your lives?

2. Are you truly asking if the lives of the people that share your general appearances need to matter, alongside everyone else, or are you merely just trying to become another form of hate speech and intolerance that is honestly no better than Islam, Hinduism, and all of the other evil religions, and thus create your own purgings of what you deem as "your enemies," even though they may be completely innocent of any wrongdoing in their lives?

3. If, by chance, any of you groups came into power to a point where your rule and reign would be permanently uncontested, what guarantees do I have that I would still be treated as an equal citizen under the law of the land?

Come back to me when you have the answers to such questions, please. Thank you.

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