Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Racial Profiling Of John Henson Recalls Former Bucks Teammate Larry Sanders

Milwaukee Bucks’ center John Henson inked a four year $44 million extension on October 1st. One would think (hope) a robust salary inoculates him from Racism. Unfortunately, all the nickels in the world can’t buy sanctuary from White Supremacy. Henson’s recent trip to Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers, a White-owned Wisconsin retailer, provides confirmation. 

Henson describes his attempt to patronize “the leading jewelry store in Southeastern Wisconsin” as “one of the most degrading and racially prejudice things I've ever experienced in life.”

As the White jewelers watched a 6’11” 220lbs. black male lumbering toward their establishment, they didn’t see new money. They designated Henson a menace, bolted the doors, shooed him away from the premises, and scurried for their lives to the rear of the store. This, of course, mandated a police call. Henson says two officers assured the terrified Whites that all was well, but only after they ran his plates and interrogated him. 

In 2013, black 16-year-old Corey Stingley was suspected of shoplifting in Milwaukee and summarily strangled to death by three White men. No one was indicted. All things considered, Henson may have been lucky. 

This latest instance of shopping while black under White Terrorism calls to mind one of Henson’s former teammates, Larry Sanders. The two were Bucks teammates for three seasons, which included a 2013 playoff run against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. 

In December 2013, Sanders was cited for disorderly conduct and assault and battery for his involvement in a Milwaukee nightclub scuffle. Like Henson, Sanders too concluded Racism was a factor in the brawl and the subsequent reporting on the skirmish. He published several comments online, which stated in part: “I take full responsibility for my actions, this is something I’ve dealt with my whole life...from being the black male being followed around the store to being the black male helped around the store.. I’ve seen the American society from both ends...ppl are hypnotized by the media to feel and base certain judgment toward certain groups of ppl…” 

He wasn’t finished. “Guess it’s my turn, we “thugs” aka black men in America built this country and now we are the primary source of entertainment… guess we’re still building…slavery never stopped.” 

Sanders was clowned for “playing the race card,” scolded as another black baller who deserves a prison-orange jumpsuit instead of an NBA jersey. Bleacher Report summed up Sanders as “an irresponsible miscreant, unworthy of the money he’s being handed.” 

But in 2015, Sanders pulled a Dave Chappelle. The 26-year-old left $27 million on the table and retired. He checked himself into Rogers Memorial Hospital to get help for mood disorders, anxiety and depression. The former first round draft pick explained how being perpetually promoted as “this angry [black] man” pushed him to “a place of anxiety and fear, suffering.” Sanders described his exodus as an effort to preserve and nourish his mental health.

Kellen Winslow’s Hall Of Fame football career had to end before he realized that in “the real world… I was just another nigger.”  In several respects, Henson and Sanders may be ahead of the curve.

"Non-white people, particularly black males, have sometimes been called "Bucks" by those White persons who practice White Supremacy (Racism)." Neely Fuller Jr.

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