Monday, April 29, 2013

The Walking Dead: "Clear"

Blacka informed Gus about The Walking Dead a few months ago. Zombies on the run in Georgia, Racist Jokes AND a trip to the Center for Disease Control? Consider Gus hooked! The Walking Dead frequently offers explicit White Supremacy Code. A Racist calls a black person a nigger - only to be re-buffed by other Whites/Racist Suspects. Racists secretly negotiate non-white death and life. And when a White Woman and black female choose the same act - suicide, a White male {he knows them both} immediately forfeits his life to force the White Woman to find the will to live. He's colorblind to the black female. The White Man and White Woman scurry past her to safety - leaving the melanated female to smithereens. "Clear" (Season 3 Episode 12) offered a mighty heaping of White Supremacy, which required additional commentary. Feel free to not view any further episodes from the series; I doubt any installment will offer a means for permanently neutralizing Whites.
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