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Black females are not women; we are pitiful and comparatively primitive females when it relates solely to white women.
As said before, the Code says it is incorrect for (non-white people) to refer to themselves or pretend that they are "grown" men and women. The reason is that no person (non-white), who is subject to White Supremacy (Racism) is "grown". All persons (non-white) who exist in subjugation (subject) to White Supremacy are in a relatively primitive, retarded (child-like), and/or "underdeveloped" condition, in all areas of activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Through the skillful use of deceit, and/or direct violence, the white people who practice White Supremacy forced all people classified as "non-white", to function as "children", in all of their relationships with people classified as "white". Black females know this is true; why else would they constantly demand black males to "Be a Man". The problem is that black females refuse to accept the fact that the Racists have reduced them to function as "girls" and not women. Black females are girls in a big time fantasy about relationships and marriages.
 Reneathia Tate
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 33]

With enormous assistance from The Beauty Con Game co-author, Pam, The C.O.W.S. finally welcomed Reneathia Tate to discuss her unparalleled publication on the deviance and trauma of so called "interracial relationships". (You can hear that broadcast here) Ms. Tate's candor and self reflection resonate through each sentence - verbal or written. She conveys a wisdom earned from a commitment to not lying to herself,  thorough research,  and suffering. Pieces Of A Puzzle documents the horrors black females live with after falling Victim to the sexual advances of White Men. Many of their experiences are so appalling the Victims suppress the memories and distance themselves from that moment as best they can. Tate's astonishing text is a result of her confronting and scrutinizing the bedroom crime scenes. She deconstructs the motives, displays the Racist finger prints, and explains how the White perpetrators do maximum damage under the sheets.
The white man told the [black female] that he loved her, now this is a word that many black females want to hear from males. And when white men say this to child-like girls (non-white females) it means something to them. Black females need to be validated and white men are the ones who can do this. The [black female] just kept on singing how much this white man so called "loved" her, even when he chose not to see her again. Several years later she still says he loved her. Now black females will just do anything in bed hoping to hear the word love, even when we do not know what it means? You see, black females who are having sex with white men can find out real quick if a white man really loves them. All they have to do is ask white men (who say they love black females) to end White Supremacy (Racism) and replace it with Justice. Black females will find out real quick if White men truly love them. Racist white men and women can end all problems among people over night. They can see to it that everyone on the planet has a job, they see to it that no drugs are on the streets, and that drug and alcohol addicted people are rehabilitated. They can stop the violence among people overnight and teach people how to become better. They can create a situation where people do not fight and kill themselves or other people. At present there are no civilized people any where on this planet. Black people under the conditions dominated by White Supremacy (Racism) are primitive and white people are savage. Civilized people are not in existence on planet Earth.
Black people do not understand what the word "love" is and what it means. 
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 106 - 107]

Tate emphasizes that our communication/language deficiencies are a major hindrance to our ability to neutralize Racist White people; White people deliberately, regularly exploit non-white people with the skillful use of words. Weak-minded Victims of Racism frequently comprimise our common sense and self-respect (being honest with our self) as a result of the feelings generated by our sexual experiences. Sex is supposed to produce intense emotions that join a male and female - perhaps even new life.  These feelings should be savored to the utmost and motivate concern for the well being of one's sexual partner and even their attempted family and friend's. Bedroom activity should add to the quality of one's life without creating problems or taking advantage of anyone in a weak position. Being a Victim of White Supremacy is the weakest position on the planet among people.



White people function like Jerry Sandusky and Jimmy Savile when they engage in any form of sexual activity with a non-white person. "Interracial relationships" is a Racist euphemism for Rape. Gus T. Renegade has infrequently located non-white people whom are able to be honest about our pitiful position. Reneathia Tate is a Victim of Racism. But she's honest. When a patient requires healing, truth is a part of the remedy. 

Many White and non-white people will have a bloated list of reasons to despise Pieces Of A Puzzle. Gus thinks it's one of the best books a black person can read. If you have a black daughter, a black niece, or a black younger sister... make sure they read this book. Unless you're looking forward to Racist in-laws.

There's a lot more I could say about the book. But I think it would be best to allow Ms. Tate's work to speak for itself.
Yes, we are abandoned, abused, and confused. These are the weakness you must overcome and be a Warrior!
 What must black females not do? Black females, do not allow yourself to get side tracked with issues relating to relationships and/or marriages between yourselves and the black males. This also is a weakness for many black females including myself. You see, even if you or the black male do not have multiple sex partners, the relationship and/or marriage will not have any harmony no matter what the problem is. There is going to be a problem. The arrangement between black males and females only hold for a temporary period of time. Black people have been taught to address problems in a backwards manner or by placing band aids on them. For example, many black females will have several babies (when her male partners starts showing interest in other females) as a solution in trying to hold together her relationship and/or marriage. There is nothing that can hold together her relationship and/or marriage. There is nothing that can hold black females and males together not even a "Code" under the domination of White Supremacy.
What is it that black females must stop doing and start becoming? We must stop putting ourselves through so much emotional pain and suffering over our expectations particularly in males. It will be more healthy and constructive for us to become the Policing Agents of Racist white men and women. This means taking notes, asking questions and exposing what they say and do. Non-white people should ask the Racist white men and women to produce Justice. And it should be clearly understood that Racist white men and women have the ability to produce Justice on this planet. They have made cats and dogs talk. They produced computers matching some of the abilities of the human brain. White people have developed many fascinating things on this planet. And their abilities prove that they can produce Justice.
It is extremely important to know and understand, that the Racist white men and women are hell bent on keeping their victims in a child-like state. This means they will hurt or kill anyone (even a white person) who helps black people evolve into men and women.
 What is it that black females must know and do? The Racists made sex the second most powerful force on the planet. There are only males and females on this planet. This means that non-white females have power between their legs just like white women. However, we can use that power to achieve Justice. Racist white woman use the power between their legs to maintain White Supremacy (Racism) deceit, chaos, and confusion among black people. Sex is a powerful motivating force and white women are not the only desirable females on this planet. Take the power between your legs and help promote Justice! Know what to do with your gift (of sexual pleasures) and know what not to do. Know who to give your gift (of sexual pleasures) to and who no to. Power is achieved (by non-white females) through our ability to withold our sexual comforts!
 Black females take control of the area of "Sex" by taking control of yourselves. Take control of your emotions! Take control over yourself. Black females understand that you can use the power between your legs to motivate black males into doing those things that are constructive particularly if you are engaged in those things. Rise black females. Rise! Most of your (black females) time should be spent on learning to resist the Racist man's attempts at getting you nude (non-white females) in bed. Remember the Racists white men and women know that you have the power to change things for your nation, this is why they want to keep you side tracked on things like how you look! Or relationships! Rise God's children. Rise!
Pieces Of A Puzzle [Pg. 428 - 429]

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