Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Garden Variety Racism

New York Knicks' guard, Jeremy Lin, has enjoyed a meteoric week. He became a starter, secured a guaranteed contract, is averaging 28.5 points per game over that stretch, out-played Kobe Bryant in front of frenzied crowd, and may be the current most popular NY athlete on a week when the Giants captured the Super Bowl. He didn't create a planet, but it's an impressive seven days' worth of accomplishments.

All that "success"... but he's still not White.

"Yellow" to be specific.

Bryant is reported to have selected his own nickname. The Black Mamba. A Suspected White Supremacist brandished a placard during Friday's game anointing Lin, "Yellow Mamba".

When Gus was more confused about White Supremacy/Racism, he wouldn't have given this sign a second thought. Most assuredly would not have recognized it as White Supremacy/Racism. Just a poster at a sports game - that seems to be supportive of Lin.

Being less confused... Gus understands that White people - Racist Man and Racist Woman - are color obsessed. The maintenance of global White Domination requires that White people remain vigilant, focused on, and dedicated to thinking of people in Racist terms. Red Man. Yellow Peril. Coloreds.

It's easy, familiar - and enjoyable - for Racists to identify Lin and other non-whites according to perceived skin color (melanin concentration). Referencing Lin as "yellow" is a blatant White Supremacist act. The sign brands Lin according to his Racist color classification.

There tend to be throngs of homemade posters at major sporting events; only a few receive camera close-ups. Suspected White Supremacists at ESPN made a deliberate decision to spotlight this image during the telecast, infecting millions with the White Supremacy virus. Non-white people become more confused, more accustom to and accepting of Racist thoughts, speech and action. It's hue-man nature to acclimate to that, which saturates our environment. White people got another reminder that color is the key to continued dominion.

White Supremacist images and thought patterns condition us to connect a person classified as "Asian" with a color. A non-white color. Yellow. This is the epitome of White Supremacy/Racism, and is a major aspect of why Racists and their victims operate with a distorted and false notion of the world in which we live. 

Meaning... Gus is sure no one reading this post HAS EVER seen a person whose complexion was yellow; not even jaundice victims have skin color like Big Bird. But because of Racist Man and Racist Woman we immediately, instinctively associate people classified as "Asian" with being yellow. This is Racist logic, and the planet is suffocating from this way of thinking.

Gus wasn't the only person who recognized the White Supremacy in this sign and ESPN's decision to give us an up close view. Read more here and here.

ps - All this black and yellow snake talk reminded me of other Racist paraphernalia. 
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