Monday, April 20, 2009


It's Spring again... Beautiful day in the Pacific northwest. Sun is shining. The weather is sweet. I thought I would take a moment to soak in some Vitamin D, rest my eyes - a l'il yard time in the Prison of White Supremacy.

White people are out in great numbers. Playing tennis. Tossing the frisbee. Volleyball. I witnessed a congregation of White folks out in the grass. They weren't yelling obscenities. No brawls. They were having a grand ol' time.

As I lay in the grass, I was thinking large groups of black people don't
o this. Come together in a harmonious exchange, good-natured frolicking and fellowship. Large numbers of Negroes tends to produce mo' beef then a cattle ranch. And we evidence this perpetually. The black church ain't even tranquil - I done observed more than my fair share of static about what happened at the deacon board meeting or what sister Johnson said to deacon Anderson. The System of White Supremacy conditions non-whites to have abject contempt for other non-whites. Black feuds have become legendary; the stuff of Hollywood epics and folk lore - this could easily fill up a week of Black History Month.

Booker T Washington vs W.E.B. DuBouis

Malcolm X vs Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Black Panther Party vs The United Slaves
2Pac vs Biggie Smalls
LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee
Hutus vs Tutsis
The Bloods vs The Crips

But I caught myself.

I'm just supporting the White man's stereotype's. Not every black gathering results in a melee and yellow tape. Most of us try to be sensible and respectful. Marcus Garvey said...

"Stop acting like a bitch... Yeah, I called you a bitch cause that's how you acting."

I thought my ears were deceiving me. This fusillade of scorn was so out of place with the tranquility of the sunny afternoon. And I hadn't seen any black people around, so I was stunned as to whom could be saying this.

"You niggas be cutting me off, and that's what bitches do. Now get the fuck away from my car."

To my dismay... black people arrived. And with an inhospitable entrance to boot.
They exited quickly; I took a deep breath and returned to my solitude - the polite banter of the nearby Suspected Racists like rain on a tin roof, soothing. But I make sure I remember whom is to blame for the conduct of all non-white people in the known universe. WHITE PEOPLE. Specifically, the White people who participate in the System of White Supremacy. They are most responsible for any and everything that happens on this planet with regards to people - and most certainly with regards to the loathsome manner in which non-whites relate to each other. Our behavior is a direct reflection of our suffering .

I know we are capable of more, and many of us desire to see all non-white people functioning to the best of their abilities. Replacing White Supremacy With Justice is the only thing that will allow for this to happen.
But in the mean time in between time... might be helpful to minimize/avoid contact with non-whites.

Absence makes the heart grow stronger.
Can't have an argument with someone you don't talk to.
(Pick which ever sentence you feel is applicable)


Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what your saying but don't forget: "the white man ain't the devil, I promise, you want to see the devil, take a look at Clarence Thomas, now your saying WHO, like your an owl, throw in the towel, the devil is Colon Powel..." KRS ONE

0malone1 said...

yes indeed, this dichotomous thinking has much appeal for limited minds, and yet, what else can they conceive of and be entertained by?