Monday, December 29, 2008

An Inconsistency...

The Victim of White Supremacy known as Desmond Tutu recently advocated the "threat" of violence against the non-white individual known as Robert Mugabe. Tutu - the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner - is internationally renowned for his dedication to non-violence. Particularly his non-violent approach to combating the so called system of apartheid [aka White Supremacy].

I don't have a criticism of Mr. Tutu. I'm simply noting an inconsistency:

Here in Harlem, where there are probably more black people concentrated than any place in the world, some talk that non-violent talk too. But we find that they aren't non-violent with each other. You can go out to Harlem Hospital, where there are more black patients than any other hospital in the world, and see them going in there all cut up and shot up and busted up. Where they got violent with each other. My experience has been that in many instances where you find negroes talking about non-violence they are not non-violent with each other, and they are not loving with each other, or forgiving with each other. Usually when they say they're non-violent they mean non-violent with somebody else. They are non-violent with the enemy. A person come to your home, and if he's White and wants to heap some kind of brutality on you, you're non-violent. But if another NEGRO just stomps his foot, you'll rumble with him in a minute. Which shows you that there is an inconsistency...
Malcolm X December 1964

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